Colorado Week in Review: September 4 - 9

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Brynn Siles took her third profoundly convincing meet title in as many weekends at Liberty Bell on Friday.

It's a smaller-than-usual count of meets to cover in this weekend's round-up. That would have everything to do with the fact that Liberty Bell and St. Vrain dominate the scene on this weekend. The rest of the meets, what few there are, tend to stand back and out of the way. 

Liberty Bell Cross Country Invitational

Heritage High School XC Course Littleton, CO
Sep 8, 2017

Colorado Track XC sent Bobby Reyes to the mean streets of Littleton to cover this one. Check out his story in the top article below. And, if you somehow missed it late on Friday and into Saturday, I broke the Liberty Bell results out by classification. Several of those are linked below--the rest are accessible via the home page. That's just one of the things your MileSplit Pro account does for you.

2,186 Total Performances (2,023 CO)

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Girls (41)

Boys (46)

St. Vrain New Balance Cross Country Invitational

Lyons High School XC Course Lyons, CO
Sep 9, 2017

Like the Liberty Bell meet, the St. Vrain warranted coverage of its own. See my article linked below. And, though it hasn't appeared yet, you can keep watching for the annual Liberty Bell/St. Vrain merge. We adjust the Liberty Bell results to St. Vrain kind of paces then throw all those results into a massive pile. Look for that Monday or Tuesday.

1,433 Total Performances

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Girls (9)

Boys (8)

Standley Lake Cross Country Gator Invitational

Stony Creek Golf Course Arvada, CO
Sep 7, 2017

Before things got really busy this weekend, I was able to pull together a summary for this Arvada West-dominated meet. See it at the link below.

438 Total Performances

Articles (1)

Elite Performances

Girls (2)

Joe Vigil Open

Cattails Golf Course Alamosa, CO
Sep 9, 2017

Joe Vigil coverage? Of Course! But, the coverage is so recent, it didn't make the link here. So, click here for the article if you haven't seen it yet.

448 Total Performances (363 CO)

Elite Performances

Girls (2)

Boys (10)

Grand Junction Tiger Invitational

Canyon View Park Grand Junction, CO
Sep 8, 2017

In a return to a tradition of long ago, a Grand Junction meet actually hosted a Utah team this weekend. North Sevier didn't take the girls team title, but they did make Gunnison have to work a little harder to earn it. It's great for cross country when teams cross state lines.

Central's Ivory Espinoza had another great outing for the win, though her time was just a bit slower than for her season opener. Hopefully, she'll have someone push her through an entire race soon. Gunnison used the freshman tandem of Aulea Rollins and Ivy Pelletier to make this a Cowgirl kind of day. 

Greeley Central's boys came over the pass and edged Gunnison's boys for the team title. Central (Grand Junction) had a great 1-3 finish from David Cardenas and Tyman Smart, but the Warriors couldn't close the deal. Ultimately, it was the depth for Greeley Central and Gunnison that ruled the day, as so often is the case in cross country.

185 Total Performances (170 CO)

Elite Performances

Boys (1)

Run Above The Clouds

Shining Mountain Golf Course Woodland Park, CO
Sep 7, 2017

There weren't a lot of takers on the pre-regional meet concept. Most of the teams here were not teams that had a date to come back here in October. There might also have been some disgruntled customers who had hoped to actually run above the clouds. Unfortunately, those clouds that did show up were still higher than the runners.

I don't make this stuff up. I just report it.

Benjamin Highfill of Pueblo South won the battle, but Cheyenne Mountain won the war--even without Thomas Chaston. The Indians clogged up the leaderboard with five of the top 13 places and were only ever seriously threatened for team honors by their next-door neighbors at Coronado High School. Walker Rudolph led the CM charge and finished but seven seconds behind Highfill.

Over among the girls, Chloe Cassens led a 1-3-4-7 push for Coronado. You would think that would be enough to take the win. But, like so many other snap judgments in life, you'd be wrong about that, too. Cheyenne Mountain had six of the top 12, and seven of the top 15. And, so, opportunity spent the rest of the afternoon camping in the Cheyenne Mountain tent. The final team tally went Cheyenne Mountain - 31, Coronado - 33. 

