5A State Previews

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Charlie Perry, not much heard from of late, reminded a few folks of what's he's capable of at 5A Region 3.

We conclude the set of state cross country previews with 5A. We'll begin this time with boys.

5A Boys Preview

Top Teams in the Hunt: Mountain Vista, Rock Canyon, Rampart, Dakota Ridge, Monarch

What Does Each Team Need?

Mountain Vista - After back-to-back weeks of domination, Mountain Vista mostly just needs to keep the momentum rolling. Parker Mackay is back running lights out, and right on the heels of Carter Dillon. Mountain Vista goes ridiculously deep, and certainly deep to score five very nicely. But, if any of the top five don't have an on day, six and seven can cover for them nicely. The scenarios where Mountain Vista doesn't win would seem to mostly involve them beating themselves, and that doesn't seem too terribly likely. This team in hungry to bring it back.

Rock Canyon - If cross country was scored only two deep, Rock Canyon would be prohibitive favorites to win the state title. Chris Theodore and Easton Allred make for a devastating 1-2. But, Mountain Vista has been able to pack things in mostly between Rock Canyon's 2 and 4. To win, Rock Canyon needs a massive movement at 3, 4, and 5. That should be Derek Fearon, AJ Bishop, and Wesley Beckham.

Rampart - Unlike some previous years where Rampart seemed to run out of gas toward the end of this season, this year's edition of Rams continues to build steam. Rampart needs all five of Connor McCabe, Afeworki Zeru, Jacob Dewey, Ben Conlin, and Sadio Fenner--in no particular order--to be on. Rampart very nearly overtook Rock Canyon at the regional meet. This team should be ready to pounce on any break that turns their way.

Dakota Ridge - Like Rampart, DR has gotten better all season long. Connor Ohlson and Austin Vancil have been knocking things out up front, and Mark Testa has been moving up steadily behind them. As with Rampart, DR needs all five to be high in the order and close together. If that happens, miracles just might start raining down.

Monarch - Until regionals, we hadn't heard much from Monarch--or at least not the full Monarch squad--for a while. At regionals, Monarch reminded all that they're not ready to be taken lightly. Monarch rode a 1-2 from Charlie Perry and William Dixon to an easy regional crown. It appears the Coyotes, too, are primed for a run--and maybe a bit better rested up than the other teams on this list. In this field, though, Monarch's 3-4-5 must produce in a big way. 

Individual Analysis

You probably won't go too far wrong by picking someone in black, white, and gold to win this thing. Black shorts. While singlet with black and gold lettering. Unless someone comes out in alternate singlets for State, that should narrow it down to Charlie Perry, Chris Theodore, and Easton Allred. To my thinking, it's about a 80% chance one of these three wins it, and a good chance the group goes 1-2-3.

Others in the hunt, though against longer odds, include Carter Dillon, Connor McCabe, William Dixon, Vancil and Ohlson, Mason Brown, Harrison Scudamore, and Michael Mooney.

Scudamore is definitely one to watch here, and maybe the best bet in the latter group. Scudamore spent some time racing out-of-state this fall and might not be completely familiar to the others in the top group on account of that. Of course, that knife cuts two ways. 

In any case, it should be a very good battle of attrition to the finish--among the best we've seen in quite a while. It's doubtful here anyone can simply run away from the rest.

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