A Virtual Meet Of The Freshman Class: 2A Boys

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Isaac Roberts is one of this year's 2A freshman boys who figure to loom large on the 2A Boys scene over the next three years.

We're still working our way around the horn here. This stop takes us to 2A Boys.

If we were to do a virtual meet of all the 2A Boys (less relays, of course), what would the results of that virtual meet look like? The answer is shown below. 

What you'll see if you look closely below is that Mancos and Lyons are considerably out ahead of everyone else. This, of course, bodes well for future prospects for both the Blue Jays and the Lions. Interestingly, for Mancos, it's mostly about throws--an area that hasn't historically been the source of a lot of the Mancos success--and sprints. For Lyons, on the other hand, it is very much about distance--and that has been the historical root of much of Lyons' success. 

If freshman seasons are any indication, we should be hearing a lot more from Caden Showalter, Breccen Morelli, and Anthony Medina of Mancos, plus Isaac Roberts, Jackson Reeves, Simon Stone, and Nick Boggess of Lyons. 

In any case, here is what the virtual meet scoring of 2A Boys freshmen for the season just completed tell us (name links will be active, other links not so):

100 Meter Dash

1Carlos Saucedo2020Lake County High School12.25 10
2Jesus Hernandez2020Burlington High School12.28 8
3Anthony Medina2020Mancos High School12.32 5.5
3Esteban Romero2020Ignacio High School12.32 5.5
5Jackson Reeves2020Lyons High School12.34 4
6Jose Rosas-Valente2020West Grand High School12.41 3
7Blake Mosenteen2020Holyoke High School12.42 2
8Donovan Bruce2020Telluride High School12.44 0.5
8Isaiah Callum2020Monte Vista High School12.44 0.5
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200 Meter Dash

1Anthony Medina2020Mancos High School24.29 10
2Ben Griffen2020Clear Creek High School24.62 8
3Jose Rosas-Valente2020West Grand High School24.85 6
4Colton Stahla2020Resurrection Christian High School25.03 5
5Carlos Saucedo2020Lake County High School25.27 4
6Blake Mosenteen2020Holyoke High School25.34 3
7Thomas Huston2020Ellicott High School25.45 2
8Jesus Hernandez2020Burlington High School25.52 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Colton Stahla2020Resurrection Christian High School52.55 10
2Breccen Morelli2020Mancos High School53.81 8
3Jacob Searle2020Ellicott High School54.20 6
4Hayden Sticksel2020Vail Christian High School54.24 5
5Nicholas Navarette2020Hoehne High School54.85 4
6Ryan Imhoff2020Cedaredge High School54.90 3
7Nigel Cortright2020Sargent High School54.98 2
8Tevin Keller2020Cedaredge High School55.06 1
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800 Meter Run

1Luke Canon2020Custer County High School2:03.02 10
2Isaac Roberts2020Lyons High School2:07.67 8
3Breccen Morelli2020Mancos High School2:08.36 6
4Logan Green2020Paonia High School2:12.88 5
5Alden Adams2020Dolores High School2:14.36 4
6Andrew Burton2020Burlington High School2:15.11 3
7Gabe DeVargas2020Las Animas High School2:15.84 2
8Sam Wahl2020St. Mary`s High School2:18.09 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Isaac Roberts2020Lyons High School4:36.87 10
2Luke Canon2020Custer County High School4:43.67 8
3Elco Garcia2020Ignacio High School4:55.93 6
4Simon Stone2020Lyons High School4:58.89 5
5Nick Boggess2020Lyons High School5:07.82 4
6Aidan Herrfeldt2020Resurrection Christian High School5:08.89 3
7Logan Green2020Paonia High School5:10.16 2
8Tyler Langer2020Resurrection Christian High School5:11.13 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Isaac Roberts2020Lyons High School10:05.26 10
2Luke Canon2020Custer County High School10:13.25 8
3Elco Garcia2020Ignacio High School10:38.55 6
4Simon Stone2020Lyons High School11:04.34 5
5Tyler Langer2020Resurrection Christian High School11:06.47 4
6Walt Jones2020Denver Christian High School11:17.24 3
7Nick Boggess2020Lyons High School11:21.98 2
8Gabriel Fair2020Resurrection Christian High School11:29.05 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Orin Carnes2020Fowler High School17.27 10
2Jonathan Gale2020West Grand High School17.48 7
2Nicholas Navarette2020Hoehne High School17.48 7
4Dax Collins2020Wray High School18.93 5
5Jonathan Browitt2020Sedgwick County19.65 4
6Andy Miller2020Highland High School19.70 3
7Colton Keyser2020Burlington High School20.33 2
8Ronnie Westerbuhr2020Sedgwick County21.10 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Nicholas Navarette2020Hoehne High School42.10 10
2Jace Peebles2020Hotchkiss High School44.83 8
3Jonathan Gale2020West Grand High School44.93 6
4Nick McFarlane2020Crowley County High School47.25 5
5Dax Collins2020Wray High School47.26 4
6Jonathan Browitt2020Sedgwick County47.81 3
7Orin Carnes2020Fowler High School47.98 2
8Liston Dalton2020Sedgwick County48.13 1
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Triple Jump

