A Flurry Of League Meets: #7, Eric Wolff

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Megan Greenly may be your strongest candidate for the girls individual title at Friday's Eric Wolff.

"But," you protest, "the Eric Wolff is an invitational. It's not a league meet!"

Your protest is both right and wrong; it's a little of both. An invitational and two league meets all rolled into one. Fortunately, for those who run there, it's only one race scored multiple ways. Otherwise, it would be a tough decision, "Do I save a little for the league race or do I lay it all on the line for the invitational where there are more teams competing?"

In this case, the leagues are the Southern Peaks (Lake City, Center, Antonito, Del Norte, Moffat, Centennial, and Sargent) and the Intermountain (Montezuma-Cortez, Bayfield, Pagosa Springs, Alamosa, Monte Vista, and Centauri). But, we need to dangle a few qualifiers on the Intermountain League part of the meet. Bayfield and Montezuma-Cortez didn't submit entries, so I infer they're not coming. Monte Vista doesn't do high school cross country, so they're definitely not coming--even though the trip would be very short for them. I'm left to wonder if the IML isn't doing a league meet or if it got done earlier in the season when I wasn't looking.

The other schools (Gunnison, Custer County, Cripple Creek-Victor, Dolores, Rye, and Salida) come for the sheer thrill of racing cross country in Monte Vista's Chapman Park. Not all of the aforementioned teams are bringing full varsity squads. And among those that are bringing full varsity squads, not all meet the requirements for having a scoring team. 

I will not, however, try to separate out leagues for this meet preview. For the purposes of this article, I'll be looking at the bigger invitational picture. The rest of this page is devoted to the girls side of the meet. The next page will take the boys into view.

Inasmuch as Salida and Alamosa are leaving their varsity regulars in civvies this weekend, I pulled those individuals out of the virtual meet, leaving us with this to score:

Championship Meet - 18 Teams

1Lizzie Valentine9Centauri High School20:54.401
2Megan Greenly9Pagosa Springs High School21:07.002
3Aulea Rollins9Gunnison High School21:143
4Ivy Pelletier9Gunnison High School21:15.004
5Brenna McDaniel9Centauri High School21:30.455
6Emma Heidelmeier10Pagosa Springs High School21:31.006
7Camille Ruggles12Center High School21:39.1--
8Emilee Haefeli12Del Norte High School21:52--
9Bria Rickert10Gunnison High School21:547
10Shelby Cronon10Pagosa Springs High School21:57.008
11Sarah Ross10Pagosa Springs High School21:589
12Raechel Lopez9Rye High School22:01.0010
13Annelise Pelletier11Gunnison High School22:05.4011
14Celia Taylor10Pagosa Springs High School22:10.3912
15Kelcee Coombs9Centauri High School22:13.0613
16Sariaha Lopez9Alamosa High School22:18.0414
17Kendra Sears10Sargent High School22:30.32--
18Miranda Hall12Lake City Community School22:37.03--
19Annabelle Bowles11Pagosa Springs High School22:45.0415
20Haylee Morgan11Alamosa High School22:49.3816
21Rachel Sucharski11Alamosa High School22:49.6117
22Cheyenne Brock11Alamosa High School22:54.2618
23Dolores Estrada10Center High School22:59.82--
24Mariah Ruybal11Centauri High School23:13.0119
25Elise Mishmash10Salida High School23:19.8420
26Leah Weak11Gunnison High School23:21.0021
27Joslyn Hays10Gunnison High School23:28.7022
28Makayla Rodriguez12Rye High School23:35.4023
29Esperenza Antonarez11Gunnison High School23:39.0024
30Hannah Mueller12Gunnison High School23:43.50--
31Olivia Keitz11Bayfield High School23:43.89--
32Kali Wiggin12Gunnison High School23:57.00--
33Kendra Parra10Del Norte High School24:00.00--
34Faith Paquette9Rye High School24:01.8825
35Anita Ulmala11Centauri High School24:29.3826
36Kaela Earhart10Salida High School24:38.0027
37Susan Wadsworth12Salida High School24:51.0028
38Nina Veazey11Salida High School24:53.0029
39Lindsey Muniz11Rye High School24:54.0030
40Grace Johnson9Salida High School24:57.0031
41Taleah Hauger11Pagosa Springs High School24:57.1432
42Jillian Mann11Salida High School25:13.0033
43Maria Flores12Centauri High School25:18.4234
44Kathryn Edgington11Salida High School25:24.0035
45Yasmeen Diego12Antonito High School25:28.2136
46Lauren Maroney10Rye High School25:34.0037
47Grace Thompson11Pagosa Springs High School25:38.94--
48Sarah Ruybal11Bayfield High School25:49.25--
49Halie Severs11Pagosa Springs High School25:51.00--
50Hailey Griego10Pagosa Springs High School25:53.75--
51Annika Cortright12Sargent High School26:02.14--
52Clara Schulte11Gunnison High School26:07.00--
53Emily Peterson10Rye High School26:15.0038
54Inez Herrera10Alamosa High School26:16.2739
55Ivory Carpenter9Pagosa Springs High School26:38.00--
56Katie Richardson12Rye High School26:49.0840
57Emily Reed11Centauri High School26:52.0041
58Peyton Khung9Pagosa Springs High School26:54.00--
59Katriel Davies11Pagosa Springs High School27:08.00--
60Sophia Raymond9Pagosa Springs High School27:10.68--
61Joslyn Garcia12Antonito High School27:15.7942
62Erykah Tallman12Antonito High School27:19.7443
63Yesenia Rosales10Del Norte High School27:35.00--
64Betsy Zeller11Custer County High School27:50.00--
65Laura Moifitt10Moffat High School28:39.70--
66Aubrie Metz10Pagosa Springs High School28:49.00--
67Mylee Sanders11Bayfield High School28:59.12--
68Rebecca Lopez9Rye High School29:23.00--
69Nicole Gonzalez11Alamosa High School29:30.2044
70Lauren Manzanares9Alamosa High School30:04.0045
71Lola Estrada13Center High School30:13.70--
72Kylie Keuning9Pagosa Springs High School30:26.15--
73Eva Kirkland9Rye High School30:36.69--
74Megan Foster10Pagosa Springs High School31:28.94--
75Brandie Martinez12Antonito High School34:26.0646
76Marian Naranjo11Antonito High School37:07.4247
77Kerrissa Romero11Antonito High School42:15.2748

Championship Meet - 18 Teams Team Scores

1Pagosa Springs High School37268912--
2Gunnison High School463471121--
3Centauri High School6415131926--
4Alamosa High School1041416171839--
5Rye High School1251023253037--
6Salida High School1352027282931--
7Antonito High School2143642434647--
--Lake City Community SchoolNTS
--Custer County High SchoolNTS
--Moffat High SchoolNTS
--Sargent High SchoolNTS
--Center High SchoolNTS
--Del Norte High SchoolNTS
--Bayfield High SchoolNTS

As you can see, with the Alamosa and Salida usual varsity types removed, the look of this meet gets a lot different in a hurry. The front of the pack figures to be densely populated with freshmen. And, it figures to come down between Gunnison and Pagosa Springs for the team title, though it's not out of the question that Centauri has some say-so there as well. 

Centauri freshman Lizzie Valentine brings in the top time, but Megan Greenly finished ahead of Valentine two weeks ago at the Pagosa Springs home invitational. Greenly also finished ahead of Valentine at Joe Vigil, Southwest Sunset, and Lake County. So, we'll give Greenly the nod as favorite here, but she might want to check over her shoulder on a turn or two (there are plenty at Chapman Park) to see where Valentine is. Valentine could be getting weary of the bit about finishing behind Greenly.

The Gunnison duo of Aulea Rollins and Ivy Pelletier could play a crucial role here as well. Gunnison hasn't exactly been stalking the fastest courses in the state this fall, and this pair may be better than the virtual meet is giving them credit for. One thing is almost certain here: somebody will pick up her first high school win at this meet.

Since the four we've identified as individual favorites are all freshmen, there's not a lot of side-by-side comparison to draw on here. But, if you want to investigate further what there is, here is the Greenly vs. Valentine comparison. 

Megan Greenly vs. Lizzie Valentine

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