4A Boys XC By Rankings

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Ryan Matson figures to inherit the role of leader of the pack for the Bears, but can Palmer Ridge extend their magic to another year?

Last year, Palmer Ridge more or less breezed to the 4A Boys crown. It may not be quite as easy this year.

The rankings of returning runners at the bottom of this page suggest a different story. The rankings on the next two pages change the perspective on that story just a little. Each set of rankings has its own story to tell, and it's wise to heed the story told at each step before trying to draw any hard-and-fast conclusions.

Air Academy and Widefield, last year's second and third place teams both have some rebuilding to do. We'll have to watch to see how much they can get done by the end of October. Palmer Ridge graduated plenty but also has a lot of guys groomed and ready for their shot at being the big dogs on the rosters. Silver Creek pretty much brings back the franchise.

So, here's what things look like, starting with the rankings of returning cross country runners:

By Fall, 2016, Cross Country Rankings

1Silver Creek High School (CO)28
1) Brock Dykema15:28.501
2) James Lee15:44.704
3) Eliott Cassidy15:59.906
4) John Moroney16:07.007
5) Logan Simington16:12.0010
Average Time: 15:54.42 Total Time: 1:19:32.10 1-5 Split: 43.50
6) Zack Beckwith16:28.3026
7) Henry Terhaar17:01.0055
2Palmer Ridge High School (CO)154
1) Kieran Nay16:21.0017
2) Ryan Matson16:23.0019
3) Maxwell Herebic16:39.3032
4) Brandon Hippe16:42.2035
5) Drew Vidano16:53.1051
Average Time: 16:35.72 Total Time: 1:22:58.60 1-5 Split: 32.10
6) Aidan Clouse16:55.2353
7) Alex Murphy17:01.0056
3Niwot High School (CO)223
1) Kenny Lang16:21.0016
2) Cruz Culpepper16:35.0028
3) Ethan Steiner16:45.0038
4) Oskar Wells16:53.0050
5) Benjamin Bi17:28.0091
Average Time: 16:48.40 Total Time: 1:24:02.00 1-5 Split: 1:07.00
6) Jack Volf17:35.00106
7) Peter LeCavalier17:42.00120
4Air Academy High School (CO)231
1) Cal Banta15:41.803
2) Dillon Powell16:15.0012
3) Luke Thurman16:33.8027
4) Kieron Brunner17:07.2065
5) Matthew Mettler17:43.10124
Average Time: 16:40.18 Total Time: 1:23:20.90 1-5 Split: 2:01.30
6) Ethan Abbs17:50.50136
7) Austin Bruce18:55.58240
5Glenwood Springs High School (CO)244
1) Henry Barth16:10.808
2) Gavin Harden16:48.6041
3) Mathew Thrun16:51.4147
4) Benny Smith17:10.0069
5) Ian Richardson17:18.8679
Average Time: 16:51.93 Total Time: 1:24:19.67 1-5 Split: 1:08.06
6) Bryce Risner17:37.50110
7) Dalton Miner17:48.40132
6Greeley Central High School (CO)245
1) Arturo Toro16:25.0021
2) Simon Kelati16:25.2023
3) Ramon Villalobos Ocampo Jr17:01.6357
4) Angelo Abundis17:10.0070
5) Ismael Ochoa17:15.0074
Average Time: 16:51.37 Total Time: 1:24:16.83 1-5 Split: 50.00
6) Erik Mendez17:59.00152
7) Miguel Villa18:26.00192
7Centaurus High School (CO)253
1) John O'Malley16:22.2018
2) Cooper Brown16:25.0022
3) Alex Hooten16:45.0037
4) Kyle Piper17:11.0071
5) Henry Bowman17:35.00105
Average Time: 16:51.64 Total Time: 1:24:18.20 1-5 Split: 1:12.80
