2017 New Mexico Boys State Power Merge

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The natural break in scoring came between 21st and 22nd place, so the New Mexico boys power merge encompasses 21 teams. Individuals in the power merge are shown on this page, teams on the next page.

5,000 Meter Run

1Kashon Harrison2019Kirtland Central High School15:54.85 1
2Yonas Haile2019Sue Cleveland High School16:02.45 2
3Miguel Coca2018West Las Vegas High School16:20.05 3
4Jericho Cleveland2018Volcano Vista High School16:27.45 4
5Ty Mccray2019Miyamura High School16:30.60 5
6David Apodaca2018Sue Cleveland High School16:33.50 6
7Patrick Colborn2019Hobbs High School16:35.45 7
8Ivan Pineda-Dominguez2018Volcano Vista High School16:43.40 8
9James Jj Esquibel2018West Las Vegas High School16:45.05 9
10Isaiah Paiz2019West Las Vegas High School16:50.65 10
11Harrison Smith III2018Eldorado High School16:52.30 11
12A.J. Kedge2018Albuquerque Academy16:52.40 12
13Jon Fuentes2019Clovis High School16:55.75 13
14Walker Quale2019Albuquerque High School16:57.35 14
15Justin Hickey2021Albuquerque Academy16:58.00 15
16Jalen Toya2018Sue Cleveland High School16:58.10 16
17Lucas Futey2020Sue Cleveland High School16:59.10 17
18Rafael Sanchez2021Los Alamos High School17:03.00 18
19Justin Angel2019St. Michael's High School17:04.65 19
20Trace Johnson2018La Cueva High School17:05.75 20
21Julian Garcia2020Albuquerque Academy17:09.75 21
22John Hall2019Pojoaque Valley High School17:10.25 22
23Joshua DeHerrera2018Pecos High School17:10.30 23
24Edson Lobato2018Sue Cleveland High School17:10.80 24
25Koby Blackwater2018Kirtland Central High School17:11.10 25.5
25Michael Marshall2020Navajo Pine High School17:11.10 25.5
27Andrew Day2018Aztec High School17:11.25 27
28Tristen George2018Kirtland Central High School17:11.70 28
29Galvin Curley2020Navajo Pine High School17:12.15 29
30Isaiah Armijo2020Pecos High School17:12.65 30
31Jose Salas2019Clovis High School17:12.90 31
32Eli Seward2019St. Michael's High School17:13.50 32
33Chase Keller2018Albuquerque Academy17:14.95 33
34Steven Strevell2018Los Alamos High School17:15.50 34
35Duncan Fuehne2019Los Alamos High School17:15.80 35
36Deshawn Goodwin2020Zuni High School17:18.25 36
37Nehemiah Cionelo2018Volcano Vista High School17:21.55 37
38Cameron Becenti2018Navajo Prep High School17:21.85 38
39Lane Norcross2019Eldorado High School17:23.75 39
40Stevie Salas2021La Cueva High School17:24.35 40
41Caleb Garcia2018Sue Cleveland High School17:24.65 41
42Cody Smith2019Rio Rancho High School17:24.80 42
43Oliver Pilon2020Albuquerque Academy17:26.15 43
44Logan Ellis2018Eldorado High School17:28.15 44
45Kevin Parkinson2018Los Alamos High School17:28.40 45
46Peter Keller2018Eldorado High School17:28.50 46
47Brandon Harrington2018La Cueva High School17:28.75 47
48Jacob Hawkins2019Kirtland Central High School17:29.75 48
49Kaden Hamilton2018Volcano Vista High School17:30.30 49.5
49Lucas Ortiz2020Rio Rancho High School17:30.30 49.5
51Thomas Lucero2018Santa Fe Indian School17:30.85 51
52William Pino2018Albuquerque High School17:31.70 52
53Adrian Veruete-Maya2019St. Michael's High School17:33.35 53
54Oliver Doane2018Albuquerque High School17:34.15 54
55Michael Montano2018Pecos High School17:34.50 55
56Jonathan Padilla2018Eldorado High School17:35.90 56
57Matthew Smith2018Aztec High School17:37.25 57
58Daniel Beam2019Rio Rancho High School17:37.50 58
59Brendan Curtis2020Hobbs High School17:39.15 59
60Tj Gregg2018Clovis High School17:40.45 60
61Garrett Yancy2019Volcano Vista High School17:41.80 61
62Shawn Williams2019Los Alamos High School17:42.25 62
63Adolfo Mendoza2020Hobbs High School17:42.55 63
64Skyler Forman2019Albuquerque Academy17:43.10 64
65Marallus Chee2022Navajo Pine High School17:43.50 65
66Mario Santistevan2018Pojoaque Valley High School17:44.40 66
67Jerrick Maldonado0Clovis High School17:44.50 67
68Brian Armijo2021Albuquerque Academy17:45.55 68
69Zach Sletten2018Eldorado High School17:48.60 69
70Angel Varela2019Pecos High School17:51.50 70
71Hunter Swavely2020Los Alamos High School17:51.75 71
72Coby Quintana2018Santa Fe Indian School17:52.25 72