1Joshua Jenkins2020Cedaredge High School39-7.25 10
2Jonathan Gale2020West Grand High School38-8.5 8
3Jacob Searle2020Ellicott High School38-4 6
4Andrew Burton2020Burlington High School37-3.75 5
5Thor Schiffer2020Fowler High School35-11 4
6Spencer Riley2020Resurrection Christian High School35-7.5 3
7Tanner Hutt2020Merino High School35-6 2
8Ryan Imhoff2020Cedaredge High School34-10 1
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High Jump

1Kyle Long2020Paonia High School5-9 10
2Gavin Thode2020Sedgwick County5-8.5 8
3Ben Griffen2020Clear Creek High School5-8 6
4Josh Deal2020Cedaredge High School5-5 5
5Connor Miller2020West Grand High School5-2 3.5
5Donavyn Jimenez2020Swink High School5-2 3.5
7Dylan Hopper2020Dayspring Christian Academy5-0.5 2
8Tytus Coombs2020Rangely High School5-0 1
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Long Jump

1Anthony Medina2020Mancos High School19-9.75 10
2Joshua Jenkins2020Cedaredge High School18-11.5 8
3Nick McFarlane2020Crowley County High School17-10 6
4Thor Schiffer2020Fowler High School17-9.75 5
5Thomas Huston2020Ellicott High School17-8.25 4
6Jackson Reeves2020Lyons High School17-3.5 3
7Liston Dalton2020Sedgwick County17-3 2
8Devin Porres2020Center High School17-2 1
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Pole Vault

1Luis Chafino2020Holyoke High School10-4 10
2Jackson Reeves2020Lyons High School10-3 7
2Tevin Pelloni2020Meeker High School10-3 7
4Isaiah Martinez2020Sedgwick County9-1 5
5Brycce Wilber2020Sedgwick County8-4 3
5Preston Blach2020Yuma High School8-4 3
5Remington Heilscher2020Holyoke High School8-4 3
8Angel Castillo2020West Grand High School8-3 0.5
8Jason Foutz2020Ignacio High School8-3 0.5
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1Caden Showalter2020Mancos High School135-9 10
2Jake Shelton2020Meeker High School125-5 8
3Caleb Deaver2020Holyoke High School109-1 6
4Logan Higgs2020Holyoke High School106-10 5
5Michael Ramos2020Holyoke High School106-4 4
6Shane Montoya2020Hoehne High School104-3 3
7Logan Marx2020Limon High School102-4 2
8Adam Yoder2020Mancos High School101-7 1
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Shot Put

1Caden Showalter2020Mancos High School43-0 10
2Logan Marx2020Limon High School40-2 8
3Jase Lanto2020Peyton High School37-5 6
4Shane Montoya2020Hoehne High School37-4.5 5
5Levi Peterson2020Paonia High School37-2 4
6Chase Beckner2020Holyoke High School36-9.5 3
7Jake Shelton2020Meeker High School35-1 2
8Wyatt Waggle2020St. Mary`s High School34-10.5 1

Team Scores

1Mancos High School60.5
2Lyons High School58
3Holyoke High School36
4West Grand High School34
5Hoehne High School29
6Cedaredge High School28
7Resurrection Christian High School27
7Sedgwick County27
9Custer County High School26
10Fowler High School21
10Paonia High School21
12Burlington High School19
13Ellicott High School18
13Ignacio High School18
15Meeker High School17
16Clear Creek High School14
16Lake County High School14
18Crowley County High School11
19Limon High School10
20Wray High School9
21Hotchkiss High School8
22Peyton High School6
23Vail Christian High School5
24Dolores High School4
25Swink High School3.5
26Denver Christian High School3
26Highland High School3
26Yuma High School3
29Dayspring Christian Academy2
29Las Animas High School2
29Merino High School2
29Sargent High School2
29St. Mary`s High School2
34Center High School1
34Rangely High School1
36Monte Vista High School0.5
36Telluride High School0.5