Colorado State XC 2017: Girls Power Merge

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Mountain Vista's patience paid off for a big result that put them atop the 5A results and both meet merges.

The idea of a power merge is simple--take the top teams out of the entire meet and merge only them together to see how the top teams rank if the meet was of a more normal size than a full meet merge allows.

To do this, you look for a natural break in the scoring around 20 teams and then remove all other teams. You then rescore the merge. When we do that with today's results, we get the following...

Individual results on this page. Click on Next to view team scoring.

Power Merge Individual Results

1Elizabeth Constien2018Battle Mountain High School18:03.90 1
2Jenna Fitzsimmons2020Mountain Vista High School18:10.30 2
3Caroline Eck2019Mountain Vista High School18:16.40 3
4Claudia Burgess2018Boulder High School18:16.60 4
5Isabella Prosceno2021Palmer Ridge High School18:17.80 5
6Ivy Gonzales2018Broomfield High School18:20.30 6
7Sarah O'Sullivan2020Mountain Vista High School18:26.10 7
8Quinn McConnell2019Peak to Peak Charter School18:31.60 8
9Kyla Ramsey2018Rampart High School18:33.90 9
10Paige Embaugh2019Air Academy High School18:38.00 10
11Anna Shults2019Peak to Peak Charter School18:38.50 11
12Julia Schlepp2019Rocky Mountain High School18:39.50 12
13Caitlin McConnell2019Cherokee Trail High School18:40.90 13
14Tatum Miller2020Air Academy High School18:45.80 14
15Tiana Bradfield2019Peak to Peak Charter School18:48.30 15
16Madison Reed2020Mountain Vista High School18:51.90 16
17Lizzy Harding2019Battle Mountain High School18:52.80 17
18Maggi Congdon2020Steamboat Springs High School18:54.10 18
19Isabella Bowland2018Fairview High School18:54.90 19
20Taylor Whitfield2021Valor Christian High School18:55.60 20
21Katie Doucette2018Arvada West High School18:55.70 21
22Hope James2020Rock Canyon High School18:56.50 22
23Callin Naddy2018Rocky Mountain High School18:56.80 23
24Liz Hogan2018Monarch High School18:59.40 24
25Claire Pauley2018Arvada West High School19:01.80 25
26Sydney Swanker2020Broomfield High School19:03.50 26
27Shannon Osoba2019Rock Canyon High School19:04.80 27
28Alex Raichart2018Battle Mountain High School19:06.90 28
29Kiara Hamlin2020Durango High School19:07.90 29
30Lynzie Kutsner2019Rampart High School19:10.50 30
31Erin Smith2020Cherry Creek High School19:11.00 31
32Laura Thompson2018Broomfield High School19:11.10 32
33Winter Boese2019Steamboat Springs High School19:11.50 33
34Madison Mooney2018Broomfield High School19:13.20 34
35Renata Orsi2020Rocky Mountain High School19:13.30 35
36Kaylee Thompson2019Classical Academy, The19:14.20 36
37Naomi Harding2019Battle Mountain High School19:14.80 37
38Madeleine Burns2020Durango High School19:14.90 38
39Maren Busath2021Palmer Ridge High School19:15.00 39
40Karmen Rieger2021Rocky Mountain High School19:16.80 40
41Katelyn Mitchem2018Broomfield High School19:16.90 41.5
41Mary Fox2019Golden High School19:16.90 41.5
43McKenzie Elliott2018Classical Academy, The19:22.30 43
44Maggie Smith2019Niwot High School19:24.10 44
45Rachel Goodrich2020Golden High School19:24.40 45
46Emily Mitchem2018Broomfield High School19:24.60 46.5
46Grace Johnson2020Battle Mountain High School19:24.60 46.5
48Taylor James2021Niwot High School19:25.70 48
49Keely Jones2019Valor Christian High School19:27.30 49.5
49Victoria Hall2020Cherry Creek High School19:27.30 49.5
51Vanessa Kort2018Broomfield High School19:29.30 51
52Chloe Smith2021Monarch High School19:29.60 52
53Grace Abernethy2020Coronado High School19:30.50 53
54Lauren Lapporte2020Cherry Creek High School19:30.80 54
55Jadyn Goodrich2021Golden High School19:31.10 55
56Riley Irwin2021Valor Christian High School19:32.70 56
57Marlena Preigh2019Fairview High School19:36.50 57
58Mollie Roden2021Rampart High School19:36.80 58
59Joelle McDonald2020Niwot High School19:38.80 59
60Civianna Gallegos2018Arvada West High School19:39.00 60
61Dasha Kuznetsova2018Steamboat Springs High School19:39.50 61
62Brogan Murray2019Battle Mountain High School19:39.60 62
63Nina St John2021Rock Canyon High School19:40.80 63
64Kinsey Hall2020Fairview High School19:41.00 64
65Chloe Cassens2018Coronado High School19:42.40 65
66Lauren Neugeboren2018Boulder High School19:42.80 66
67Brooke Forsythe2019Monarch High School19:43.60 67
68Emily Glynn2021Rock Canyon High School19:43.80 68.5
68Hannah Brown2018Mountain Vista High School19:43.80 68.5
70Abby Scott2018Durango High School19:48.00 70
71Soonhee Han2020Cherokee Trail High School19:48.20 71
