2017 Nevada State Meet Girls Power Merge

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As it was with the Nevada boys, a power merge of the Nevada girls is of limited value in that there aren't many more than 20 girls teams at the entire Nevada state meet to begin with. But, I've cut the field down to 12 teams for the power merge to offer whatever clearer idea a power merge might provide in this case.

This page shows the individual results of the power merge. The second page shows the team scoring.

5,000 Meter Run

1Penelope Smerdon2021Reno High School20:06.00 1
2Claire Rawlins2020Coronado High School20:23.00 2
3Marena Middleton2020Damonte Ranch High School20:26.00 3
4Emilia Puskas2021Bishop Gorman High School20:34.00 4
5Erika Robtoy2018Reed High School20:44.00 5.5
5Kloe Littleman2019Centennial High20:44.00 5.5
7Kili Lehmkuhl2021North Tahoe High20:45.00 7
8Rylie Lusk2019Spring Creek High School20:46.00 8
9Kendra Lusk2021Spring Creek High School20:47.00 9
10Carly Davis2021Tahoe Truckee High20:53.00 10
11Claire Tillett2019Reed High School20:55.00 11
12Mckenzie Morgan2019Centennial High21:00.00 12
13Alexis Gourrier2018Centennial High21:03.00 13.5
13Isabella Terrazas2020Tahoe Truckee High21:03.00 13.5
15Hana Mazur2021Tahoe Truckee High21:06.00 15
16Caitlin Shannon2019Coronado High School21:11.00 16
17Carley Legenbauer2020Damonte Ranch High School21:12.00 17
18Josephine Ruggieri2020Centennial High21:15.00 18
19Josii Johnson2019North Tahoe High21:20.00 19
20Larissa Mauer2018Spring Creek High School21:22.00 20
21Myna Buckley2019Foothill High School21:27.00 21
22Raini Jonson2018Elko High School21:32.00 22
23Dakota Tracy2018Damonte Ranch High School21:34.00 23
24Ellen Wise2020Coronado High School21:36.00 24
25Rosemary Little2020Spring Creek High School21:37.00 25
26Malia Pfeffer2018Damonte Ranch High School21:38.00 26
27Anna Yamauchi2018North Tahoe High21:42.00 27
28Ella Carr2019North Tahoe High21:43.00 28
29Jayden Krmpotich2020Bishop Gorman High School21:45.00 30
29Leslie Barba2018Centennial High21:45.00 30
29Raquel Chavez-velazquez2019Basic High School21:45.00 30
32Mikayla Shults2018Reno High School21:46.00 32
33Rebecca Fisher2019Reed High School21:48.00 33
34Alandra Mauer2018Spring Creek High School21:49.00 34
35Emma Little2021Spring Creek High School21:50.00 35
36Erica Schulz2020Foothill High School21:51.00 36
37Hunter Hughes2019Basic High School21:57.00 37
38Ishani Meeks2020Bishop Gorman High School22:02.00 38
39Kalia Pfeffer2018Damonte Ranch High School22:07.00 39
40Delani Dietrich2018Centennial High22:08.00 40.5
40Xandry De Arrieta2021Elko High School22:08.00 40.5
42Julianne Manning2018Centennial High22:12.00 42
43Mikkala Perchetti2019Spring Creek High School22:17.00 43
44Saydi Byington2019Basic High School22:21.00 44
45Kady Allen2019Elko High School22:22.00 45.5
45Tayler Kottinger2018Reno High School22:22.00 45.5
47Sara Moon2020Coronado High School22:23.00 47
48Jillian Ferre2019North Tahoe High22:26.00 48
49Louise Neff2021Elko High School22:27.00 49
50Kylee Baird2021Coronado High School22:28.00 50
51Emma Schmid2018Coronado High School22:29.00 51
52Amelia Swanson2021Tahoe Truckee High22:32.00 53
52Chloe Overlie2018Elko High School22:32.00 53
52Madison Shults2020Reno High School22:32.00 53
55Piper Pfau2020Reno High School22:36.00 55
56Nirel Kaplan2019Reed High School22:37.00 56
57Abigail Prickett2021Elko High School22:39.00 57
58Lauren Dennis2020Bishop Gorman High School22:41.00 58
59Alani Powell2021North Tahoe High22:43.00 59
60Laura Pine2019Reed High School22:44.00 60
61Sarah Vanderhoven2018Foothill High School22:46.00 61
62Skylar Allison2019Damonte Ranch High School22:47.00 62
63Deanna Sunnergren2020Tahoe Truckee High23:07.00 63
64Makenzie Flynn2018Foothill High School23:10.00 64.5
64Samantha Iacoboni2019Damonte Ranch High School23:10.00 64.5
66Elizabeth Morgan2018Tahoe Truckee High23:14.00 66.5
66Ella Freeman2021Tahoe Truckee High23:14.00 66.5
68Hailey Cromwell2019Coronado High School23:26.00 68
69Sydney Layfield2019Reno High School23:30.00 69
70Madison Ebens2019Bishop Gorman High School23:34.00 70
71Madison Kirkendall2018Basic High School23:35.00 71
72Abigail Hobson2019Bishop Gorman High School23:39.00 72
73Calista Nanney2018Foothill High School23:41.00 73
74Caitlin Scruggs2020Reed High School23:52.00 74
75Jacqueline Leon2019Bishop Gorman High School23:53.00 75
76Makayla Chacon2019Elko High School24:00.00 76
77Breanna Paszek2020Reno High School24:08.00 77
78Abby Robinson2021Basic High School24:10.00 78.5
78Emma Doty2020Foothill High School24:10.00 78.5
80Elan Lindsey2019North Tahoe High24:16.00 80
81Emily Slatoff2019Foothill High School24:21.00 81
82Kailey Taylor2020Basic High School24:52.00 82
83Courtney Couy2018Basic High School24:55.00 83
84Emily Outland2019Reed High School26:02.00 84