A Flurry of League Meets: #1, The Denver Prep Schools

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Laura Romero is at least a co-favorite for the girls individual title at the Denver Prep Schools meet on Tuesday.

Although a few league meets have already taken place, the bulk of league meets happen this coming week. My aim here is to preview at least one per day until we're done with the round of league meets. On days where things work like a well-oiled machine, there's a good chance I'm able to grind out two of these.

And, since the Denver Public Schools meet is one of the first scheduled, on Tuesday, of next week, we'll begin there.

This first page will be devoted to the girls. And, we'll turn our attention to the boys on the second page.

We begin with a virtual meet (through the first 100 runners). Discussion will follow.

Championship Meet - 8 Teams

1Laura Romero9Denver North High School18:44.501
2Lexi Emerson9George Washington High School19:092
3Isla Anderson10Denver North High School19:19.603
4Laurel Kruger12Denver East High School19:23.004
5Esther Cornish10Denver North High School19:41.205
6Delaney Gilfillan9George Washington High School19:46.006
7AlanaMarie Barros9Denver East High School19:48.007
8Esmeralda Baltierra12Denver South High School19:59.008
9Nell Salzman12Denver East High School20:06.009
10Judith Dietz12John F. Kennedy High School20:09.0010
11Anna Lucy Buddenhagen10Denver East High School20:09.0011
12Lilly Cory11Denver East High School20:13.0012
13Nicole Oberlag12Denver South High School20:17.0013
14Riley Buese9Northfield High School20:19.9014
15Abby Howard9Denver East High School20:29.0015
16Blake Poole11Denver South High School20:36.0016
17Kyra Mangalik12George Washington High School20:48.0017
18Christina Doolan9Denver East High School20:56.0018
19Elena Thoman10Denver East High School20:59.00--
20Laine Ford9George Washington High School21:08.0019
21Lilia Scudamore9Denver East High School21:08.00--
22Ella Vollmer9Northfield High School21:14.1020
23Olivia Cech9Thomas Jefferson High School21:18.0021
24Amelia Gardner11Denver North High School21:20.1022
25Adele Chism10Denver South High School21:23.0023
26Emily Turner11Denver East High School21:26.00--
27Grace Burnett9Denver East High School21:28.00--
28Megan George10Thomas Jefferson High School21:29.0024
29Lindsey Weyant10Denver East High School21:32.00--
30Maya Winfield9Denver East High School21:32.00--
31Audrey McGlothlen12Denver East High School21:36.00--
32Grace O'Meara9Denver East High School21:36.00--
33Eve Deleon12Denver South High School21:44.0025
34Julia Schor9Denver East High School21:49.00--
35Morgan George10Thomas Jefferson High School21:51.0026
36Phoebe Briney10Thomas Jefferson High School21:59.0027
37Addie Morris9George Washington High School22:02.0028
38Maisie Moskowitz10Denver East High School22:06.00--
39Maya Nussbaumer9Denver East High School22:07.00--
40Claire Ely9Denver East High School22:14.00--
41Gabrielle Camp-Lagueux11George Washington High School22:23.0029
42Ellie McWhirter10Denver East High School22:29.00--
43Catie Clarke10Denver South High School22:31.0030
44Serene Mather10Denver East High School22:33.00--
45Dafni Martinez9Denver North High School22:34.6031
46Isabella Garcia9Denver East High School22:43.00--
47Tara Marasco9Denver South High School22:46.0032
48Audre Lewis10Northfield High School22:54.0033
49Mackenzie Kilk10Northfield High School22:56.0034
50Maria Crippen12Denver East High School23:03.00--
51Celia Cameron9Denver South High School23:04.00--
52Mackenzie Whitehead-Bust12Denver East High School23:06.00--
53Louisa Wilson9Denver North High School23:29.0035
54Abigail Bourke11Denver South High School23:47.00--
55Nora Drewno12Denver North High School23:53.0036
56Julia Jenulis9George Washington High School23:54.0037
57Georgia Cargile9Denver South High School24:05.00--
58Clara Lorenzo9Denver East High School24:08.00--
59Jane Port9Denver East High School24:08.00--
60Sara Merman11Denver East High School24:14.00--
61Jazz Wright10Thomas Jefferson High School24:16.0038
62Jimena Cristerna10George Washington High School24:21.00--
63Claudia Horning9Denver South High School24:24.00--
64Julia Whitman12John F. Kennedy High School24:24.0039
65Annabel Lantz9Denver South High School24:27.00--
66Rose Cobb12George Washington High School24:30.00--
67Elizabeth Banuelos12John F. Kennedy High School24:32.0040
68Charlie Hite9Denver East High School24:34.00--
69Ami Pritchett10John F. Kennedy High School24:38.0041
70Margo Ladis9George Washington High School24:42.00--
71Caroline Ritchie12Denver East High School24:48.00--
72Lizzie Bannister11Denver East High School24:52.00--
73Esmeralda Nava10Denver South High School24:58.00--
74Isabel Loyola9Denver East High School25:05.00--
75Laurel Supplee9Denver East High School25:07.00--
76Ashley Bottom10Denver South High School25:09.00--
77Haden Ringel9Denver East High School25:18.00--
78Sydney Marlin9Denver South High School25:21.00--
79Maggie Young9Denver East High School25:36.00--
80Kendal Lee9Denver East High School25:36.00--
81Malia McDorman11Thomas Jefferson High School25:36.0042
82Lillian Eckoff10Denver East High School25:44.00--
83Sara Lusk9John F. Kennedy High School25:54.0043
84Miya Trujillo10John F. Kennedy High School25:59.0044
85Vanaiah Baca11Denver North High School26:06.00--
86Sydney Jaques9Northfield High School26:07.0045
87Liberty petropolis9Denver North High School26:12.00--
88Zeanna Ortiz11Denver East High School26:13.00--
89Gisel Alfaro- Andrade12Denver North High School26:13.70--
90Natalie Angstadt10Denver East High School26:15.00--
91Kendell Ogin9Denver East High School26:19.00--
92Glenna Rapp9Denver East High School26:20.00--
93Isabella Sanchez9Denver East High School26:24.00--
94Izzy Motarjeme9Northfield High School26:32.0046
95Campbell Supplee9Denver East High School27:04.00--
96Mayesie Weissenfluh9Denver East High School27:07.00--
97Jordan Graeser11John F. Kennedy High School27:10.0047
98Leia Harding11Denver East High School27:11.00--
99Naomy Napolitan9George Washington High School27:17.00--
100Lizbeth Banuelos12John F. Kennedy High School27:30.42--

