Around The Southwest Region: September 7 - 9

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Monarch High School out of Colorado used a strong early presence up front to help pick up a big win at Saturday's St. Vrain Invitational.

Time for our weekly tour around the region to see who the top teams are and how they're doing.

We start in Nevada and work counter-clockwise around the region. In each case, I link to meet results so that you can take a closer look on your own. After each state, click on Next to advance to the next state.


Larry Burgess Invitational

In a bit of bad news for Nevada, Utah's Cedar High School girls resoundingly defeated Nevada's Centennial girls at this meet. Admittedly, Centennial was down one Alexis Gourrier, but that would only have reduced by about half, not eliminated, the deficit. If Centennial is the best team in Nevada--and it appears they are--then Cedar is better than the best team in Nevada at this point in the season. It remains to be seen where Cedar falls in the greater scheme of things for Utah. It is worth noting, though, that Cedar is historically a very competitive team in the Utah ranks. They are a large 3A program by classification.

In the boys division, Page (out of Arizona, a perennially strong team in Arizona) narrowly defeated Green Valley, Coronado, and Cedar (Utah) for meet honors. After a slower start to the season, this should help get Page back onto the radar screen.

Nevada Union/Asics Invitational (California)

In a bit of better news for the Silver State, Reno took a trip to California and dished out a little defeat on the Golden State. Reno ran, rather easily in fact, took top honors in the girls division, while Spanish Springs won the boys division. Damonte Ranch managed a third in the girls division. 

It's a little difficult to say precisely what this means as these Nevada schools were not pitted against the best California programs, but they did travel well and show well.

It's worth a bit of pondering as to whether perhaps Reno might be closing in on Centennial as the top Nevada girls team. It may take a while to sort that out.