A Virtual Meet Of The Freshman Class: 5A Boys

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Jackson Connelly has the fastest set of wheels in this year's crop of 5A freshman boys.

It's now time to look at this year's class of 5A freshman boys. What would a state meet of just these individuals score like?

Actually, when we do get around to scoring it, it comes out as a very tight affair. Teams like Hinkley, Regis Jesuit, Pomona, Rock Canyon, Castle View, and Columbine are all very much in the hunt. Several more teams are nipping at their heels, suggesting the possibility of some more broadly contested state meets ahead than has been the norm over the last few years.

The virtual meet results shown below are copied directly from the MileSplit virtual meet tool. Some of the links do not copy over as active in that process, but all the name links should.

100 Meter Dash

1Jackson Connelly2020Regis Jesuit11.22 10
2Edwin Nevarez2020Overland High School11.25 8
3Jacahri Lawson2020Denver East High School11.37 6
4Sawyer Caudill2020Castle View High School11.41 5
5Keirryse Simpson2020Denver East High School11.43 4
6Obasanjo Sanni2020Smoky Hill High School11.47 3
7Justin Alter2020Cherry Creek High School11.49 2
8Shad Baiamonte2020Bear Creek High School11.51 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Jackson Connelly2020Regis Jesuit22.38 10
2Keirryse Simpson2020Denver East High School22.83 8
3Edwin Nevarez2020Overland High School23.00 6
4Kaleb Starling2020Rangeview High School23.21 5
5Shad Baiamonte2020Bear Creek High School23.28 4
6Nico Ioannides2020Grandview High School23.42 3
7Nicholas Nuhfer2020Arvada West High School23.46 2
8Andrew Wilson-Axpe2020Cherry Creek High School23.52 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Carson Ebersbach2020Denver East High School51.16 10
2Jackson Connelly2020Regis Jesuit51.67 8
3Eyobel Kahsay2020Denver South High School52.15 6
4Nate Cordova2020Columbine High School53.07 5
5Ash Cunningham2020Columbine High School53.08 4
6Abdi Abade2020Overland High School53.22 3
7Arnell Hugs2020Fountain-Fort Carson High School53.23 2
8Richard Safoh2020Gateway High School53.27 1
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800 Meter Run

1Abdi Abade2020Overland High School2:02.80 10
2Aidan Scott2020Castle View High School2:03.92 8
3Easton Allred2020Rock Canyon High School2:04.19 6
4John Houdeshell2020Poudre High School2:04.68 5
5Jenson Zaugg2020Chaparral High School2:05.06 4
6Asher Hoyt2020Denver East High School2:05.58 3
7Jeter McCrary2020Castle View High School2:06.71 2
8Maximus Pizzimenti2020Rampart High School2:06.75 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Easton Allred2020Rock Canyon High School4:27.70 10
2Conner Ohlson2020Dakota Ridge High School4:32.57 8
3Aidan Scott2020Castle View High School4:34.43 6
4Jenson Zaugg2020Chaparral High School4:37.30 5
5Derek Fearon2020Rock Canyon High School4:40.26 4
6James Gregory2020Fort Collins High School4:41.46 3
7Edward Rush2020Castle View High School4:42.58 2
8Luke Sundberg2020Rangeview High School4:43.31 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Easton Allred2020Rock Canyon High School9:40.09 10
2Aidan Scott2020Castle View High School9:58.42 8
3Derek Fearon2020Rock Canyon High School9:59.33 6
4Conner Ohlson2020Dakota Ridge High School10:00.12 5
5James Gregory2020Fort Collins High School10:00.34 4
6Logan Weber2020Monarch High School10:07.83 3
7John Houdeshell2020Poudre High School10:10.71 2
8Owen Buehler2020Regis Jesuit10:14.72 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Kyreese Spradley2020Hinkley High School15.69 10
2Urias Gbarjolo2020Hinkley High School16.66 8
3Noah Morrison2020Rocky Mountain High School17.04 6
4Everette Delate2020Cherry Creek High School17.09 5
5Darius Wells2020Hinkley High School17.32 4
6Konor Lathrop2020Highlands Ranch High School17.74 3
7Neven Jones2020Rangeview High School17.92 2
8Kilian McCabe2020Lakewood High School17.97 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Kyreese Spradley2020Hinkley High School40.40 10
2Urias Gbarjolo2020Hinkley High School41.39 8
3Noah Morrison2020Rocky Mountain High School41.60 6
4Jedu Dibwe2020Gateway High School42.45 5
5Darius Wells2020Hinkley High School42.53 4
6Cade Gonzalez2020Fossil Ridge High School43.38 3
7Everette Delate2020Cherry Creek High School43.58 2
8Konor Lathrop2020Highlands Ranch High School44.16 1
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High Jump

