Colorado State XC 2017: Boys Power Merge (corrected)

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The top 4A boys teams show well in a power merge, right behind the top three 5A boys teams.

NOTE: The original version of this article mistakenly omitted Legend from the power merge. That has now been corrected.

The idea of a power merge is to reduce to field of a meet merge to a plausible size. In doing this, the scoring penalty on a comparatively slow 5th runner (or 4th runner, etc.) is more in line with what it would be in a typical meet. 

To create a power merge, you look for a natural break in the scoring at somewhere around 20 teams, eliminate the rest of the teams, and rescore the meet. Typically, this results in a fair bit of shifting from the full meet merge.

Here's what we get when we do that with the results from today's state meet with the boys results. This page will show the individual results and the next page the team scoring for the top 21 teams. 

Power Merge Individual Results

1Charlie Perry2018Monarch High School15:36.80 1
2Chris Theodore2018Rock Canyon High School15:42.10 2
3Austin Vancil2019Dakota Ridge High School15:46.10 3
4Carter Dillon2018Mountain Vista High School15:51.10 4
5Brock Dykema2018Silver Creek High School15:56.40 5
6Easton Allred2020Rock Canyon High School15:56.50 6
7Mason Norman2020Classical Academy, The15:56.70 7
8Cal Banta2019Air Academy High School15:58.80 8
9James Lee2018Silver Creek High School15:58.90 9
10Ryan Matson2018Palmer Ridge High School15:59.20 10
11William Dixon2018Monarch High School16:01.60 11
12Thomas Chaston2018Cheyenne Mountain High School16:02.10 12
13Shayan Zarrin2018Mountain Vista High School16:02.90 13
14Dillon Powell2019Air Academy High School16:04.00 14
15Connor McCabe2018Rampart High School16:04.40 15
16Connor Ohlson2020Dakota Ridge High School16:04.50 16
17Isaac Russo2018Monarch High School16:04.90 17
18John O'Malley2018Centaurus High School16:05.80 18
19Parker Mackay2018Mountain Vista High School16:14.60 19
20Ares Reading2019Niwot High School16:14.90 20
21Caden Foster2018Mountain Vista High School16:15.70 21
22Afeworki Zeru2018Rampart High School16:16.10 22
23Ethan Rouse2019Mountain Vista High School16:16.50 23
24Jack O'Sullivan2020Mountain Vista High School16:21.20 24
25Jack Shore2018Fort Collins High School16:21.90 25
26Jacob Dewey2018Rampart High School16:22.10 26
27Blake Hubert2018Fossil Ridge High School16:22.30 27
28Kieran Nay2018Palmer Ridge High School16:23.40 28
29Aj Bishop2018Rock Canyon High School16:26.70 29
30Cooper Brown2019Centaurus High School16:28.10 30.5
30Tyler Scholl2019SkyView Academy16:28.10 30.5
32Maxwell Herebic2018Palmer Ridge High School16:28.20 32
33Jonathan Woolf2018Palmer Ridge High School16:28.30 33
34Wesley Beckham2020Rock Canyon High School16:29.40 34
35Alex Hooten2018Centaurus High School16:30.00 35
36Noah Bodewes2019Durango High School16:30.10 36
37Derek Fearon2020Rock Canyon High School16:30.40 37
38Eliott Cassidy2018Silver Creek High School16:30.70 38
39Landon Rast2018Legend High School16:31.70 39
40Matt Hubert2018Fossil Ridge High School16:31.80 40
41Ben Conlin2021Rampart High School16:31.90 41
42Joshua Krafsur2018Fort Collins High School16:32.20 42
43Ryan Moen2018Classical Academy, The16:32.30 43
44Jimmy Scavuzzo2018SkyView Academy16:32.70 44
45Justin Lund2018Mountain Vista High School16:33.90 45
46Torey Puckett2019Centaurus High School16:35.40 46
47Logan Simington2018Silver Creek High School16:35.80 47
48Aidan Fitzgerald2019Durango High School16:37.00 48
49Sadio Fenner2018Rampart High School16:37.20 49
50Luke Thurman2018Air Academy High School16:37.30 50
51James Gregory2020Fort Collins High School16:38.00 51
52Brandon Hippe2019Palmer Ridge High School16:38.20 52
53Benjamin Bi2019Niwot High School16:38.40 53
54Orion Pipersky2019Boulder High School16:39.20 54
55Grayson Arstingstall2018Chaparral High School16:41.60 55
56Ian Kelly2019Heritage High School16:42.20 56
57Canaan Lamberth2018Classical Academy, The16:43.80 57
58Cory Kennedy2020Heritage High School16:44.00 58
59Jack Volf2019Niwot High School16:44.70 59
60Nolan Getchell2019Legend High School16:44.90 60
61Chris Lyders2018Monarch High School16:45.30 61
62Ryan Johnson2019Legend High School16:45.40 62
63Caleb Hardy2019Boulder High School16:45.70 63
64Caleb Randolph2018Grandview High School16:45.80 64
65Ben Morrin2020Dakota Ridge High School16:46.00 65
66Joseph Dicke2018Discovery Canyon High School16:46.40 66
67Mark Testa2018Dakota Ridge High School16:46.50 67
68Lukas Haug2021Boulder High School16:47.40 68
