What Will The Classifications Be Next Year? (Corrected)

It's very likely that Pine Creek is back in 5A after next year's classification adjustments.

NOTE: I had to correct this article based on using the wrong set of numbers for proposed classification breakpoints for cross country. Those have now been corrected to the right numbers and a couple of schools taken off the list of likely changes on account of that.

As many of you already know, we are in the second year of a two-year classification cycle. Right now, schools are undergoing their October counts that will be used to determine their CHSAA classification placement for next year.

The CHSAA CLOC committee is already at work looking at where the breakpoints will fall for next year.

Since this is a track & cross country web site, we'll concern ourselves here with the breakpoints that are being proposed for these two sports only.

Based on October counts from 2016, the CLOC committee has tentatively determined the following breakpoints for track and cross country for next year:

Track: 1A (1 to 89), 2A (90 to 296), 3A (297 to 779), 4A (780 to 1455), 5A (1456 and up)

Cross Country: 2A (1 to 312), 3A (313 to 815), 4A (816 to 1455), 5A (1479 and up)

To make use of this information, you need to know where your school stands according to the October, 2016, enrollment count. And, you need to take that with a grain of salt because enrollment counts will be different this October and the breakpoints will likely be adjusted slightly to take into account the changes in this year's enrollment counts. 

But, for your convenience, I've included a school-by-school enrollment count for October, 2016, on the next page of this article.

In the meanwhile, and as we wait for enrollment counts from this year to emerge, it appears the following schools are likely to be changing classifications next fall (This is not an exhaustive list, it's just a quick scan of numbers by me and it's entirely likely I've missed some schools here. If I become aware of any schools that need to be added to the list, I will make those changes and indicate the article has been updated.):

Denver North cross country, 3A to 4A

Pine Creek track and cross country, 4A to 5A

Arvada cross country, 4A to 3A

Caprock Academy track, 1A to 2A

Centauri track, 3A to 2A

Conifer track and cross country, 3A to 4A

Platte Canyon track and cross country, 3A to 2A

Resurrection Christian track, 2A to 3A

Vista Ridge track and cross country, 4A to 5A

Windsor track and cross country, 4A to 5A

Coronado track and cross country, 5A to 4A

Let me stress again that none of these are set in stone yet. The switches listed above are merely what looks likely based on last year's October counts. This year's counts could change the stories for some of the schools above and add other schools to the list.

Stay tuned. I'll try to stay on top of this situation on Colorado Track XC as it develops.