72Katie Flaherty2019Classical Academy, The19:48.40 72
73Mackenzie Moss2019Air Academy High School19:49.10 73
74Rebecca Walton2018Mountain Vista High School19:49.70 74
75Bailee Stones2018Rock Canyon High School19:52.00 75
76Tegan Bartholomew Brown2020Fairview High School19:52.90 76
77Anna Busath2020Palmer Ridge High School19:53.70 77
78Nicole Phaneuf2018Palmer Ridge High School19:56.10 78
79Julia Mainland2020Monarch High School19:56.60 79
80Kyra Stevenson2019Cherokee Trail High School19:57.90 80.5
80Megan Bamford2018Battle Mountain High School19:57.90 80.5
82Lauren McKenna2018Fairview High School19:58.10 82
83Isabel Anema2018Cherry Creek High School20:01.30 83
84Madeline Morland2019Coronado High School20:03.70 84
85Bettina Burgess2021Boulder High School20:04.70 85
86Amber Valdez2018Arvada West High School20:04.90 86
87Ruth Holcomb2021Durango High School20:07.10 87
88Izzy Heart2019Boulder High School20:09.70 88
89Shantell Hafner2021Mountain Vista High School20:10.50 89
90Tarikwa Woldemariam2020Cherokee Trail High School20:10.60 90
91Sadie Haymond2019Arvada West High School20:10.80 91
92Faith Roth2019Coronado High School20:11.00 92
93Taylor Dutton2018Coronado High School20:12.20 93
94Allison Beasley2021Peak to Peak Charter School20:13.80 94
95Layla Roebke2019Coronado High School20:15.30 95
96Anna Smagacz2019Durango High School20:16.10 96
97Madeleine Bonneau2018Palmer Ridge High School20:16.70 97
98Bekah Moenning2019Durango High School20:19.70 98
99Vanessa Haggans2019Fairview High School20:19.90 99
100Kate Zacharias2019Boulder High School20:21.00 100
101Kindyll Wetta2021Valor Christian High School20:23.80 101
102Maggie Goeglein2021Cherry Creek High School20:24.30 102
103Jordan Peak2019Rampart High School20:24.50 103
104Samrawit Dishon2020Niwot High School20:25.30 104
105Jeri Wilcox2018Niwot High School20:25.40 105
106Riley Colby2020Palmer Ridge High School20:25.90 106
107Emily Burg2020Arvada West High School20:26.20 107.5
107Emma Perschke2021Rampart High School20:26.20 107.5
109Brenna Wolf2021Durango High School20:26.70 109
110Sarah Burroughs2019Classical Academy, The20:28.20 110
111Isabelle Boniface2019Steamboat Springs High School20:30.00 111
112Anna Wexler2020Monarch High School20:30.70 112
113Annabelle Huddle2021Niwot High School20:31.40 113
114Sophia Braza2018Air Academy High School20:31.60 114
115Clara Krause2018Rock Canyon High School20:32.00 115
116Ella Jane Urschel2020Air Academy High School20:32.40 116
117Sadie Cotton2018Steamboat Springs High School20:32.80 117
118Elizabeth Lapporte2020Cherry Creek High School20:35.20 118
119Brooke Moss2021Air Academy High School20:35.70 119
120Campbell Faust2021Cherokee Trail High School20:36.00 120.5
120Harmony McMullin2021Golden High School20:36.00 120.5
122Abby Hein2018Monarch High School20:36.90 122
123Hadley Jason2019Valor Christian High School20:38.10 123
124Vanessa Addison2019Rampart High School20:40.70 124
125Lucy Schroeder2018Arvada West High School20:42.70 125
126Emily Gentry2019Palmer Ridge High School20:43.30 126
127Edythmae Frodl2021Rocky Mountain High School20:43.80 127
128Madelynn Gerritsen2019Golden High School20:44.10 128
129Elizabeth Moore2018Monarch High School20:44.50 129
130Samantha Spindler2018Rock Canyon High School20:50.40 130
131Abby Snogren2021Cherokee Trail High School20:52.30 131
132Erin Percy2018Classical Academy, The20:53.90 132
133Mikayla Curl2020Classical Academy, The20:55.20 133
134Elle Triem2019Peak to Peak Charter School20:58.00 134
135Maricel Mequi2018Golden High School20:59.10 135
136Elsa Russell2018Fairview High School21:02.30 136
137Elyse Bartelmey2018Cherokee Trail High School21:07.80 137
138Emma Sees2019Valor Christian High School21:09.90 138
139Grace Searls2020Golden High School21:10.10 139
140Sophie Thomas2020Valor Christian High School21:10.70 140
141Arianna McCue2019Boulder High School21:12.30 141
142Natalie Keller2020Cherry Creek High School21:17.00 142
143Makenna Hobson2019Boulder High School21:22.00 143
144Annelise Kalmbach2019Rocky Mountain High School21:23.00 144
145Hailey Gregg2021Air Academy High School21:28.10 145
146Grace Drobek2020Steamboat Springs High School21:41.50 146
147Emily Craig2020Steamboat Springs High School21:48.20 147
148Emily Deegan2021Rocky Mountain High School21:59.70 148
149Nina Florek2020Rampart High School22:13.00 149
150Mallory Finley2019Niwot High School22:18.60 150
151Elizabeth White2019Classical Academy, The22:19.80 151
152Isabelle Ruble2020Peak to Peak Charter School22:50.00 152
153Hannah Besse2019Coronado High School23:26.30 153
154Angela Li2020Peak to Peak Charter School25:14.90 154