A Flurry Of League Meets: #4, Continental League

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Rock Canyon has a very real shot here, but it will take big efforts down the line by guys like AJ Bishop to get it done.

I'll go a short distance out on a limb and suggest that this year there just might be more talent in the Continental League meet than any other league meet in the state. You can start with the fact that it's an 11-team league. That's a serious leg up on the competition there. 

And, it's a 5A league (with one exception, but it's a large 4A school). And, the focus of cross country power has been gradually shifting southward in recent years. It's not a slam dunk, but you simply can't leave the Continental League out of the conversation like you could not so many years back.

This year's Continental League meet runs at Polson Ranch. With the exception of a few kids who ran here two or three years ago, that's probably a small advantage of league member teams like Rock Canyon, Chaparral, and Douglas County who competed here at the end of September.

But, those advantages vaporize to not very much at all in a hurry, maybe especially so on a three-loop course.

We'll start with boys this time around. As usual, we'll take a look at a virtual meet (through the top 100 individuals), then discuss what the virtual meet reveals (and sometimes does not reveal) below. 

Here we go...

Championship Meet - 11 Teams

1Chris Theodore12Rock Canyon High School15:23.001
2Easton Allred10Rock Canyon High School15:24.002
3Landon Rast12Legend High School15:34.003
4Carter Dillon12Mountain Vista High School15:36.004
5Parker Mackay12Mountain Vista High School15:58.005
6Derek Fearon10Rock Canyon High School15:59.006
7Caden Foster12Mountain Vista High School16:04.007
8Aj Bishop12Rock Canyon High School16:05.008
9Brock Helvey12Douglas County High School16:05.009
10Ethan Rouse11Mountain Vista High School16:10.0010
11Justin Lund12Mountain Vista High School16:16.0011
12Jack O'Sullivan10Mountain Vista High School16:19.0012
13Cory Kennedy10Heritage High School16:21.0013
14Michael Long12Douglas County High School16:23.0014
15Austin Podhajsky12Legend High School16:25.0015
16Max Tenbraak11Heritage High School16:25.0016
17Luke Schwab12Highlands Ranch High School16:25.4017
18Shayan Zarrin12Mountain Vista High School16:26.0018
19Cameron Beal12Mountain Vista High School16:28.00--
20Brody Dempsey11Mountain Vista High School16:28.00--
21Ian Kelly11Heritage High School16:33.0019
22Nolan Getchell11Legend High School16:35.0020
23Grayson Arstingstall12Chaparral High School16:35.0021
24Wesley Beckham10Rock Canyon High School16:35.0022
25Tyler Watkins11Heritage High School16:37.0023
26Caleb Ream11Chaparral High School16:37.2024
27Andrew Wisniewski11Highlands Ranch High School16:37.2025
28Jared Wright10Castle View High School16:45.0026
29Seth Rouse10Mountain Vista High School16:45.00--
30Edward Rush10Castle View High School16:46.0027
31Ryan Johnson11Legend High School16:48.0028
32Jenson Zaugg10Chaparral High School16:49.0029
33Jace Owen11Legend High School16:49.4030
34Florenzo Bauer12Regis Jesuit16:54.0031
35Josh Welo11Chaparral High School16:54.2032
36Sean Vegely12ThunderRidge High School16:55.0033
37Simeon Ehm10Heritage High School16:55.0034
38Mark Weiss12Douglas County High School16:55.0035
39Grant Bauer11Highlands Ranch High School16:57.3036
40Brian Shockley12Mountain Vista High School16:59.00--
41Austin Layne12Regis Jesuit17:01.0037
42Caleb Jaramillo10Rock Canyon High School17:02.0038
43Owen Buehler10Regis Jesuit17:02.0039
44Carter Struhs11Chaparral High School17:06.7040
45George Maldonado III9Chaparral High School17:10.2041
46Aidan Scott10Castle View High School17:12.0042
47Keeton Lentz11Castle View High School17:16.0043
48Jadin Fleming12Castle View High School17:16.0044
49Saket Mereddy12Rock Canyon High School17:18.0045
50Aaron Hart11Mountain Vista High School17:18.00--
51Jensen Baade11Mountain Vista High School17:18.00--
52Bennett Atencio12Highlands Ranch High School17:19.0046
53Connor Baty9Castle View High School17:20.0047
54Santiago Montano11Mountain Vista High School17:20.00--
55Matthew Lobojko9Highlands Ranch High School17:22.7048
56Ben Sprague11ThunderRidge High School17:23.2049
57Brody Deacon12Highlands Ranch High School17:24.9050
58Devin Ocana12Legend High School17:25.0051
59Dylan Lawson10ThunderRidge High School17:27.2052
60William Merrick9Castle View High School17:28.0053
61Harrison Witt9Mountain Vista High School17:28.00--
62Peter Allgeier12Regis Jesuit17:30.0054
63Brendan Anderson12Legend High School17:31.0055
64Luke Rohlwing11Legend High School17:32.00--
65Ryan Damour12ThunderRidge High School17:32.0056
66Trevor Fearon10Rock Canyon High School17:33.00--
67Sidhant Arora12ThunderRidge High School17:33.5057
68Andrew Moenster9Rock Canyon High School17:34.00--
69Kyle Boe9Mountain Vista High School17:34.00--
70Brian Ma11Mountain Vista High School17:34.00--
71Christopher Long11Regis Jesuit17:35.0058
72Sheldon Hafner12Mountain Vista High School17:35.00--
73Ben Geisler12Mountain Vista High School17:35.00--
74Matthew Wisniewski11Highlands Ranch High School17:35.3059
75Rhys Arstingstall11Chaparral High School17:35.5060
76Carson Timmons10Rock Canyon High School17:36.00--
77Davis Helmerich10Mountain Vista High School17:38.00--
78Dominic Gonzales12Douglas County High School17:40.0061
79Kevin Hock11Heritage High School17:40.0062
80Matthew Collins9Regis Jesuit17:41.0063
81Thomas Beatty10Regis Jesuit17:42.1064
82Thomas Alley9Chaparral High School17:42.90--
83Issac Dekeyrel11Castle View High School17:43.00--
84Jadon Bennick11Legend High School17:44.00--
85Chase Seebohar11ThunderRidge High School17:46.0065
86Conner Withers9Castle View High School17:46.00--
87Joseph Aluise11Highlands Ranch High School17:46.20--
88Eric Lopushansky11Mountain Vista High School17:49.00--
89Samuel Hilsden9Highlands Ranch High School17:49.30--
90Alex Bauchat12ThunderRidge High School17:50.2066
91Chris Skluzak10ThunderRidge High School17:51.30--
92Hal Fotinos9Castle View High School17:52.00--
93Hunter Elliott11Mountain Vista High School17:53.00--
94River Robinson10ThunderRidge High School17:54.00--
95Jarrod Holt12Heritage High School17:54.0067
96Jace Stubbs9Chaparral High School17:56.30--
97Ethan Brown12Castle View High School18:00.00--
98Tyler Christians11Douglas County High School18:01.0068
99Jeter McCrary10Castle View High School18:01.00--
100Jack Frado10Legend High School18:02.00--

