Wind Readings & Missing Results, Again

The wind reading shown on the board just wiped out all marks recorded in the heat for any future use in records, rankings, or as seed marks for future meets.

Disclaimer: The results aren't really missing; you just need to know where to look for them. Read on.

Each year around this time, the number of messages and emails I get about marks not showing in rankings or "Finished" results exceeds a critical mass where I'm no longer able to respond to them and still get anything done on the site here at Colorado Track XC.

We just hit that point for this year.

Please read this. Please understand this. Please don't spend any time or effort trying to change my mind about this; my patience for responding pleasantly to questions about this issue has been exhausted for the duration of this track season and the entire summer club season as well.

I do not post results that are not wind legal to the results database at Colorado Track XC. That means they won't show in rankings (unless I made a mistake and need to fix it), they will not be usable as seed marks for future meets, and they will not show on the athlete pages.

Any mark for the 100, 200, 100/110H, LJ, and TJ which is not accompanied by a wind reading less than or equal to +2.0 (meters per second) is not wind legal. Any mark from those same events without a wind reading is not wind legal. It is as simple as that.

Unfortunately, it is the seeding issue that is driving all the decisions. We have filters on the MileSplit rankings that allow for sorting out of wind-aided and NWI marks. Right now, online registration doesn't have that same filter available for seed marks.

So, if you want to lobby with someone for change on this issue, please politely contact the folks at MileSplit /FloSports in Austin and let them know your concerns. Use the Contact Us link at the bottom of every page on the site (the link is in the black banner area). I can assure you I've made the request many times, but sometimes it helps more to hear from customers than from contract employees.

Until and unless that change is made, however, I will not be posting non wind-legal results to anyone's profile page or to rankings so that the integrity of the seeding process for meets is protected. The integrity of the seeding process is more important than inclusion of marks that should never be used for records, seeding, or rankings purposes.

If at any time you want to see all the results from any meet, simply click on one of the "Completed Results" links on the Results tab of a meet page. The results you're looking for are not missing; they just don't show up in all the places that wind-legal results show up.