Ana Muehlbauer of St. Mary's led the small-school finishers in sixth. For the second weekend in a row, then, Hannah McReavy is missing from the meet results. 

174 Total Performances

Elite Performances

No elite performances.

Widefield Cross Country Invitational

Widefield Community Center Widefield, CO
Sep 9, 2017

Coach Erik Nelson probably saw this one coming. The trick to hosting on St. Vrain/Liberty Bell weekend is to be as far away as possible from Littleton or Lyons, and preferably on a different day. Widefield Community Center Park on St. Vrain meet day is evidently not distance enough. 

Widefield rolled this field of mostly JV and small-school teams. Madelyn Rodrigues and Cole Munoz took twin crowns. I'm not sure if that's good enough to make them homecoming royalty at WHS this year, but it was good enough to rule this day. And, for the record, only Pueblo Central's Peyton Roth stood between the Widefield boys and a perfect score. 

129 Total Performances

Elite Performances

No elite performances.

Hotchkiss Cross Country Invitational

Hotchkiss HS XC Course Hotchkiss, CO
Sep 9, 2017

They run this one out on the dobies behind Hotchkiss High School. If you don't know what the dobies are, drop by for a visit someday. Watch your p's and q's, though, as the dobies aren't known to be especially friendly. They are noted to be especially surly on hot days.

Montrose's Evan Graff took the win, even without brother Sean to chase him around the course. Delta's John Ames was second. The pair were the only two below 19 minutes. Feel like you know the dobies a little better yet?

Crested Butte's Sydney Petersen and Maria O'Neal went a very convincing 1-2 (and were the only two below 23 minutes). For this meet, though, Crested Butte only had three runners and couldn't close the deal. 

I didn't get official team scores from the meet, but I'm suspecting they didn't score five the way the formatted MileSplit results show. 

110 Total Performances

Elite Performances

No elite performances.

Sterling Cross Country Invitational

Pioneer Park Sterling, CO
Sep 7, 2017

This meet slipped by me until after it happened. But someone from Sterling was good enough to send me results even so. It's nice to have friends in high places. 

If Sterling on an early September afternoon sounds a little uncomfortable for cross country to you, you are evidently not alone. Six schools, including Sterling, made the trip to Pioneer Park, which is not the same as saying we had six complete teams in either set of results. 

Eaton made a clean sweep of the team titles and missed doing the same with the individual titles by one place and a little over three seconds. Evan Gesick of Eaton and Ashley Hinojos of Brush took home firsts. Better still, Gesick is a freshman--and he's probably one guy who is suddenly just fine with running in Sterling on an early-September afternoon. 

84 Total Performances

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No elite performances.

Jack n' Jill XC Relays

Barr Lake State Park Brighton, CO
Sep 6, 2017

I don't know if the idea of co-ed cross country relays on an early September afternoon at Barr Lake State Park is going to catch on. Barr Lake might be a little like Sterling in that respect. But, if it does catch on, note that it all began here.

But, for this time around, Golden enjoyed their day in the sun, placing five of the top six finishing relay teams. The winning relay sported a Duchesneau, a Goodrich, a Brown, and a Fox. 

I'm not sure exactly why, but it appears all relays ran boy-girl-boy-girl. I'm sure there's likely a reason for that, but it may have served to unload a bit of the strategy of placement of the relay legs.

72 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (2)

South Routt Cross Country Invitational

Rossi Meadows Oak Creek, CO
Sep 9, 2017

I'm holding the place on the calendar, but I'm pretty sure this meet didn't happen. How did I come to that conclusion? Well, we have Steamboat Springs and Moffat County reliably located in Littleton on Friday. We have Rangely reliably located in Alamosa on Saturday. And, we have Meeker reliably located in Hotchkiss on Saturday. That doesn't leave a very long list of teams that would be interested in a cross country meet somewhere out in central northwestern Colorado. And, that's a bummer, too, because you'd like to think a meet like this could be a success. 

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