69Caleb Ream2019Chaparral High School16:47.90 69
70Riley Abrashoff2019Dakota Ridge High School16:48.30 70
71Carson Williams2020Boulder High School16:48.60 71
72Oskar Wells2018Niwot High School16:48.70 72
73Matthew Fox2018Grandview High School16:48.90 73
74Nick Shampoe2018Discovery Canyon High School16:49.60 74
75Logan Moore2020Durango High School16:50.30 75
76Josh Welo2019Chaparral High School16:51.40 76
77Drew Vidano2018Palmer Ridge High School16:52.10 77
78Carter Struhs2019Chaparral High School16:52.50 78
79Ben Piegat2020Dakota Ridge High School16:52.80 79
80James Overberg2021Centaurus High School16:54.10 80
81Walker Rudolph2018Cheyenne Mountain High School16:54.40 81
82Ryne Johnson2018Cheyenne Mountain High School16:54.80 82
83Cruz Culpepper2020Niwot High School16:55.20 83
84Max Tenbraak2019Heritage High School16:57.00 84
85Jordan Craig2018Grandview High School16:57.40 85.5
85Ryan Butler2018SkyView Academy16:57.40 85.5
87Austin Podhajsky2018Legend High School16:58.30 87.5
87Daniel Lisenbee2018Discovery Canyon High School16:58.30 87.5
89Henry Bowman2019Centaurus High School16:59.00 89
90Paul Knight2021Durango High School17:00.60 90
91George Maldonado III2021Chaparral High School17:00.80 91
92Paxton Hansburg2019Monarch High School17:02.20 92
93Peter Martin2020Fossil Ridge High School17:05.30 93
94Jace Owen2019Legend High School17:07.60 94
95Hayden Beck2018Discovery Canyon High School17:08.40 95
96Zack Beckwith2018Silver Creek High School17:08.60 96
97Kyle Clancy2018Discovery Canyon High School17:10.40 97
98Eric Wright2019Fossil Ridge High School17:10.60 98
99Matt Vafides2018Grandview High School17:11.40 99
100Matthew Mettler2020Air Academy High School17:11.80 100
101Caleb Jaramillo2020Rock Canyon High School17:12.60 101
102Peter Quiros2019Cheyenne Mountain High School17:13.90 102
103Devin Ocana2018Legend High School17:14.30 103
104Ben Santos2018Boulder High School17:14.40 104
105Tyler Watkins2019Heritage High School17:15.00 105
106Jake Sheykhet2021Grandview High School17:15.50 106
107Kenny Lang2018Niwot High School17:16.10 107
108Avery Conaghan2020Monarch High School17:16.80 108
109Jordon Wilson2018SkyView Academy17:17.00 109
110William Bush2020Fort Collins High School17:17.80 110
111Nathan Bone2019Classical Academy, The17:18.70 111
112Samsom Tewelde2018Boulder High School17:18.90 112
113Max Olson2018Boulder High School17:19.90 113
114Calbert Guest2020Fort Collins High School17:20.20 114
115Simeon Ehm2020Heritage High School17:21.50 115
116Marcus Flint2019Durango High School17:21.90 116
117Thomas Alley2021Chaparral High School17:22.00 117
118Chris Montross2019Cheyenne Mountain High School17:23.00 118
119Tyler Wangen2019Fossil Ridge High School17:23.20 119
120Alex Murphy2020Palmer Ridge High School17:23.70 120
121Brendan Johnston2019Classical Academy, The17:24.00 121
122Jacob White2021Dakota Ridge High School17:24.70 122
123Josh Gallier2019Fossil Ridge High School17:24.90 123
124Reed Henderson2019Monarch High School17:26.10 124
125Josiah Cole2021Classical Academy, The17:26.20 125
126Brendan Leonard2019Rampart High School17:26.50 126
127Cody Larsen2020Fort Collins High School17:32.00 127
128Tristan Barnes2019Cheyenne Mountain High School17:32.30 128
129Jenson Zaugg2020Chaparral High School17:34.80 129
130John Moroney2019Silver Creek High School17:35.80 130
131Ethan Abbs2020Air Academy High School17:35.90 131
132Ethan Holst2019Durango High School17:36.70 132
133Jarrod Holt2018Heritage High School17:37.40 133
134Colton Gates2018Grandview High School17:38.00 134
135Pablo Smagacz2019Durango High School17:38.60 135
136Saket Mereddy2018Rock Canyon High School17:39.20 136
137Henry Terhaar2020Silver Creek High School17:40.10 137
138Kyle Piper2019Centaurus High School17:41.50 138
139Aaron Dewey2019Rampart High School17:42.10 139
140Ethan Steiner2018Niwot High School17:42.20 140
141Kieron Brunner2018Air Academy High School17:43.90 141
142Anthony Breglio2021Discovery Canyon High School17:48.90 142
143Luke Rohlwing2019Legend High School17:54.50 143
144Tristan Lee2018SkyView Academy17:58.90 144
145Lucas DeBiase2019Cheyenne Mountain High School17:59.50 145
146Isaac Bahr2018Classical Academy, The17:59.90 146
147Andrew Hunt2019Fossil Ridge High School18:03.00 147
148Konrad Hendley2018Heritage High School18:06.20 148
149Logan Cooper2019Air Academy High School18:09.20 149
150Ryland Hunt2018Discovery Canyon High School18:10.50 150
151Nick Beckman2020Grandview High School18:23.40 151
152Ibrohim Nosirov2020SkyView Academy18:26.80 152
153Zach Zimmer2018SkyView Academy19:30.60 153