6) Noah Llerandi18:40.00215
7) Alec Porterfield18:48.00229
8Cheyenne Mountain High School (CO)317
1) Thomas Chaston15:57.005
2) Walker Rudolph16:51.0044
3) Ryne Johnson17:08.0067
4) Chris Montross17:25.9088
5) Peter Quiros17:38.00113
Average Time: 16:59.98 Total Time: 1:24:59.90 1-5 Split: 1:41.00
6) Lucas DeBiase17:50.00134
7) Will Travis18:03.00157
9Battle Mountain High School (CO)398
1) James Moran16:41.1033
2) Nick Williams17:06.8564
3) David Reilly17:18.3478
4) Nick Apps17:28.0592
5) Conner McCabe17:48.00131
Average Time: 17:16.47 Total Time: 1:26:22.34 1-5 Split: 1:06.90
6) Max Grimaldi17:59.00153
7) Deagen Fahrney18:12.00165
10Discovery Canyon High School (CO)411
1) Joseph Dicke16:51.0045
2) Daniel Lisenbee17:12.0073
3) Kyle Clancy17:22.0083
4) Nick Shampoe17:23.0085
5) Hayden Beck17:44.00125
Average Time: 17:18.40 Total Time: 1:26:32.00 1-5 Split: 53.00
6) Noah Watanabe18:21.00184
7) Jared Robinson18:27.20196
11Evergreen High School (CO)419
1) Nathan Schmitt16:45.0039
2) Colin Szuch16:51.6148
3) Thomas Biasi17:19.0181
4) Wentzel Van der Berg17:32.0097
5) Carter Hudson18:01.06154
Average Time: 17:17.74 Total Time: 1:26:28.68 1-5 Split: 1:16.06
6) Max Straub18:27.00195
7) Wyatt Michener18:54.00239
12Widefield High School (CO)424
1) Cole Munoz16:17.0014
2) Ryan Outler16:39.0031
3) Miles Mena17:27.7090
4) Beslim Torres-Valle17:35.00107
5) Jonathan Cabrera18:21.00182
Average Time: 17:15.94 Total Time: 1:26:19.70 1-5 Split: 2:04.00
6) Logan Johnson18:25.00190
7) Reece Lieby19:04.00248
13Pine Creek High School (CO)427
1) Noah Trautner16:47.0040
2) Drew Kroeker17:11.0072
3) James Hibbard17:19.0080
4) Derek Ashby17:39.00114
5) Jackson Ponce De Leon17:42.00121
Average Time: 17:19.60 Total Time: 1:26:38.00 1-5 Split: 55.00
6) Josh Hawkins17:51.00137
7) Eli McFadden18:26.40194
14Eagle Valley High School (CO)428
1) Aiden Branch16:26.0025
2) Jack Neifert17:02.1459
3) Bailey Beckum17:32.2198
4) John Papadopoulos17:34.36102
5) Carter Baker17:53.76144
Average Time: 17:17.69 Total Time: 1:26:28.47 1-5 Split: 1:27.76
6) Nicholas Thompson17:57.53146
7) Luke Morrissey18:19.30178
15Mullen High School (CO)443
1) Bryce Medaris16:16.0113
2) Matthew Vermeyen17:16.9175
3) Will Locascio17:28.8093
4) Robbie Manta17:37.90112
5) Sebastian Campos17:59.00150
Average Time: 17:19.72 Total Time: 1:26:38.62 1-5 Split: 1:42.99
6) Sawyer Dow19:14.30259
7) Ryan Carrigan19:29.00277

Silver Creek jumps out to a solid lead in these rankings, but it's also worth noting that by the end of last fall's season, the wheels on the Silver Creek wagon were getting awfully wobbly. If Silver Creek means to win--and they certainly have the talent to be in the hunt--they must finish better than they did last fall. Palmer Ridge, on the other hand, loses all kinds of leadership from last year's team. And, you can look at rankings all day long, but they don't tell you much about how leadership reforms after a year of massive losses to graduation.

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