Kristiana Oslund - Highlands Ranch to University of Nebraska

Now a flying Falcon of Highlands Ranch, Kristiana Oslund becomes one of Herbie the Husker's best friends in the fall. Photo by Paul Jaeger.

Name: Kristiana Oslund

High School: Highlands Ranch High School
Signing With: University of Nebraska - Lincoln
What clinched the decision for the school you signed with: The Athletic facilities were very impressive. I was able to meet the distance team, and I felt it was a good fit for me. Nebraska also has a great business school offering a variety of majors.
Your favorite high school track event: 1600 and 4x800
Your favorite high school athletic memory: Winning the distance medley at the Stanford Invitational my sophomore year was definitely memorable. It's such a fun meet and it feels great running at sea level.