2017 Arizona Girls State Meet Power Merge

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And, now, the Arizona girls power merge! Scoring was very tight and we got only a moderate gap between teams 24 and 25 in the full meet merge, so the power merge shown here has 24 teams (a bit on the side of high for a power merge, but sometimes you take what you get).

Individual results for the power merge are shown on this page. Team scoring for the power merge is shown on the next page. You may or may not be surprised by what the team scoring shows.

5,000 Meter Run

1Abi Archer2019Chaparral High School17:58.28 1
2Maya Smith2018Northland Preparatory Academy18:01.15 2
3Haley Wolf2018Desert Vista High School18:38.28 3
4Ana Alvarez Tostado2018Salpointe Catholic High School18:44.72 4
5Caroline Mcleskey2020Highland High18:56.00 5
6Keelah Barger2018Northland Preparatory Academy19:11.78 6
7Zoey Delgado2020Salpointe Catholic High School19:12.72 7
8Mihajla Milovanovic2019Chandler High School19:16.90 8
9Brianna White2020Flagstaff High School19:22.85 9
10Kylie Welch2018Chandler High School19:23.64 10
11Madeline Christopher2018Flagstaff High School19:23.97 11
12Alisia Honyumptewa2019Chinle High School19:26.47 12
13Meagan Van Pelt2018Shadow Mountain High School19:35.90 13
14Cassandra Ogburn2019North Canyon High School19:38.22 14
15Woodlyn Smith2019Coconino High School19:39.10 15
16Taylor Murphy2018Window Rock High School19:42.14 16
17Taylor Mollenhour2019Mountain Ridge High School19:44.13 17
18Peyton Solheim2018Thunderbird High School19:48.57 18
19Sarah Turner2021Chaparral High School19:50.17 19
20Becca Taylor2019Chandler High School19:50.37 20
21Chloe Painter2018Flagstaff High School19:52.46 21
22Janaya Mcintosh2018Ganado High School19:53.54 22
23Jayla Mcintosh2020Ganado High School19:53.64 23
24Taryn Super2018Shadow Mountain High School19:56.50 24
25Kerri Welch2018Chandler High School19:56.55 25
26Niki Hemmerlin2020Red Mountain High School19:59.30 26
27Rachel Turner2019Chaparral High School19:59.62 27
28Stefana Purkovic2019North Canyon High School20:00.34 28
29Jamie Stelnik2021Xavier College Preparatory20:01.35 29
30Katrina Vollmer2021Flagstaff High School20:07.36 30
31Makenna Bray2020Prescott High School20:09.50 31
32Cami Merickel2021Xavier College Preparatory20:09.70 32
33Povi Plank2018Flagstaff High School20:10.09 33
34Natalie Matuk2021Mountain Pointe High School20:11.74 34
35Elliott St. Clair2021Thunderbird High School20:12.47 35
36Mia Olsen2020Xavier College Preparatory20:13.68 36
37Helen Innes2019Xavier College Preparatory20:20.11 37
38Jordan Micheels2019Sunrise Mountain High School20:21.65 38
39Tiaree Towler2020Chaparral High School20:22.90 39
40Karina Hawkins2019Xavier College Preparatory20:23.01 40
41Nora Blodgett2018Northland Preparatory Academy20:23.17 41
42Katy Clausen2020Desert Vista High School20:24.23 42
43Jolie Wahlberg2021Hamilton High School20:31.16 43
44Victoria Tenpenny2018Page High School20:32.15 44
45Hanna Smith2019Boulder Creek High School20:33.60 45
46Emma Merritt2018Hamilton High School20:33.93 46
47Kayla Beck2021Ganado High School20:36.06 47
48Kate Straneva2018Xavier College Preparatory20:36.06 48
49Kaelynn Ashley2020Coconino High School20:37.02 49
50Angel Curley2018Flagstaff High School20:37.30 50
51Rachel Mccleve2018Highland High20:40.20 51
52Sofia Bryan2019Page High School20:41.45 52
53Elli Lucas2019Centennial High School20:42.89 53
54Raquelle Curley2018Chinle High School20:43.35 54
55Ashley Mask2018Highland High20:47.42 55
56Lilia Tassinari2019Coconino High School20:47.58 56
57Maddy Shoemaker2020Desert Vista High School20:48.94 57
58Caroline Sloan2018Highland High20:49.80 58
59Jacqueline Santos2018Red Mountain High School20:50.49 59
60Allison Estrada2020Desert Vista High School20:50.74 60
61Ariel Rey2018North Canyon High School20:52.17 61
62Brenna Bourgeois2021Red Mountain High School20:52.83 62
63Hope Saxton2020Coconino High School20:53.03 63
64Lexi Lambert2021Salpointe Catholic High School20:53.59 64
65Emily Mcmahon2020Prescott High School20:54.67 65
66Gabrielle Acosta2019Centennial High School20:55.84 66
67Cameron Long2018Window Rock High School20:56.07 67
68Daniela Montufar2020Chandler High School20:56.79 68
69Darian Davis2018Chinle High School20:58.51 69
70Kaitlyn Chapman2020Thunderbird High School21:01.11 70
71Deirdre Nelsen2019Hamilton High School21:01.86 71
72Tea Castro2021Prescott High School21:02.99 72
73Kristen Curtis2019Sunrise Mountain High School21:04.21 73
74Andrea Diaz2019North Canyon High School21:06.24 74
75Alyssa Lozano2019Boulder Creek High School21:06.47 75
76Julia Clarke2021Boulder Creek High School21:08.70 76
77Emily Simon2019Mountain Ridge High School21:09.02 77
78Amber Sienicki2019Shadow Mountain High School21:09.35 78
79Anna Maceachern2018Boulder Creek High School21:09.77 79
