A Virtual Meet Of The Freshman Class: 4A Girls

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If you've been hopeful that Battle Mountain might soon see the end of their distance domination, you would do well to remind yourself of Grace Johnson.

Air Academy and Niwot battled it out for the 4A Girls crown last month, but, by the looks of things, both the Kadets and Cougars will be challenged to keep pace with the freshman classes of other 4A Girls programs. So, there could be some change in the wind.

For now, Battle Mountain and Green Mountain look to have the upper hand. Black and gold could be the new blue and silver.

The scoring below comes straight from the MileSplit virtual meet tool. Since it is copied into an article, however, not all of the embedded links may be functional.

100 Meter Dash

1Sabrina Sutter2020Battle Mountain High School12.85 10
2Raina Branch2020Vista Peak High School12.90 8
3Mikayla Moser2020Mountain View High School13.01 6
4Kiona Gibbs2020Northfield High School13.08 5
5Madiline Miller2020Pine Creek High School13.17 4
6Sadie McMullen2020Valor Christian High School13.22 2.5
6Shoncire Graham2020Falcon High School13.22 2.5
8Cynthia Steverson2020Vista Ridge High School13.26 0.5
8Jade Replogle2020Montrose High School13.26 0.5
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200 Meter Dash

1Sabrina Sutter2020Battle Mountain High School25.90 10
2Raina Branch2020Vista Peak High School25.97 8
3Kiona Gibbs2020Northfield High School26.22 6
4Jade Replogle2020Montrose High School26.38 5
5Madiline Miller2020Pine Creek High School26.39 4
6Riley Colby2020Palmer Ridge High School27.07 3
7Kaya Wick2020Pueblo West High School27.16 2
8Hunter Stimson2020Summit High School27.22 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Kasey Klocek2020Green Mountain High School57.50 10
2Joslin Blair2020Eagle Valley High School59.90 8
3Jewel Scrivens2020Eagle Valley High School1:00.02 6
4Adriana Vasquez2020Harrison High School1:01.07 5
5Kiona Gibbs2020Northfield High School1:01.15 4
6Jaelyn Wilson2020Air Academy High School1:01.98 3
7Grace Gulig2020Palmer Ridge High School1:02.00 2
8Madiline Miller2020Pine Creek High School1:02.08 1
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800 Meter Run

1Kasey Klocek2020Green Mountain High School2:13.03 10
2Emma Fitzgerald2020Durango High School2:19.17 8
3Joslin Blair2020Eagle Valley High School2:20.03 6
4Kenadi Krueger2020Thompson Valley High School2:22.75 5
5Anna Busath2020Palmer Ridge High School2:25.42 4
6Daisy Ortiz2020Roosevelt High School2:26.24 3
7Abigail Braun2020Discovery Canyon High School2:26.36 2
8Lindsay Beckwith2020Silver Creek High School2:27.17 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Kasey Klocek2020Green Mountain High School5:03.84 10
2Tatum Miller2020Air Academy High School5:10.58 8
3Madeleine Burns2020Durango High School5:12.13 6
4Riley Geldean2020Centaurus High School5:14.97 5
5Kenadi Krueger2020Thompson Valley High School5:15.96 4
6Grace Johnson2020Battle Mountain High School5:22.15 3
7Joslin Blair2020Eagle Valley High School5:25.90 2
8Katie Hooten2020Centaurus High School5:26.70 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Tatum Miller2020Air Academy High School11:13.66 10
2Kasey Klocek2020Green Mountain High School11:17.79 8
3Riley Geldean2020Centaurus High School11:23.94 6
4Kenadi Krueger2020Thompson Valley High School11:29.86 5
5Madeleine Burns2020Durango High School11:34.44 4
6Grace Johnson2020Battle Mountain High School11:38.87 3
7Anna Busath2020Palmer Ridge High School11:40.28 2
8Katie Hooten2020Centaurus High School12:02.90 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Hunter Stimson2020Summit High School48.78 10
2Lindsey Fancher-Owen2020Thompson Valley High School48.96 8
3Jovanni Murray2020Harrison High School49.02 6
4Deven Quintanilla2020Pine Creek High School49.25 5
5Cassidy Bittner2020Palisade High School49.38 4
6Nadine Almasri2020Pine Creek High School49.54 3
7Elise Gillett2020Niwot High School50.68 2
8Grace Severson2020Pueblo Centennial High School50.90 1
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High Jump

