2A Boys XC By Rankings

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It's hard to say right now who the top 2A boys team will be this fall, but Heritage Christian Academy and Seth Bruxvoort figure to be part of that mix, along with Lyons and the tandem of Jonjak-Plahn and Roberts.

With only three scoring runners in 2A (the proposal to change that to four passed the cross country committee but was killed at the Legislative Council meeting), 2A is a bit more vulnerable to being swayed by an impact freshman or two than the other classifications. And, in a few cases, we have some idea of who those impact freshmen might be. But, you will want to check the team-by-team previews coming the rest of the summer for more word on that rather than this piece. 

In this piece, we will only be looking at rankings of returning runners. We look at them three different ways--from cross country, from 1600 times this spring, and from 3200 times this spring, but all three of those analyses are strictly of returning runners. Comments will be mostly up to the reader, but a few general comments are offered at the bottom of each set of rankings.

We start below with the rankings of returning runners from last cross country season. The next page will take a look at rankings from returning 1600 runners this spring, then the final page examines rankings of returning 3200 runners from this spring.

By Fall, 2016, Cross Country Times

1Mancos High School (CO)23
1) Simon Kearns16:36.106
2) Jake Mckie16:59.988
3) Teslin Stecher17:08.229
Average Time: 16:54.77 Total Time: 50:44.30 1-3 Split: 32.12
4) Caleb Yoder17:46.4523
5) Ryoya Shima17:58.1530
6) Zane Wilson19:05.9664
7) Alex Fleitz19:52.3887
2Lyons High School (CO)33
1) Isaac Roberts16:28.005
2) Colton Jonjak-Plahn17:20.0011
3) Landon Milbrath17:35.0017
Average Time: 17:07.67 Total Time: 51:23.00 1-3 Split: 1:07.00
4) Field Soosloff17:52.0026
5) Adam Crowl18:21.0043
6) Nick Boggess18:25.0044
7) Simon Stone18:35.0050
3Heritage Christian Academy (CO)65
1) Seth Bruxvoort17:28.0015
2) Keaton Case17:45.0021
3) Isaiah Bowsher17:58.0029
Average Time: 17:43.67 Total Time: 53:11.00 1-3 Split: 30.00
4) Josiah Bowsher18:01.0032
5) Zach Partain18:17.0039
6) Hunter Hermsen19:57.0090
7) Simon Wang20:49.00111
4Ouray High School (CO)71
1) Cooper Rondinelli17:41.2720
2) Evan Alsup17:47.4724
3) Zach Briggs17:53.3727
Average Time: 17:47.37 Total Time: 53:22.11 1-3 Split: 12.10
4) Evan Vann18:32.8049
5) Wyatt Gober22:42.58158
6) Blaze Braford-Lefebvre22:53.12164
7) Sean Taplin28:01.55196
5Telluride High School (CO)81
1) Jaden Evans16:36.807
2) Spencer Keating18:03.1034
3) Meshach Baca-Gomberg18:18.3040
Average Time: 17:39.40 Total Time: 52:58.20 1-3 Split: 1:41.50
4) Will Plantz18:20.9042
5) Thomas Hatcher18:35.8951
6) Adrian Scheibler19:28.2975
6Paonia High School (CO)98
1) Caden Meilner17:16.6010
2) Harley Ewert18:09.0335
3) Elijah Evans18:39.3053
Average Time: 18:01.64 Total Time: 54:04.93 1-3 Split: 1:22.70
4) Ben O'Rourke18:52.0557
5) David Lozano19:00.4258
6) Hunter Norris20:28.92101
7) Issac Stanfield22:22.04149
7Rocky Ford High School (CO)102
1) Cody Danley16:02.302
2) Gary DeLeon18:00.8031
3) Joaquin Munoz19:14.6069
Average Time: 17:45.90 Total Time: 53:17.70 1-3 Split: 3:12.30
4) Austin Garcia19:53.0088
5) Adam Cruz22:34.10155
6) Dru Steele22:59.00165
7) Giovanni Camacho35:12.00203
8Sargent High School (CO)102
1) Ethan Reschke17:41.2019
2) Nigel Cortright18:12.5937
3) Jacob Robirds18:28.3446
Average Time: 18:07.38 Total Time: 54:22.13 1-3 Split: 47.14
4) Micheal Peterson19:05.5263
9Custer County High School (CO)122
1) Luke Canon17:23.0014
2) Elias Zeller18:31.6048
3) Dalton Wommack19:03.2060
Average Time: 18:19.27 Total Time: 54:57.80 1-3 Split: 1:40.20
4) Tristan Button23:17.37169
10Peyton High School (CO)122
1) Sammy Schuemann17:34.0016
2) Mason Howard18:20.3041
3) Braedon Whaley19:06.0065
Average Time: 18:20.10 Total Time: 55:00.30 1-3 Split: 1:32.00
4) Austin Strobel19:22.0072
5) Treyston Whaley19:35.0077
6) Lane Wilfong22:01.00143
7) John Chan22:50.00162
11Vanguard School, The (CO)142
1) Nick Lovato17:21.0013
2) Thomas Walsh19:04.0062
3) Evan Morgan19:13.0067
Average Time: 18:32.67 Total Time: 55:38.00 1-3 Split: 1:52.00
4) Jonathan Drosendahl25:34.00188
12Limon High School (CO)149
1) Kyle Hutsell17:46.0022
2) Morgan Arnold19:03.6161
3) Nathan Arnold19:09.3066
Average Time: 18:39.64 Total Time: 55:58.91 1-3 Split: 1:23.30
4) Elijah Myers19:55.0089
13Soroco High School (CO)156
1) Ben Kelley16:00.001
2) Brad Veilleux19:24.7274
3) Joshua Taing19:39.2881
Average Time: 18:21.33 Total Time: 55:04.00 1-3 Split: 3:39.28
14Highland High School (CO)169
1) Levi Kilian16:21.004
2) Bryson Fogg19:02.0059
3) Steel Hoke20:40.80106
Average Time: 18:41.27 Total Time: 56:03.80 1-3 Split: 4:19.80
4) Noah Vialpando21:12.00127
5) Calvin Miller21:21.00132
6) Andy Miller21:31.80136
7) Derek Schlack22:59.00166
15Dolores High School (CO)177
1) Phillip Hufman17:37.1118
2) Brennan Hite18:10.9736
3) Alex Olson21:06.06123
Average Time: 18:58.05 Total Time: 56:54.14 1-3 Split: 3:28.95

Defending state champion Vanguard took three hits to graduation and one to the coaching ranks. It's a stiff uphill climb for the Coursers to be back in the hunt this fall. Mancos, Lyons, and Heritage Christian Academy, on the other hand, return very nearly everyone and look to be the three teams most likely to assume the mantle of 2A leadership this fall.

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