TCA Polar Bear Set for Saturday

This year, it will be at a brand-new discus venue, and, yes, we will be spinning the discus on Saturday morning!

Right now, it's tough to imagine a better February forecast than we're seeing for Saturday. Theoretically, we could still roll to Monday if Saturday's forecast heads south on us, but that's looking very unlikely at this point. Figure on Saturday.

Figure on a fun and low-key morning of track and field action, too!

Track events aim at the distance runners and 300-meter hurdlers in our midst. We will contest events of 600, 1000, and 2000 meters, plus a distance medley. We'll run the first 200 meters of the 300 meter hurdlers, allowing the hurdlers to get a bit of the feel of going over hurdles in competition again.

Field eventers can take on the high jump, shot put, and discus. Be honest now, throwers, you've been itching to sling a discus and have somebody measure it for a while now, right? Your time has come.

But, if you want to be seeded, you need to get registered. Online registration on Colorado Track XC, open to coaches who want to bring multiple team members down, closes at 9 PM on Thursday. That's the path of least resistance where registering athletes in concerned.

Coaches, you will need to email me for the password for the meet if you've not already.

If you're a club coach and don't want to bother with loading your roster onto Colorado Track XC, please use the spreadsheet attached at the bottom of this article and email it back to me with your entries by Thursday evening.

Individual entries need to be emailed to me at the email address shown in the banner area at the bottom of this page. Please include your event selection and a seed mark (800 meter seed time for 600 meters, 1600 meter seed time for 1000 meters, 3200 meter seed time for 2000 meters, 300 meter hurdle seed time for 200 meter hurdles) for each event you wish to enter. 

All athletes must bring payment and a waiver form to the meet on Saturday. Payment is $10 for all the events you care to enter. The waiver form is attached below. 

Note that all coaches planning to bring multiple athletes should gather waiver forms and entry fees in a single envelope and give these to use the morning of the meet. This will save a lot of time on the morning of the meet.

The meet is open to high school athletes and middle school athletes feeling up to the challenge. Hurdles will be set at the high school heights. We can accommodate middle school implements in the throws but scoring will be separate for lighter implements.

Action will begin at 9:30 AM and proceed on a rolling schedule. I've had enough interest in a boys 600 following the DMR that I will add that to the schedule. So, please let me know if you'd prefer to run the 600 after the DMR rather than right after the 1000s.

The schedule of track events is as follows: 1000, 600, 200 Hurdles, 2000, DMR, extra 600.

The high jump will start at or about 9:30. It's likely we will combine genders with the high jump, setting an opening height wherever we need to set it. We will begin with the boys shot put and girls discus, switching once both are done.

Athletes must bring their own implements and batons! Implements will be weighed. We might as well all get accustomed to that drill now.