A Flurry Of League Meets: #5, The Centennial League

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Chloe Cortes is one of the ones Grandview will be counting on the come through for the team to claim the Centennial League title.

Traditionally contested at DeKoevend Park, this year's Centennial League meet revisits the Cherry Creek High School home course at Cherry Creek State Park. The Cherry Creek State Park course is reasonably fast, but probably not as fast as the course traditionally used at DeKoevend Park. 

It's an eight-team meet, which doesn't sound like a lot, but the Centennial League manages to pack a lot of hard-edged competition into the six races that make up their league meet.

And, Colorado Track XC will be sending Jeff Bliven there to cover the action and bring it back to you.

The remainder of this first page of the meet preview article will be given over to a virtual meet for the girls (showing through the top 100 individuals) half of the Centennial League and, below that, a discussion of the most likely prospects and possibilities for the outcome of the league meet. Then, we'll do the same for the boys on the next page.

Championship Meet - 8 Teams

1Caitlin McConnell11Cherokee Trail High School18:16.301
2Kaitlyn Mercer11Grandview High School18:18.002
3Victoria Hall10Cherry Creek High School18:34.003
4Tarikwa Woldemariam10Cherokee Trail High School19:06.504
5Morgan Conn12Arapahoe High School19:10.005
6Adeline Wilson11Cherokee Trail High School19:15.506
7Soonhee Han10Cherokee Trail High School19:15.607
8Campbell Faust9Cherokee Trail High School19:16.808
9Jessica Brookie12Cherokee Trail High School19:16.809
10Erin Smith10Cherry Creek High School19:20.0010
11Kira MacGill10Arapahoe High School19:26.0011
12Kyra Stevenson11Cherokee Trail High School19:28.5012
13Chloe Cortes12Grandview High School19:35.0013
14Isabel Anema12Cherry Creek High School19:42.0014
15Caroline Robbins12Grandview High School19:44.0015
16Denika Hallin11Grandview High School19:49.0016
17Lauren Lapporte10Cherry Creek High School19:52.0017
18Natalie Keller10Cherry Creek High School19:52.0018
19Ryan Olsen12Cherokee Trail High School19:58.90--
20Anna Swanson10Grandview High School19:59.0019
21Elizabeth Lapporte10Cherry Creek High School20:04.0020
22Madison Gibson10Cherokee Trail High School20:09.50--
23Amelia Johannes11Smoky Hill High School20:10.0021
24Abby Snogren9Cherokee Trail High School20:25.70--
25Maggie Goeglein9Cherry Creek High School20:29.0022
26Paige Foa9Arapahoe High School20:42.0023
27Elyse Bartelmey12Cherokee Trail High School20:47.10--
28Alexis Linhardt12Cherokee Trail High School20:47.20--
29Madison Wainscoat10Mullen High School20:52.5024
30Emily Martenson10Grandview High School21:03.0025
31Lindsey Parungo11Arapahoe High School21:05.0026
32Olivia Williams11Eaglecrest High School21:06.0027
33Lauren Banko12Mullen High School21:10.4028
34Rylee Aksamit10Arapahoe High School21:15.0029
35Halie Lewis10Eaglecrest High School21:16.0030
36Faith Lind11Eaglecrest High School21:16.0031
37Jana Van Gytenbeek10Cherry Creek High School21:18.00--
38Ava Eberly9Arapahoe High School21:19.0032
39Lizzie Blaschke10Mullen High School21:22.1033
40Erin Ellington12Grandview High School21:24.0034
41Mahalia Thomas11Smoky Hill High School21:26.0035
42Elizabeth Thomas12Cherokee Trail High School21:28.90--
43Mirielle Griffin9Arapahoe High School21:30.0036
44Kelly Waugh12Arapahoe High School21:43.00--
45Liza Colter9Cherry Creek High School21:43.00--
46Eleana Welsh11Grandview High School21:44.00--
47Halle Wist9Cherry Creek High School21:44.00--
48Emily Gerlach10Cherokee Trail High School21:44.00--
49Pria Zaveri9Arapahoe High School21:45.00--
50Haven Yeager9Cherry Creek High School21:50.00--
51Megan Hodges9Cherokee Trail High School21:50.70--
52Joanna O'Connell11Overland High School21:55.0037
53Lauren Hodges9Cherokee Trail High School21:55.70--
54Samantha Hotz10Cherry Creek High School21:58.00--
55Morgan Atwell11Mullen High School21:58.0038
56Hunter Jones10Arapahoe High School21:59.00--
57Murielle Hecomovich10Arapahoe High School21:59.00--
58Chloe Inhelder10Grandview High School22:01.00--
59Emily Llamas11Eaglecrest High School22:03.0039
60Corinne Leonard12Arapahoe High School22:05.00--
61Riley Morris9Cherry Creek High School22:06.00--
62Elise Bialecki9Mullen High School22:07.1040
63Megan Sandy10Mullen High School22:07.6041
64Angela Na11Grandview High School22:09.00--
65Carlee Clifford11Arapahoe High School22:13.00--
66Annie Baker11Arapahoe High School22:16.00--
67Anna Seaman9Mullen High School22:16.0042
68Juli Yanai11Arapahoe High School22:17.00--
69Katelyn Banks9Arapahoe High School22:18.00--
70Emery Highsmith10Arapahoe High School22:18.00--
71Alyssa Kimes9Cherokee Trail High School22:18.00--
72Natie Selenke12Eaglecrest High School22:18.0043
73Naomi deRidder9Arapahoe High School22:19.00--
74Emily Deline10Mullen High School22:20.00--
75Ava Baker9Mullen High School22:22.00--
76Anna McCollister12Arapahoe High School22:25.00--
77Danielle Ashton10Arapahoe High School22:27.00--
78Tatiana Rivera11Eaglecrest High School22:28.0044
79Laney Dugan10Mullen High School22:33.00--
80Kyndall Hadley12Smoky Hill High School22:34.0045
81Fiona Hiland10Eaglecrest High School22:35.0046
82Ainsley Mcgowan11Cherokee Trail High School22:37.00--
83Kate Rowland10Overland High School22:37.0047
84Allison Darling10Arapahoe High School22:43.00--
85Hannah Yoon10Cherokee Trail High School22:45.50--
86Riley Martin10Cherry Creek High School22:48.00--
87Alyssa Hoffman10Cherokee Trail High School22:52.00--
88Molly Cutter12Cherry Creek High School22:52.00--
89Jessica Cleary12Mullen High School22:52.00--
90Allyson Phillips11Cherokee Trail High School22:52.80--
91Anika Rosengarten10Mullen High School22:54.00--
92Anastasia Dinescu10Cherokee Trail High School22:54.00--
93Asha Patt11Cherry Creek High School22:57.00--
94Katie Franklin12Arapahoe High School22:58.00--
95Logan Christianson9Cherry Creek High School22:58.00--
96Skylar Farrell11Cherry Creek High School23:02.00--
97Jadelyn Rice11Grandview High School23:03.00--
98Mandy Brockamp9Grandview High School23:11.00--
99Emily Hunter12Eaglecrest High School23:12.00--
100Lindsey Torgerson11Grandview High School23:15.00--

