A Virtual Meet Of The Freshman Class: 2A Girls

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There's a reasonably good chance these two will be the faces of 2A Girls headlines for the next few years.

By now, you've undoubtedly figured out my latest series involves going through the classification and gender combinations and scoring the freshman class rankings as a meet. I won't be doing 1A due to the small numbers of athletes in the pool, but we will eventually work our way through the other classification and gender combinations.

Today's stop is 2A Girls. And, if you follow the classification closely, it won't exactly blow you over to learn that the top four teams in this analysis are Highland, Holyoke, Lyons, and Resurrection Christian. These four teams figure to be 2A powers for a few years to come, and not just because of their freshman classes.

Highland, of course, has Remington Ross, but the freshman class at Highland is a lot more than just Ross. Also in that picture are Rylee Habel, Ryleigh Carr, and Sidney Brown all figure there as well. Highland has very good potential to be the next 2A Girls dynasty, though the die is not yet fully cast on that. 

The team scoring is shown below but, as these are pulled directly from the MileSplit virtual meet tool, some of the links are disabled for the purposes of this article. All athlete links, however, should go directly to the indicated pages.

Please note that athletes don't always stay with the schools they start out with. I'm already aware of a couple of those issues arising with this year's freshman class, but not none have yet reached my radar screen for 2A Girls. 

In any case, here's what we get when we run a virtual meet of this year's freshman class of 2A Girls:

100 Meter Dash

1Remington Ross2020Highland High School12.28 10
2Taeryn Trumper2020Holyoke High School12.83 8
3Molly Watson2020Resurrection Christian High School12.96 5.5
3Shannon Wyszynski2020Telluride High School12.96 5.5
5Whitney Klausner2020Resurrection Christian High School13.15 4
6Alexa Karsel2020Lyons High School13.31 3
7Seneca Hackley2020St. Mary`s High School13.81 2
8Jovanna Arroyo2020Monte Vista High School13.86 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Remington Ross2020Highland High School25.25 10
2Taeryn Trumper2020Holyoke High School26.12 8
3Shannon Wyszynski2020Telluride High School26.98 6
4Molly Watson2020Resurrection Christian High School27.29 5
5Kourtney Bruner2020Soroco High School27.37 4
6Alexa Karsel2020Lyons High School27.54 3
7Christine Perez Sarria2020Clear Creek High School27.74 2
8Mariana Engleby2020Vail Christian High School27.95 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Remington Ross2020Highland High School58.81 10
2Hannah Paton2020Lyons High School1:00.81 8
3Sidney Hines2020Limon High School1:00.93 6
4Seneca Hackley2020St. Mary`s High School1:02.13 5
5Brie McGovern2020Cedaredge High School1:02.67 4
6Sidney Brown2020Highland High School1:03.22 3
7Rylee Habel2020Highland High School1:03.85 2
8Hannah Wilkie2020Hayden High School1:04.13 1
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800 Meter Run

1Hannah Wilkie2020Hayden High School2:18.58 10
2Rylee Habel2020Highland High School2:29.06 8
3Audrey Grinnan2020Burlington High School2:30.05 6
4Sidney Hines2020Limon High School2:31.03 5
5Katie Fankhouser2020Lyons High School2:33.46 4
6Ellie Fantauzzo2020Resurrection Christian High School2:35.42 3
7Bailee Clarkson2020Akron High School2:38.28 2
8Helen Cross2020Nederland High School2:38.50 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Helen Cross2020Nederland High School5:22.88 10
2Ellie Fantauzzo2020Resurrection Christian High School5:38.57 8
3Ainsley Powell2020Merino High School5:55.67 6
4Ryleigh Carr2020Highland High School5:59.45 5
5Kate Woodward2020Resurrection Christian High School6:04.11 4
6Katie Fankhouser2020Lyons High School6:04.68 3
7Kendra Sears2020Sargent High School6:11.36 2
8Alora Cross2020Lyons High School6:14.01 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Helen Cross2020Nederland High School12:08.48 10
2Ellie Fantauzzo2020Resurrection Christian High School12:15.80 8
3Ryleigh Carr2020Highland High School12:56.86 6
4Kendra Sears2020Sargent High School13:05.00 5
5Erin Homan2020Resurrection Christian High School13:45.38 4
6Katya Schwieterman2020Paonia High School14:04.53 3
7Sirissa Casady2020Sedgwick County14:34.38 2
8Grace Hatheway2020Cedaredge High School15:10.28 1
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100 Meter Hurdles

