Scoring Liberty Bell By Classification: 2A Boys & Girls

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Emma Schaefer and Shining Mountain battled to a for-all-intents-and-purposes draw with Heritage Christian Academy at Liberty Bell today.

There wasn't a whole lot of 2A competition present at this year's running of Liberty Bell, but I've scored it out below by a score 3 format so you can see how the 2A teams lined up just against each other. Girls are first, followed by boys.

2A Girls Liberty Bell Scoring

1Shining Mountain Waldorf High School (CO)11
1) Emma Schaefer20:06.001
2) Abby Leuchten21:31.003
3) Tess Leuchten23:19.007
Average Time: 21:38.67 Total Time: 1:04:56.00 1-3 Split: 3:13.00
4) Lola Skye Conaway24:36.0012
5) Sofia Harrelson24:46.0013
6) Sadie Fox28:54.0018
2Heritage Christian Academy (CO)11
1) Leeann Wagner20:19.002
2) Megan Wagner22:50.004
3) Kaitlyn Pallotto23:04.005
Average Time: 22:04.33 Total Time: 1:06:13.00 1-3 Split: 2:45.00
4) Sophia Schuemann23:04.006
5) Tessa Lesondak23:27.008
6) Lizzy Gueck24:13.0011
7) Sela Fyffe26:01.0017
3Buena Vista High School (CO)33
1) Mackensey McFee23:33.009
2) Alexis Santopietro24:11.0010
3) Anna Bearss25:04.0014
Average Time: 24:16.00 Total Time: 1:12:48.00 1-3 Split: 1:31.00
4) Lynzi Doke25:18.0015
5) Mykal Adams25:44.0016
6) Maddie Salazar29:07.0019
7) Abigail Nagel29:29.0020

2A Boys Liberty Bell Scoring

Note that Levi Kilian gets thrown in with the Heritage Christian Academy. It's not my understanding that he will have varsity eligibility this year, but this is how it would score with him in there (not that it makes much difference in the outcome for this meet).

1Heritage Christian Academy (CO)6
1) Seth Bruxvoort16:40.001
2) Levi Kilian16:43.002
3) Keaton Case17:03.003
Average Time: 16:48.67 Total Time: 50:26.00 1-3 Split: 23.00
4) Isaiah Bowsher17:08.004
5) Josiah Bowsher17:16.005
6) Hunter Hermsen17:50.007
7) Zach Partain18:22.009
2Buena Vista High School (CO)29
1) Owen Berry18:13.008
2) Rossten Sherlock18:28.0010
3) Ashton Galyean19:07.0011
Average Time: 18:36.00 Total Time: 55:48.00 1-3 Split: 54.00
4) Issac Hutchings20:06.0013
5) Kohay Shimakage22:42.0018
6) Logan McCain25:46.0023
3Shining Mountain Waldorf High School (CO)37
1) Max Saliman17:23.006
2) Ben Carano20:33.0014
3) Marcus Zeender22:03.0017
Average Time: 19:59.67 Total Time: 59:59.00 1-3 Split: 4:40.00
4) Bobby Alexander23:36.0019
5) Ethan Pineda24:56.0021
4Evangelical Christian Academy (CO)43
1) Joseph Wilcox19:45.0012
2) Ben DeRuiter20:43.0015
3) Andrew DeRuiter21:22.0016
Average Time: 20:36.67 Total Time: 1:01:50.00 1-3 Split: 1:37.00
4) Richie Hart24:48.0020
5) Andrew Bronson25:14.0022
6) Will Trumble26:33.0024