Championship Meet - 8 Teams Team Scores

1Cherokee Trail High School2614678--
2Cherry Creek High School62310141718--
3Grandview High School65213151619--
4Arapahoe High School94511232629--
5Mullen High School1632428333840--
6Eaglecrest High School1702730313943--
7Smoky Hill High School1992135454850--
8Overland High School2393747495254--

Cherokee Trail is probably not the kind of favorite this virtual meet shows. Both Cherokee Trail and Cherry Creek get a little performance boost in a virtual meet owing to having run at Desert Twilight this year.

That's not to say Cherokee Trail is out of the title hunt, only that things here are not necessarily as they appear.

If you back me into a corner, my hunch is the Grandview is the girls team to beat here. But, it's also true that Cherokee Trail and Cherry Creek have been getting better as the season goes on and this meet may be a good deal more interesting than it would have been a month ago. 

We will find out on Thursday who has momentum in their corner. If I'm not mistaken, this would be a first girls league title for either Grandview or Cherokee Trail if either team wins.

And, before we depart the team battle discussion, it's worth noting that Arapahoe at least rates as a dark horse possibility here. But, it will take a very special outing for the Warriors to come out on top.

Individually, Caitlin McConnell comes in with the top time, but that's a Desert Twilight time and her next best effort is 32 seconds back of that 18:16. So, McConnell figures in the hunt, but Kaitlyn Mercer has earned the status of favorite here. Victoria Hall has been racing well of late and figures to have an outside shot as well. 

If you'd like to know the history of the match-ups between these three runners, the MileSplit Compare Athletes feature summarizes all of that (and a little more!) for you in a hurry:

McConnell vs. Mercer

Mercer vs. Hall

Hall vs. McConnell

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