1Jenny Dekker2020Peyton High School16.78 10
2Christine Perez Sarria2020Clear Creek High School17.29 8
3Charlotte Rogers2020Lyons High School17.48 6
4Devon Harris2020Byers High School18.21 5
5Keely Olson2020Crested Butte Community School18.32 4
6Shay Glaser2020Hotchkiss High School18.44 3
7Taylor Maguire2020Lyons High School18.56 2
8Brenn Jeter2020Dolores High School18.88 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Keely Olson2020Crested Butte Community School49.57 10
2Charlotte Rogers2020Lyons High School49.75 8
3Jenny Dekker2020Peyton High School49.97 6
4Lyla Hayutin-Baril2020Paonia High School52.92 5
5Bailee Clarkson2020Akron High School53.18 4
6Brittany Benoit2020Custer County High School53.45 3
7Julia Dinwiddie2020Meeker High School53.85 2
8Ainsley Powell2020Merino High School54.04 1
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Triple Jump

1Amanda Dotter2020John Mall High School32-9 10
2Brooke Mertens2020Merino High School32-3 8
3Kirsten Brown2020Meeker High School32-1 6
4Alex Camilletti2020Hayden High School31-9 5
5Lily Graves2020Telluride High School31-6.5 4
6Taylor Maguire2020Lyons High School31-4.75 3
7Kourtney Bruner2020Soroco High School31-2 2
8Stephanie Sauer2020Yuma High School31-1.25 1
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High Jump

1Lindsey Pratt2020Buena Vista High School5-0 10
2Emma DeSanti2020West Grand High School4-9 8
3Sadie Miller2020Paonia High School4-8.5 6
4Alyssa Hammel2020Center High School4-8 4.5
4Katie Fankhouser2020Lyons High School4-8 4.5
6Alexis Wagner2020Peyton High School4-7 2
6Dani Kasselder2020Calhan High School4-7 2
6Justine Hodges2020Calhan High School4-7 2
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Long Jump

1Taeryn Trumper2020Holyoke High School17-5 10
2Remington Ross2020Highland High School16-11.75 8
3Keely Olson2020Crested Butte Community School16-8 6
4Shannon Wyszynski2020Telluride High School16-2.25 5
5Jordan Elder2020Dolores High School15-10.25 4
6Brooke Mertens2020Merino High School15-7.75 3
7Christine Perez Sarria2020Clear Creek High School15-4.75 2
8Amanda Dotter2020John Mall High School15-4 1
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Pole Vault

1Abigal Shay2020Wray High School9-1 10
2Emily Jelden2020Holyoke High School8-7 7
2Katie Fankhouser2020Lyons High School8-7 7
4Kyerie Lechman2020Sedgwick County8-1 5
5Nanen Aguilar2020Limon High School7-6 4
6Destiny Barnes2020West Grand High School7-2 3
7Isabelle Eggers2020West Grand High School6-8 2
8Alyssa Winter2020Highland High School6-7 0.5
8Zoie Krajewski2020Sedgwick County6-7 0.5
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1Morgan Watson2020Resurrection Christian High School115-4 10
2Paige Finegan2020Wiggins High School102-6 8
3Ilene Robledo2020Rocky Ford High School96-6 6
4Justine Hodges2020Calhan High School90-8 5
5Alexa Deam-Nein2020Wray High School88-11 4
6Brandy White2020Akron High School88-10 2.5
6Elivia Hilferty2020Limon High School88-10 2.5
8Alexandria Golding2020Del Norte High School87-8.5 1
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Shot Put

1Paige Finegan2020Wiggins High School33-1 10
2Alexa Deam-Nein2020Wray High School31-8.5 8
3Ilene Robledo2020Rocky Ford High School30-10.25 6
4Toni Lopez2020Limon High School30-4 5
5Elivia Hilferty2020Limon High School30-3 4
6Charish Jansen2020West Grand High School29-2.75 3
7Victoria Race2020Holyoke High School29-0.5 2
8Violet Gonzalez2020Cedaredge High School28-7.75 1

Team Scores

1Highland High School62.5
2Lyons High School52.5
3Resurrection Christian High School51.5
4Holyoke High School35
5Limon High School26.5
6Wray High School22
7Nederland High School21
8Telluride High School20.5
9Crested Butte Community School20
10Merino High School18
10Peyton High School18
10Wiggins High School18
13Hayden High School16
13West Grand High School16
15Paonia High School14
16Clear Creek High School12
16Rocky Ford High School12
18John Mall High School11
19Buena Vista High School10
20Calhan High School9
21Akron High School8.5
22Meeker High School8
23Sedgwick County7.5
24Sargent High School7
24St. Mary`s High School7
26Burlington High School6
26Cedaredge High School6
26Soroco High School6
29Byers High School5
29Dolores High School5
31Center High School4.5
32Custer County High School3
32Hotchkiss High School3
34Del Norte High School1
34Monte Vista High School1
34Vail Christian High School1
34Yuma High School1