A Flurry Of League Meets: #2, The Tri-Valley

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Justin McDaniel should be among those contending for the Tri-Valley league individual title, having most recently won the title at his home meet, the Mead Stampede.

It gets a little difficult to keep track of these things so, as an aid, I'll let you in on the roster of Tri-Valley teams. In alphabetical order, they go: Berthoud, Erie, Frederick, Holy Family, Mead, Roosevelt, Skyline, and Windsor. It appears as if Ridge View Academy may be joining them this year--at least by the status of online registrations received.

Windsor has mostly outgrown this league in terms of enrollment, but they're still there for the time being. A new league alignment may happen next year, though, and maybe especially so if Windsor joins the ranks of 5A teams.

The league meet is scheduled to take place on the home course of Holy Family High School in Broomfield. I'm not sure what the plan is if Monday's forecast ends up with a lot of snow left on the ground for Tuesday.

In the meanwhile, though, we'll survey the prospects for the meet--regardless of when and where it actually takes place.

I'll begin here with a virtual meet of the boys, followed by a discussion of the boys. The next page will do the same with the girls.

Championship Meet - 9 Teams

1Kyle McCabe12Holy Family High School16:22.001
2Justin McDaniel12Mead High School16:24.102
3Jamison Cartwright11Erie High School16:43.003
4Hayden DeBuse12Mead High School16:50.804
5Isaac Dukes12Mead High School17:08.105
6Ryan Schumacher11Windsor High School17:12.006
7Braden Bartlett11Holy Family High School17:16.007
8Christian Montoya11Holy Family High School17:17.908
9Kade Leonard11Berthoud High School17:25.909
10Jack Weis12Mead High School17:31.710
11Kaleb Rosas12Ridge View Academy17:37.511
12Dalton Yost10Roosevelt High School17:5012
13Isaac Orozco12Roosevelt High School17:50.0013
14Andrew Williams12Mead High School17:50.7014
15Tyler Larson12Erie High School17:53.0015
16Eli Greenslit9Berthoud High School17:54.3016
17Jensen Richards12Skyline High School17:57.0017
18Noah Burtis12Berthoud High School17:58.4018
19Siler Stein11Berthoud High School18:00.1019
20Alex Martinez11Holy Family High School18:01.0020
21Dylan McIntosh9Holy Family High School18:04.0021
22Connor Free10Erie High School18:05.0022
23Timothy Fritsche10Erie High School18:06.0023
24Daniel O'Brien11Roosevelt High School18:11.0024
25Will Maher10Mead High School18:13.7025
26Matthew Reynolds10Holy Family High School18:13.9026
27Kevin Sethre12Berthoud High School18:15.5027
28Alexander Walker10Erie High School18:2028
29Kyle Conlon10Berthoud High School18:20.0029
30Riley McNeill10Frederick High School18:20.0030
31Jonathan Wyrwas11Berthoud High School18:20.9031
32Alex Martinez11Holy Family High School18:22.0032
33Andrew Brown11Skyline High School18:28.0033
34Carlos Gutierrez10Berthoud High School18:34.60--
35Elias Hinojosa9Erie High School18:41.0034
36Luis Bustos12Skyline High School18:43.0035
37Aaron Sanders12Holy Family High School18:51.00--
38Micah Glesmann12Windsor High School18:51.0036
39Tyler Falkinburg10Skyline High School18:54.0037
40Jayden Davidson10Roosevelt High School18:54.0038
41Jonah Munoz11Holy Family High School18:55.00--
42Alexander Kalan12Windsor High School18:56.0039
43Mark Boden12Skyline High School18:56.0040
44Zane Cire12Erie High School18:57.0041
45Cooper Hinman11Erie High School18:58.00--
46Jamis Schriner9Erie High School19:00.00--
47Tyler Williams12Berthoud High School19:00.40--
48Bryce Mitts10Berthoud High School19:02.9--
49Angelo Garcia11Ridge View Academy19:03.0042
50Dylan Hickman12Ridge View Academy19:07.4043
51Nathan Hutson12Erie High School19:11.00--
52Cord Anderson10Windsor High School19:11.0044
53Murphy Vogele-Zimmerling12Berthoud High School19:11.00--
54Hunter Link10Skyline High School19:17.0045
55Jonathan Pfenning11Holy Family High School19:18.00--
56Alexander Paradise12Berthoud High School19:19.40--
57Jeyden Lewis11Roosevelt High School19:22.0046
58Skylar Henry10Skyline High School19:22.8047
59Owen Kilcullen9Skyline High School19:24.00--
60Christopher Haley10Frederick High School19:26.0048
61Jason Thornton12Windsor High School19:27.0049
62Lucas Moore10Roosevelt High School19:29.0050
63Lane Pirkey9Berthoud High School19:31.00--
64Lbona Haile10Erie High School19:34.00--
65Alex Miller9Erie High School19:37.00--
66Robert Orozco9Roosevelt High School19:38.0051
67Jakob Hobert11Erie High School19:40.00--
68Nick Scohy10Mead High School19:42.0052
69Doyle Schroth12Frederick High School19:44.0053
70Joe Malinowski9Berthoud High School19:47.50--
71Parker Hogan11Erie High School19:50.00--
72Pedro Alvarez12Ridge View Academy19:51.2054
73Kace Thoren9Berthoud High School19:51.40--
74Lance Greany10Holy Family High School19:51.50--
75Dylan Carder10Berthoud High School19:52.70--
76Gabe Coster10Holy Family High School19:53.00--
77Sean Griffith10Berthoud High School19:54.90--
78Alexander Sauer9Roosevelt High School19:57.9--
79Alexander Workman10Frederick High School19:5955
80Eric Godfrey10Berthoud High School19:59.00--
81Oswen Eiler Lawson9Skyline High School19:59.00--
82Easton Schriner11Erie High School19:59.00--
83Eddie Bartoletti11Holy Family High School20:00.20--
84Jaden West12Ridge View Academy20:02.0056
85Ryan Bailey11Holy Family High School20:02.00--
86Samuel Hatton11Berthoud High School20:05.00--
87Anders Tempel11Erie High School20:07.00--
88Trevor Overton12Windsor High School20:08.0057
89Cameron Eldridge12Roosevelt High School20:09.50--
90Elijah Ball11Windsor High School20:14.0058
91Isaiah Kitsmiller10Erie High School20:20.00--
92Bryce Martin11Mead High School20:20.00--
93Ashton Gonzales10Berthoud High School20:20.00--
94Kyran Butler11Mead High School20:21.00--
95Michael Lowther9Erie High School20:23.00--
96Robert Marshall11Ridge View Academy20:23.5059
97Daniel Roberts9Roosevelt High School20:24.00--
98Tyler Moll10Erie High School20:25.00--
99Lane Pirkey9Berthoud High School20:26.50--
100Chandler Russell12Roosevelt High School20:26.50--