73Jacy Edaakie2020Zuni High School17:55.35 73
74Devin Gonzales2020Pecos High School17:55.75 74
75Dominic Moreno2018Clovis High School17:56.40 75
76Zachary Marshall2018La Cueva High School17:57.35 76
77Tyrease James2019Navajo Prep High School17:57.50 77
78Dominique Clichee2020Navajo Pine High School17:57.75 78
79Simon Baca2019Albuquerque High School17:58.25 79
80Trejan Clichee2019Navajo Prep High School17:58.60 80
81Armando Baeza0Hobbs High School17:58.90 81.5
81Tyrese Begay2019Navajo Prep High School17:58.90 81.5
83Donovan Lujan2020Pojoaque Valley High School17:59.25 83
84Elijah Begay2019Miyamura High School18:01.25 84
85Dante Barton2019Navajo Prep High School18:02.20 85
86Tyan Benson0Miyamura High School18:02.35 86
87Patrick Gallegos2018La Cueva High School18:03.20 87
88Osean Nez2019Kirtland Central High School18:03.55 88
89Nicholas Solis2018Hobbs High School18:04.40 89
90Cameron Cervantes2018La Cueva High School18:04.70 90
91Hyrum Yonnie2020Kirtland Central High School18:06.60 91
92Jonathan Fragua2021Sue Cleveland High School18:07.90 92
93Nicholas Ortiz2019Volcano Vista High School18:08.45 93
94Ruben Teasyatwho2018Aztec High School18:08.60 94
95Jaden Aquino2019Santa Fe Indian School18:08.80 95
96Joshua Strevell2019Los Alamos High School18:09.20 96
97Bryce Lentz2021Clovis High School18:09.60 97
98Shawn Shebola2019Zuni High School18:11.05 98
99Jesiah Martinez2018Pojoaque Valley High School18:13.95 99
100Rylie Watson2020Miyamura High School18:14.50 100
101Santiago Romero2021Pojoaque Valley High School18:18.30 101
102Christopher Humetewa2021Santa Fe Indian School18:19.85 102
103Kelvin Benally2018Navajo Prep High School18:20.50 103
104Theodore Waquiu2019Rio Rancho High School18:20.60 104
105Cameron Lee2021Eldorado High School18:22.10 105
106Issac Gonzales2019Pecos High School18:27.75 106
107Marley Deshinney2020Navajo Prep High School18:28.15 107
108Dominic Yuselew2020Zuni High School18:28.25 108
109Jacob Romero2019La Cueva High School18:29.45 109
110Lauren Chavez2020Santa Fe Indian School18:30.40 110
111Karl Diswood2019Aztec High School18:30.95 111
112Lorenzo Castaneda2019Albuquerque High School18:33.70 112
113Lev Zavala-Sweet2018Albuquerque High School18:34.80 113
114Bryce Ramone2019Santa Fe Indian School18:38.60 114
115Jairyn Jones2019Miyamura High School18:40.85 115
116Joseph Ellefson2019Volcano Vista High School18:41.50 116
117Raheem Alonzo2018Santa Fe Indian School18:41.55 117
118Matthew Hawkins2022Kirtland Central High School18:46.30 118
119Ethan Lowsayatee2021Zuni High School18:47.80 119
120Timmy Smith2019Aztec High School18:49.00 120
121Arnold Martinez2019Hobbs High School18:53.95 121
122Zechariah Hall0Pojoaque Valley High School18:54.45 122
123Dominic Dufur2018Aztec High School18:55.95 123
124Daniel Kaney2020Hobbs High School18:58.20 124
125Carlos Cordova2018Pecos High School18:58.25 125
126Michael Marcelli2020Rio Rancho High School19:02.10 126
127Colin Lasiloo2020Zuni High School19:02.60 127
128Kannon Brooks2019Clovis High School19:03.40 128
129Angelo Lucero2020Aztec High School19:04.55 129
130Wesley Steinberg2019St. Michael's High School19:06.65 130
131Jared Baca2021West Las Vegas High School19:07.05 131
132Omar Gallardo0West Las Vegas High School19:07.40 132
133Elijan Shebola2021Zuni High School19:11.20 133
134Okoya Gachupin2018Rio Rancho High School19:11.55 134
135Matt Espan2019Albuquerque High School19:24.25 135
136Justin Sanchez2020St. Michael's High School19:24.30 136
137Micah Tsosie2021Navajo Pine High School19:31.60 137
138Danny Parsons2021Rio Rancho High School19:36.90 138
139Valentino Calabaza2021St. Michael's High School19:37.45 139
140Avery Torrez2018Pojoaque Valley High School19:51.85 140
141Dominic Smith2018St. Michael's High School20:01.40 141
142Karlisle Francisco2021Navajo Pine High School20:24.95 142
143Jerrett Benally2019Miyamura High School20:29.85 143
144Ezekiel Ortega0West Las Vegas High School20:37.85 144
145Josh Ortega2020West Las Vegas High School21:03.05 145
146Arcieno Tsinnijinnie2020Navajo Pine High School21:05.40 146
147Shayton Brown0Miyamura High School21:09.60 147