A Quick Glance at Day One: 2A

Paonia's 4x800 set a completely new standard for 2A girls 4x800s. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Let's just say that Paonia wasted very little time in making their statement. For all the naysayers out there, it is now beyond argument that the Eagles are the favorite to take home the 2A girls team title. It's not a done deal yet, but it's going to take a serious shift of momentum to change things.

Lindsay Russell and Marisa Edmondson advanced to200 meter finals. Ashley Van Vleet and Lindsay Russell advanced to 400 meter finals. The 4x800 absolutely destroyed the old 2A state meet record with a 9:33. Ce'rra Carsten took a sixth in the high jump. And the 4x200 and SMR8 easily advanced to finals. 

Hotchkiss did their best to keep pace with Jennifer Celis posting the best time in 400 prelims, the 4x200 posting the best time in their prelims, and the 4x800 taking a second to Paonia. Kelli Buhrdorf advanced in the 100 and 200 prelims, but it would appear that Hotchkiss is still playing a game of catch-up to Paonia.

Lyons did get a first from Nola Basey in the high jump, and a third in the 4x800, but the defending state champions are going to need a lot of answers over the next couple of days.

The Lyons boys, however, are the ones writing the questions for everyone else. And they're tough questions. Although Lyons failed to score in the boys 4x800, Justin Boldt won the long jump, and they advanced everyone they possibly could have in all prelims events on the day. The waterfall of points is due to start early in the day on Friday and continue through Saturday.