Championship Meet - 8 Teams Team Scores

1Denver East High School434791112--
2Denver North High School621352231--
3George Washington High School7226171928--
4Denver South High School85813162325--
5Thomas Jefferson High School1362124262738--
6Northfield High School1461420333445--
7John F. Kennedy High School1731039404143--
--Denver West High SchoolNTS

It is certainly the year of the freshman among DPS girls. Denver North's Laura Romero and George Washington's Lexi Emerson check in at the top of the rankings. If you've been following the season closely, you already know the likelihood is strong that these two go 1-2. Almost certainly, one or the other takes the league individual title.

What isn't as clear are the prospects for the team title. Denver East comes out atop the virtual meet rankings, but take a moment to remind yourself that the Angels have frequented some rather fast courses this season--courses like Liberty Bell, Thornton, and Arvada West.

Pat Amato is the only reliably fast course on Denver North's schedule to date, but the Denver North varsity girls didn't get times out of that race. That would be thanks to lightning in the middle of the race.

George Washington's schedule has seen more in the way of fast courses than Denver North's, but probably not as fast overall as Denver East.

So, we note that the virtual meet shown above likely favors Denver East on account of the courses they have run this season. 

It's probably best to think of this one as too close too call between 5A Denver East and 3A Denver North, then let the course at City Park sort things out. George Washington is probably a bit of a longshot here.

Denver North's strength is up front with Romero, Isla Anderson, and Esther Cornish. If the Vikings' 4 and 5 can stay sufficiently close, Denver North has a very good chance of upending Denver East for this year's title.

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