80Tayler Thomas2020Salpointe Catholic High School21:09.92 80
81Jacque Dinauer2018Chaparral High School21:09.97 81
82Bella Gallo2020North Canyon High School21:12.44 82
83Natalie Pencek2019Hamilton High School21:12.85 83
84Kate Brockman2021Red Mountain High School21:14.08 84
85Carissa Armenta2019Sunrise Mountain High School21:14.94 85
86Camille Uentillie2018Ganado High School21:16.20 86
87Leslie Simon2019Mountain Ridge High School21:17.23 87
88Shaunda Yazzie2020Ganado High School21:17.38 88
89Soraya Holley2019Desert Vista High School21:18.52 89
90Ava Hamilton2018Chandler High School21:19.25 90
91Sadie Jim2018Chinle High School21:20.15 91
92Bayley Talkalai2020Window Rock High School21:21.83 92
93Jasolyn Acevedo2018Centennial High School21:21.85 93
94Taylore Lowry2018Flagstaff High School21:22.91 94
95Breannon Anderson2018Mountain Pointe High School21:23.80 95
96Andrea Lopez2018Northland Preparatory Academy21:24.23 96
97Dafne Cortez2019North Canyon High School21:24.42 97
98Lillian Meaux2020Highland High21:25.74 98
99Olivia Grieve2019Mountain Pointe High School21:26.95 99
100Kodi Tate2019Page High School21:27.96 100
101Zoe Mccollum2021Mountain Pointe High School21:29.55 101
102Jordan Brockman2019Coconino High School21:31.83 102
103Carissa Evans2018Prescott High School21:34.50 103
104Maggie Votruba2021North Canyon High School21:35.78 104
105Jaylynn Archuleta2021Thunderbird High School21:36.44 105
106Kirsten Ensley2020Mountain Pointe High School21:38.13 106
107Sarah Mack2020Shadow Mountain High School21:39.67 107
108Brandy Moreno2018Centennial High School21:40.16 108
109Mia Buchanan2018Highland High21:43.02 109
110Laurel Froehlich2021Desert Vista High School21:44.52 110
111Angel Dickson2018Window Rock High School21:45.05 111
112Annallysia Shepherd2021Ganado High School21:46.15 112
113Nahaniya Fowler2021Page High School21:48.32 113
114Marina Dear2021Highland High21:49.07 114
115Riley Boyer2019Red Mountain High School21:51.50 115
116Haley Prey2021Sunrise Mountain High School21:51.69 116
117Lizzie Simon2019Mountain Ridge High School21:54.60 117
118Lexi Dicochea2021Salpointe Catholic High School21:58.67 118
119Stephanie Hawkins2019Coconino High School21:59.38 119
120Kiana Toadlena2018Window Rock High School22:00.04 120
121Kara Asher2021Mountain Pointe High School22:01.80 121
122Katie Kelly2019Salpointe Catholic High School22:02.28 122
123Katarina Marquez2020Hamilton High School22:02.97 123
124Emma Elsner2020Red Mountain High School22:04.20 124
125Amanda Antone2018Chinle High School22:05.07 125
126Shada Golden2019Ganado High School22:06.15 126
127Quinn Boardman2021Desert Vista High School22:07.91 127
128Mikala Benally2019Page High School22:09.47 128
129Isabella Salinas2021Centennial High School22:09.91 129
130Mya Ute2021Chinle High School22:12.64 130
131Kate Bailey2019Northland Preparatory Academy22:13.66 131
132Isabella Casciato2019Hamilton High School22:15.73 132
133Meg Healy2019Salpointe Catholic High School22:16.78 133
134Anne Gardner-hajek2020Chaparral High School22:20.12 134
135Madison Skrip2021Sunrise Mountain High School22:22.88 135
136Cara Super2021Shadow Mountain High School22:24.48 136
137Elton Gingrich2018Chaparral High School22:26.10 137
138Olivia Dalberg2021Sunrise Mountain High School22:26.52 138
139Anna Foreman2018Chandler High School22:32.52 139
140Deborah Leber2019Mountain Ridge High School22:32.69 140
141Molly Harrison2020Mountain Pointe High School22:35.28 141
142Brooke Jacobs2020Red Mountain High School22:40.82 142
143Sophia Holguin2020Hamilton High School22:48.77 143
144Haley Talkalai2018Window Rock High School22:51.67 144
145Nariah Begay2019Page High School22:55.46 145
146Rebekah Cram2020Sunrise Mountain High School23:02.95 146
147Nadya Begay2021Page High School23:04.41 147
148Arielle Parker2021Mountain Ridge High School23:07.64 148
149Isabel Gallo2018Boulder Creek High School23:18.23 149
150Alicia Garrett2019Thunderbird High School23:18.49 150
151Sophia Packard2018Shadow Mountain High School23:22.43 151
152Kailani Charlie2019Coconino High School23:24.12 152
153Kara Hillig2018Prescott High School23:24.80 153
154Juliana Boyachek2018Thunderbird High School23:34.04 154
155Carley Davis2020Prescott High School23:35.20 155
156Claire Gibson2020Northland Preparatory Academy23:37.53 156
157Victoria Sutton2021Centennial High School23:43.59 157
158Kailey Curley2021Window Rock High School24:03.31 158
159Nicole Sebastia2019Thunderbird High School24:12.86 159
160Sierra Averill2018Boulder Creek High School24:21.25 160
161Pauline Johnson2020Centennial High School24:43.61 161
162Sara Townsend2021Prescott High School25:30.33 162
163Caroline Mcclelland2018Xavier College Preparatory26:13.18 163
164Kate Arford2021Boulder Creek High School26:17.38 164
165Alex Zavala2020Northland Preparatory Academy26:17.84 165
166Jaycee Crum2019Shadow Mountain High School27:42.41 166