Championship Meet - 9 Teams Team Scores

1Mead High School352451014--
2Holy Family High School571782021--
3Berthoud High School89916181927--
4Erie High School91315222328--
5Roosevelt High School1331213243846--
6Skyline High School1621733353740--
7Windsor High School174636394449--
8Ridge View Academy2061142435456--
9Frederick High School2463048535560--

Mead comes out of the virtual meet with a healthy lead. And they probably should be there. Mead has run a generally rigorous set of courses, with the new North Lake Park course in Loveland ranking as the fastest course to see the bottom side of Mead spikes. 

Holy Family, next up in the virtual meet, has the benefit of Liberty Bell and, to a limited extent, Pat Amato times to boost their virtual meet results. Holy Family is, to be sure, a solid team, but it's difficult not to go with Mead as the team favorite here. 

And, Mead was definitely in control the last time the two teams met at the Mead Stampede. Berthoud and Erie are deeper reaches for the team title.

Holy Family's Kyle McCabe very much figures in the individual title hunt. Contending with McCabe for league honors figure to be Jamison Cartwright of Erie and Justin McDaniel of Mead. In recent results, McDaniel was 11 seconds faster than McCabe at the Mead Stampede. If you thrive on this sort of analysis, you can even plunge into head-to-head matchups among these three:

McDaniel vs. McCabe

McCabe vs. Cartwright

Cartwright vs. McDaniel

It's not as if nobody else has any chance whatsoever, but these three would definitely seem to be the big three of the possibilities.

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