Giulianna Vessa: Ralston Valley to US Air Force Academy

No road that takes you to the Air Force Academy is an easy road, but that's where you'll find Giulianna Vessa next fall. Contributed photo.


Name: Giulianna Vessa

 High School: Ralston Valley

 Signing With: United States Air Force Academy

What clinched the decision for the school you signed with: The Air Force Academy was my first choice because I wanted to surround myself with people of strong work ethic, integrity and similar morals as myself.  I wanted to be a part of a group of elite individuals who excel in the class room, community and in athletics. When I went on my official visit the coaches really sealed the deal for me. Not only were they knowledgeable about track, but very personable and kind. I can’t wait to contribute to their already outstanding track team!

Your favorite high school track event: My favorite high school events are the 800 and 2000m steeplechase.


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