Updating Article: Thursday of State Meet Cancelled

No word yet from CHSAA, but, if anything, current conditions are worse than the forecast.

6:15 AM: This shot from Jeffco shows snow is beginning to stick at Jeffco Stadium. I will keep you posted as best as I can, but you can also tap into the CHSAA twitter feed for updates as they happen.

6:30 AM: A nearly-live view from Jeffco Stadium:

6:50 AM: Entire day is cancelled. Updates about how all this will work to follow.

7:00 AM: The latest tweet from Ryan Casey (CHSAA media director) says the entire state meet is postponed by a day. There are no more specifics than that, but presumably this suggests rather strongly that a portion of the state meet will be pushed into Sunday. Clearly, the weather forecast for Friday leaves something to be desired. Even if the meet is able to resume at some point on Friday, there's a lot of track and field to get done. No doubt, CHSAA is weighing options and consequences of same at this moment.

7:02 AM: An article on CHSAANow.com says that a decision about Friday competition will be made on Friday morning. This article also confirms that events will get pushed into Sunday.