Around The Southwest Region

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"Cross country race coming through. Clear the path or I'll pierce your eardrums with this here whistle!"

Well, it's about time. About time we start talking about who's showing what around the region, that is.

Keep in mind this is very early. There are still region teams that haven't put anything on the course yet. There are region teams that have already lit it up a couple of times and will need to figure out a way to make the momentum last in November.

But, the time to keep watch has come. 

I'll keep to the usual format developed over the years. I'll start in Nevada and work my way around the region counter-clockwise. And, yes, that is a bit of a nod to Utah's domination of the region over recent years.

This article will fall on separate pages for ease of reading. If I had photos to use, I'd add a little visual appeal to the top of each page with a photo. So, count this as a solicitation for photos as well. We'll continue on this page with Nevada, then take it one state at a time.


Labor Day Classic

The more things change in Nevada, the more they stay the same. Centennial's girls went 1-2-3-6-8 in the 11-12 girls for the Labor Day Classic and dominated the southern Nevada scene in the same fashion they have since I started writing these articles. It's early, but I still think it's a safe call to suggest that Centennial is Nevada's first and best shot for a girls berth in the regional championship race. We'll keep watching for other hopefuls, though. 

Nothing really definitive for the boys emerges out of this meet. 

Twilight Classic

At the season-opening meet for the Reno area, Reno's girls took the opportunity to make an early statement about who will be boss this fall. Significantly, Tahoe Truckee was one of the teams Reno soundly defeated. Damonte Ranch managed to get between the two for second, but they were still well back of Reno. A California team came in and cleaned house on the boys side, but Spanish Springs (easily) got the better of all the assembled Nevada schools.