1Raina Branch2020Vista Peak High School5-7 10
2Mikayla Jones2020Vista Peak High School5-3 7
2Shelbi Lubbers2020Eagle Valley High School5-3 7
4Tatum Sammon2020Roosevelt High School5-1.5 5
5Annalese Edwards2020Palmer Ridge High School5-1 4
6Destiny Pelton2020Fort Morgan High School5-0 2.5
6Rhyan Moore2020Pueblo West High School5-0 2.5
8Ashayla Powers2020Skyline High School4-11 0.5
8Sophia Lindauer2020Skyline High School4-11 0.5
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Long Jump

1Sadie McMullen2020Valor Christian High School17-10 10
2Annalese Edwards2020Palmer Ridge High School17-1 8
3Jaylene Escajeda2020Pueblo East High School16-9 6
4Anna Willson2020Air Academy High School16-4 5
5Grace Lange2020Roosevelt High School16-1.25 4
6Baylee Edwards2020Pine Creek High School16-1 3
7Sabrina Sutter2020Battle Mountain High School16-0.25 2
8Hollie Miller minto2020Canon City High School16-0 1
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Triple Jump

1Caroline Demosthenes2020Longmont High School34-2.75 10
2Annalese Edwards2020Palmer Ridge High School33-9.25 7
2Sage Sudtelgte2020Roosevelt High School33-9.25 7
4Sabrina Sutter2020Battle Mountain High School33-6.5 5
5Bronwen Bowen2020Discovery Canyon High School33-2.5 4
6Baylee Edwards2020Pine Creek High School33-1 3
7Tanner Venrick2020Silver Creek High School32-8.5 2
8Sydnee Durtsche2020Thompson Valley High School32-5 1
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Pole Vault

1Kaya Wick2020Pueblo West High School10-1 10
2Jenna Johnson2020Longmont High School8-1 8
3Marlia Porreco2020Discovery Canyon High School8-0 6
4Cassidy Cheesman2020Centaurus High School7-7 5
5Mackenzie Osbourne2020Battle Mountain High School7-6 2.5
5Rebecca Brucker2020Longmont High School7-6 2.5
5Shelbi Lubbers2020Eagle Valley High School7-6 2.5
5Sofi Petrovski2020Battle Mountain High School7-6 2.5
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Shot Put

1Keli Drye2020Montrose High School35-4.5 10
2Diamond Moore2020Harrison High School33-8.5 8
3Morgan Sellden2020Palisade High School33-0.5 6
4Graci Wadleigh2020Green Mountain High School31-0 5
5Katherine Higgins2020Ponderosa High School30-8.25 4
6Paola Figueroa2020Discovery Canyon High School29-11 3
7Rebecca Brucker2020Longmont High School29-9 2
8Rajana Cox2020Pueblo East High School29-6.5 1
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1Keli Drye2020Montrose High School123-7 10
2Leilani Purcell2020Frederick High School95-2.5 8
3Caitlen Marrs2020Canon City High School92-7 6
4Caroline Reinkensmeyer2020Valor Christian High School92-2 5
5Chloe Napier2020Pueblo West High School90-10 4
6Macy Ambrose2020Silver Creek High School85-5 3
7Gabby Gully2020Battle Mountain High School84-2 2
8Brandy Yager2020Longmont High School82-9 1
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Team Scores

1Green Mountain High School43
2Battle Mountain High School40
3Vista Peak High School33
4Eagle Valley High School31.5
5Palmer Ridge High School30
6Air Academy High School26
7Montrose High School25.5
8Longmont High School23.5
9Pine Creek High School23
9Thompson Valley High School23
11Harrison High School19
11Roosevelt High School19
13Pueblo West High School18.5
14Centaurus High School18
14Durango High School18
16Valor Christian High School17.5
17Discovery Canyon High School15
17Northfield High School15
19Summit High School11
20Palisade High School10
21Frederick High School8
22Canon City High School7
22Pueblo East High School7
24Mountain View High School6
24Silver Creek High School6
26Ponderosa High School4
27Falcon High School2.5
27Fort Morgan High School2.5
29Niwot High School2
30Pueblo Centennial High School1
30Skyline High School1
32Vista Ridge High School0.5