Championship Meet - 11 Teams Team Scores

1Mountain Vista High School374571011--
2Rock Canyon High School39126822--
3Legend High School96315202830--
4Heritage High School1051316192334--
5Chaparral High School1462124293240--
6Highlands Ranch High School1721725364648--
7Castle View High School1822627424344--
8Douglas County High School187914356168--
9Regis Jesuit2193137395458--
10ThunderRidge High School2473349525657--
11Ponderosa High School3657172737475--

To nobody's surprise, the virtual meet yields a near dead-heat between Mountain Vista and Rock Canyon. Legend and Heritage are rather solidly ensconced in positions 3 and 4. And there a good, solid teams right on down the line. 

Nobody in this league has threated Mountain Vista and Rock Canyon all season long. It's difficult to believe that it starts on Wednesday. 

Mountain Vista has a history of not running their regular varsity types every week, but they have an even longer history of loading up for the league meet. Figure the latter tendency trumps the former this time around. Look for Mountain Vista to be ready to rumble.

Rock Canyon doesn't take as many weeks off as Mountain Vista, and there's no obvious reason to think they don't join the fight here. 

You could be forgiven, however, for wondering if these teams will be going for the jugular against each other for each of the next three weeks. We'll see what happens there.

Behind the two juggernauts, Legend, Heritage, and Chaparral have had nice seasons. Next week is important to all three and nobody wants to stumble before getting to State. There's some premium then on having a good, confidence-boosting showing here on Wednesday.

It's not out of the question, but it will be an uphill climb for any of the other league member schools to advance to State. Those with hopes alive want to give themselves something to build on for next week at this meet.

Individually, this really does seem to come down between Easton Allred and Chris Theodore, though not necessarily in that order.

It gets a lot more interesting when you start thinking about top ten. Landon Rast, Carter Dillon, Parker Mackay, Derek Fearon, and several more are all good candidates for those positions.

You can take a look at the history of all these match-ups using the MileSplit Compare Athletes tool. I've started you off here with a comparison of Carter Dillon vs. Chris Theodore. You can change names, play around, and do the rest.

Carter Dillon vs. Chris Theodore

And, of course, when Mountain Vista comes to the league meet, they come there with more than the varsity team title in view. They aim for a sweep of all three races. There probably isn't much standing in their way right now.

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