A Flurry Of League Meets: #3, The Mile High

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Isaac Roberts won a round with Levi Kilian last week Thursday. Can he repeat that this week Wednesday?

"Flurry" seems like a good word for today, but any snow flurries should be long gone by Wednesday when the Mile High League meet rolls out on the campus of the Dawson School in Lafayette.

The Mile High League is a powerhouse among 2A cross country leagues. Most 2A cross country leagues barely qualify as leagues. In a lot of cases, many of the league member schools don't sponsor cross country and the league meet--if there even is one--gets to be rather slim pickings. 

Not so with the Mile High League. And, in fact, the league boasts three teams that have proven to be recurring powers within the 2A ranks: Nederland, Lyons, and Heritage Christian Academy. None of these three teams figures to be especially pressed to qualify for state out of regionals (possible exception: Nederland boys), so if there's any posturing to do before State, this is the logical place to do it.

I'm certain none of the coaches in question would call what goes on on Wednesday "posturing," but nobody wants to leave Lafayette with their team members feeling like that just got whupped by a league member rival.

We'll look at the girls first, following the established pattern of doing a virtual meet first, then adding comments at the bottom. Here's what a virtual meet of the Mile High League girls looks like at the moment:

Championship Meet - 9 Teams

1Helen Cross10Nederland High School20:16.001
2Leeann Wagner12Heritage Christian Academy20:19.002
3Lucca Fulkerson9Dawson School20:27.13
4Georgia Barone12Lyons High School20:46.004
5Sarah Davidson12Nederland High School20:59.005
6Katie Fankhouser10Lyons High School21:21.986
7Kylee Udovich11Lyons High School21:33.007
8Madeline Watts12Lyons High School21:54.008
9Ryleigh Carr10Highland High School22:219
10Megan Wagner12Heritage Christian Academy22:3110
11Caitlyn Anderson10Highland High School22:31.0011
12Rylee Habel10Highland High School22:37.3012
13Kaitlyn Pallotto11Heritage Christian Academy22:39.0013
14Sarah Roberts12Lyons High School22:42.3814
15Sophia Schuemann9Heritage Christian Academy22:45.0015
16Alora Cross10Lyons High School22:53.0016
17Tessa Lesondak9Heritage Christian Academy23:27.0017
18Laura Geyman10Denver Academy24:07.0018
19Laura Hickey11Lyons High School24:10.00--
20Lizzy Gueck11Heritage Christian Academy24:1319
21Brittney Walsh10Highland High School24:14.2020
22Miranda Kortenhoeven12Denver Christian High School24:29.0021
23Sophie Wiener11Dawson School24:30.0022
24Sela Fyffe9Heritage Christian Academy24:40.00--
25Jewel Thomas11Lyons High School24:44.00--
26Ella Pinkert11Denver Academy24:46.0023
27Nami Kaneko11Dawson School24:48.1024
28Meg Feeley11Nederland High School24:50.0025
29Elysia Nitsch9Nederland High School25:16.0026
30Paloma Robles12Dawson School25:30.8027
31Anna Ridilla11Dawson School25:33.9028
32Hope Kincaid11Lyons High School25:34.00--
33Hannah Thomas9Lyons High School26:01.00--
34Alex Sorokach10Nederland High School26:26.0029
35Naomi Bates10Denver Academy26:39.0030
36Amit Sela9Dawson School27:23.2031
37Cara Butler9Heritage Christian Academy27:38.00--
38Quin Ramos12Dawson School27:45.40--
39Rachel Smith-Claudell11Highland High School28:16.0032
40Catherine Darrow10Lyons High School28:42.68--
41Abbie Danielson11Highland High School28:45.0033
42Julia Beattie12Denver Christian High School28:45.834
43Alexandra Greer10Dawson School29:03.00--
44Breck Dunbar9Dawson School29:17.00--
45Rory Angus12Dawson School29:33.00--
46Mikaela Capalby12Denver Christian High School30:21.0035
47Julia Ellerbe12Heritage Christian Academy30:32.78--
48Courtney Carr10Highland High School32:56.20--
49Meagan Figgins9Nederland High School33:11.0036
50Ashley Arnold11Denver Academy34:26.0037

Championship Meet - 9 Teams Team Scores

1Lyons High School17467---
2Heritage Christian Academy2521013---
3Nederland High School311525---
4Highland High School3291112---
5Dawson School4932224---
6Denver Academy71182330---
7Denver Christian High School90213435

Lyons has the driver's seat here, and that status is enhanced by the fact that the fastest course they've run on all year is probably the Doherty course at Bear Creek Park, and that one isn't going to make anyone's top-20 list. Heritage Christian has run Liberty Bell, John Martin, and Loveland Sweetheart. The actual gap, then, betweeen Lyons and HCA is undoubtedly greater than the eight poins shown above. 

The fact that Nederland hasn't seen a lot of times on fast courses this fall would further suggest that HCA might be more busy trying to hold off the Panthers for second than with catching the Lions for first. In any case, the Eagles have some serious cat problems to deal with on Wednesday. And, it may not just be felines. It could involve canines as well. The Highland Huskies are another team with an outside shot at upsetting some applecarts here.

Individually, this league lacks some of the top-end star power it's seen in recent years, but the battle for the individual title should still be a very competitive one. My sense is that it comes down to four: Lucca Fulkerson of Dawson, Leeann Wagner of Heritage Christian, Helen Cross of Nederland, and Georgia Barone of Lyons. 

After a bit of a slower start to her season, Lucca Fulkerson has been picking up steam lately. Helen Cross is one of the rising stars in the 2A ranks. Leeann Wagner has yet to unleash an especially deadly race this season, but she's not someone you want to go to sleep on just the same. Georgia Barone is nothing if not steady at the front of the Lyons pack. 

Helen Cross's 20:16 at Broomfield is the best effort posted by anyone in the league this fall. In my book, that qualifies her as the favorite. If she does take the win, the next three places are kind of up for grabs. And, it's not at all unthinkable that Sarah Davidson finds her way into the top four as well.

You can play around with match-ups between all of these contenders with the MileSplit Compare Athletes tool. I've started you off with a link below to compare Helen Cross and Georgia Barone. If that's not the match-up that intrigues you, then you can change the names to get the match-up you want the deep dive on.

Helen Cross vs. Georgia Barone

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