Regional Forecasts: 3A Region 5

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David Fine takes favorite status into Friday's 3A Region 5 meet, and his team will be trying to make it a party of seven at State.

Although the regional meet is held in Arvada, in the northwest Denver metro area, most of the teams will be coming from points southward. That, however, probably doesn't change nearly as much as the fact the the regional meet will be contested over nearly perfectly flat terrain. This one will be all about speed and very little about strength.

We'll start with the boys and then move to the girls.

3A Region 5 Boys

1SkyView Academy (CO)43
1) Tyler Scholl16:25.003
2) Jimmy Scavuzzo16:35.004
3) Ryan Butler16:52.006
4) Jordon Wilson17:05.008
5) Tristan Lee18:05.0022
Average Time: 17:00.40 Total Time: 1:25:02.00 1-5 Split: 1:40.00
6) Jason Vasquez18:38.0034
7) Zach Zimmer18:40.0036
2D'Evelyn High School (CO)61
1) Lucas Jordan16:08.002
2) Grant Norman17:16.0011
3) Hunter Byram17:17.0012
4) Nate Macdonald17:24.0013
5) Connor Humiston18:06.0023
Average Time: 17:14.20 Total Time: 1:26:11.00 1-5 Split: 1:58.00
6) Caleb Feagans18:34.0033
7) Sam Meiser18:59.0043
3Conifer High School (CO)80
1) Ryan Roberts17:04.007
2) Will Toppin17:29.0016
3) Gabriel Elson17:30.6017
4) Sean Sands17:33.8019
5) Elias Born17:52.0021
Average Time: 17:29.88 Total Time: 1:27:29.40 1-5 Split: 48.00
6) Sean Crosby18:21.4027
7) Adam Westfall18:28.2030
4Elizabeth High School (CO)108
1) David Fine15:54.801
2) James Finken17:29.0015
3) Braydon Campbell18:13.1025
4) William Erzen18:24.0028
5) Caden Frasl18:48.0039
Average Time: 17:45.78 Total Time: 1:28:48.90 1-5 Split: 2:53.20
6) John Flipse18:52.0040
7) David Lee19:20.7753
5Colorado Academy (CO)133
1) Brady Anderson17:05.009
2) Walt Jones17:13.0010
3) Avery Lin17:36.0020
4) Enzo Pellegrini18:57.0042
5) Evan Rumsfeld19:19.0052
Average Time: 18:02.00 Total Time: 1:30:10.00 1-5 Split: 2:14.00
6) Jonathan Fossel19:24.0054
7) Wyatt Spruell19:37.0060
6Lutheran High School (CO)173
1) David Desimone17:31.0018
2) Yosheab Beyene18:18.0026
3) Eric Winkler18:40.0037
4) Trenton Sorensen19:01.0044
5) Ty Schauer19:17.0048
Average Time: 18:33.40 Total Time: 1:32:47.00 1-5 Split: 1:46.00
6) Joshua Bujarski19:19.0051
7) Noah Kelly19:53.0063
7KIPP Denver Collegiate (CO)183
1) Ahmed Sado16:50.005
2) Yasin Sado17:25.0014
3) Tien Vu19:05.0045
4) Bryan Torres19:33.0058
5) Edward Velarde19:43.0061
Average Time: 18:31.20 Total Time: 1:32:36.00 1-5 Split: 2:53.00
6) Steven Hernandez21:02.0071
7) Luis Sosa21:32.0072
8Machebeuf (Bishop) High School (CO)195
1) Jack Staib18:07.0024
2) Kyle Vestecka18:26.0029
3) Philip Joseph18:29.0031
4) Joseph Ritzer19:28.0055
5) Erasmo Medina19:30.0056
Average Time: 18:48.00 Total Time: 1:34:00.00 1-5 Split: 1:23.00
6) Esteban Sierra19:49.0062
7) Joe Caldwell19:58.0064
9Englewood High School (CO)226
1) Trevor Fama18:38.0035
2) John Altenhofen18:42.0038
3) Dustin Trevino18:54.0041
4) grant webster19:06.0046
5) Chance Coupe20:15.0066
Average Time: 19:07.00 Total Time: 1:35:35.00 1-5 Split: 1:37.00
6) Dylan Carpenter20:57.0070
7) Ethan Cuenca22:41.0074
10Kent Denver School (CO)247
1) Jonathan Bennett18:33.1032
2) Max Lewis19:18.0049
3) Daniel Chao19:18.6050
4) Gavin Rolls19:32.0057
5) Charlie Wilkinson19:33.5059
Average Time: 19:15.04 Total Time: 1:36:15.20 1-5 Split: 1:00.40
6) Alex Oro20:18.0067
7) Eliot Hodges20:50.4069
11Platte Canyon High School (CO)328
1) Tim Long19:16.1047
2) David Stalter19:59.2065
3) Rilee Haberman20:25.3068
4) Joseph Melero22:33.9073
5) Jackson Seidler25:09.3075
Average Time: 21:28.76 Total Time: 1:47:23.80 1-5 Split: 5:53.20
6) Jeremiah Peirce26:04.0076

It's fair to go with SkyView Academy as the regional favorite here, and the virtual meet probably has about the right margin over D'Evelyn as a starting point for conversation. That doesn't mean it ends up that way, and a lot of factors can impact the final margin, but SkyView Academy gets the nod here as the clear top team coming in.

D'Evelyn gets the nod as a near-certain state qualifier. And, behind them, Conifer looks well-established for State as well. Conifer comes off a recent dominating performance at the Colorado 7 League meet (which was neatly folded into the Windjammer Invitational).

Elizabeth is a legitimate favorite for the fourth and final slot, but their margin over fifth-place Colorado Academy isn't so large that they can afford any complacency. And, Colorado Academy has plenty to show up and run for on Friday.

David Fine takes a bow as the regional individual favorite. Tyler Scholl and Lucas Jordan are solid bets to round out the top three.

Individual qualifiers figure to be scarce. Between David Fine, Conifer, D'Evelyn, and SkyView Academy, there won't be many top 15 slots left.

Your four best shots at making the cut are Ahmed and Yasin Sado of KIPP Denver Collegiage and Brady Anderson and Walt Jones of Colorado Academy. Ahmed Sado is, by far, the closest to a lock on an individual qualifier in this group.

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