1Robert Henderson-Johnson2020Columbine High School6-0 10
2Luke Jemison2020Heritage High School5-11 8
3Nick Horridge2020Liberty High School5-10 5
3Spencer Steininger2020Douglas County High School5-10 5
3Spencer Thomas2020Mountain Vista High School5-10 5
6Phillip Wandruff2020Overland High School5-9 3
7Caleb Covak2020Chaparral High School5-8 1
7Cristian Pena2020Rampart High School5-8 1
7Urias Gbarjolo2020Hinkley High School5-8 1
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Triple Jump

1Justin Alter2020Cherry Creek High School41-4 9
1Stephen Santini2020Rocky Mountain High School41-4 9
3Tyere Barnes2020Eaglecrest High School40-10 6
4Mikey Sanchez2020Columbine High School40-5 5
5Chase Wilson2020Ralston Valley High School40-3 4
6Ethan Jones2020Pomona High School40-2.5 3
7Robert Henderson-Johnson2020Columbine High School39-9.5 2
8Caleb Covak2020Chaparral High School39-6 1
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Long Jump

1Obasanjo Sanni2020Smoky Hill High School21-5 10
2Tyere Barnes2020Eaglecrest High School20-8 8
3Jackson Connelly2020Regis Jesuit19-6.75 6
4Devin Mattornao2020Thornton High School19-4.5 5
5Justin Alter2020Cherry Creek High School19-3.5 4
6Mikey Sanchez2020Columbine High School19-3.25 3
7Caleb Covak2020Chaparral High School19-2.25 1.5
7Nicholas Nuhfer2020Arvada West High School19-2.25 1.5
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Pole Vault

1Mason Adams2020Loveland High School12-9 10
2Alma Wilson2020Brighton High School12-4 8
3Peter Fleming2020Arapahoe High School11-6 6
4Holden Lefke2020Rocky Mountain High School11-0 4
4Matthew Danfelser2020Cherry Creek High School11-0 4
4Nick LaRosa2020Grandview High School11-0 4
7William Miller2020Cherry Creek High School10-7 2
8Stephen Haysley2020Arapahoe High School10-6 1
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Shot Put

1Adam Karas2020Pomona High School42-9 10
2Konor Lathrop2020Highlands Ranch High School42-7 8
3Kyle Moretti2020Pomona High School40-7.5 6
4Dylan Hays2020Pomona High School39-2 5
5Josh Emerson2020Greeley West High School39-0 4
6Jacob Laury2020Douglas County High School38-11.75 3
7Aaron Rhea2020Horizon High School37-9.5 2
8Grant Tucker2020Rampart High School36-7.25 1
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1Adam Karas2020Pomona High School122-10 10
2Grant Tucker2020Rampart High School119-9 8
3Andrew Gentry2020Columbine High School111-8 6
4Aaron Rhea2020Horizon High School107-10 5
5Dylan Hays2020Pomona High School106-6 4
6Jacob Brown2020Castle View High School106-4 3
7Kolby Hay2020Doherty High School105-9 2
8Cody Hernandez2020Greeley West High School102-3 0.5
8Nathan Haub2020Regis Jesuit102-3 0.5