Colorado's Top Five Cross Country Boys, Fall 2017

Who will be moving to the front of the pack this year?

I probably should know better than to write an article like this. Every other person reading the article will have a different take on who the actual top five are. 

But, it's more or less a given that if you run a site like this, a top-x athletes article is standard fare. Moreover, it's expected fare. 

So, it gets done.

One reason for stopping at five is that there's generally a lot less squabble over who the top five are than the top 10 or 20. The deeper you go down the list, the finer, and more debatable, the distinctions become. 

So, if you'll bear with me through the pages of this article, you will see who my hunches are for the top five boys cross country runners from Colorado this fall. In all probabililty, I'll be proven wrong at one or more points by the end of the season, but that's just the way it goes.

And, if anyone's omission from this list serves as a little extra motivation for this fall, well, so much the better for Colorado high school cross country. Certainly, I will be the first to admit that strong cases could be made for a few athletes who do not appear on this top-five list. 

Click on Next to advance to the next page. I randomized the order to help keep you guessing on your way through the article.