What Does 4A Boys Look Like For Next Year?

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Dillon Powell and Cal Banta give Air Academy what may be the best returning 1-2 in 4A Boys, but the Kadets will also need to fill in a couple holes in the roster next fall.

Just in time to beat the NXR-SW rush, we complete the look ahead series with 4A Boys. 

By now, you probably know the drill, but I'll go through it one more time for you. There are four pages to this article. On this page are the individual results (400 deep) of a virtual meet of all returning 4A boys for next season. On page 2 is the team scoring for that virtual meet.

Page 3 provides of virtual meet scoring of all the returning 4A boys individuals from the state meet. Page 4 is the team scoring of that (scoring only four so teams that head three seniors on their state meet roster this fall don't get bumped out entirely. Even that, though, only helps so much in this case; it was a heavy year for seniors in the 4A Boys state meet.


5000 Meter Run (Season Best Times, Top 400 Returning Runners)

1Cal Banta2019Air Academy High School15:20.70 1
2Cruz Culpepper2020Niwot High School15:23.00 2.5
2Simon Kelati2019Greeley Central High School15:23.00 2.5
4Dylan Schubert2020Thompson Valley High School15:28.00 4
5Aidan Fitzgerald2019Durango High School15:31.30 5
6Cooper Brown2019Centaurus High School15:41.00 6
7Ares Reading2019Niwot High School15:46.00 7
8Dillon Powell2019Air Academy High School15:50.60 8
9Noah Bodewes2019Durango High School15:51.60 9
10Kyle Piper2019Centaurus High School15:52.00 10
11Benjamin Bi2019Niwot High School15:52.30 11
12Tyman Smart2019Central (Grand Junction) High School16:03.00 12
13Marcus Flint2019Durango High School16:04.00 13
14David Cardenas2019Central (Grand Junction) High School16:05.00 14.5
14James Overberg2021Centaurus High School16:05.00 14.5
16Sean Graff2020Montrose High School16:10.62 16
17Jack Volf2019Niwot High School16:10.80 17
18Logan Moore2020Durango High School16:12.80 18
19Henry Bowman2019Centaurus High School16:19.00 19.5
19Ramon Villalobos Ocampo Jr2019Greeley Central High School16:19.00 19.5
21Henry Terhaar2020Silver Creek High School16:23.10 21
22Wiley Corra2021Durango High School16:25.50 22
23Paul Knight2021Durango High School16:26.30 23
24Dillon Burke2019Northridge High School16:29.00 24
25Matthew Mettler2020Air Academy High School16:32.00 25
26Torey Puckett2019Centaurus High School16:35.40 26
27Alex Murphy2020Palmer Ridge High School16:36.74 27
28Henry Barth2019Glenwood Springs High School16:37.00 28
29Brandon Hippe2019Palmer Ridge High School16:38.20 29
30John Moroney2019Silver Creek High School16:39.90 30
31Jamison Cartwright2019Erie High School16:40.00 31
32Matthew Roberds2019Mesa Ridge High School16:41.00 32.5
32Richie Roberds2019Mesa Ridge High School16:41.00 32.5
34Colin Szuch2020Evergreen High School16:45.00 34
35Christian Sapakoff2019Littleton High School16:46.00 35
36Logan Bocovich2019Palmer Ridge High School16:47.00 36
37Brody Bittner2019Palisade High School16:47.70 37
38Ryan Outler2019Widefield High School16:48.00 38.5
38Will Locascio2020Mullen High School16:48.00 38.5
40Chris Montross2019Cheyenne Mountain High School16:50.00 40
41Ethan Holst2019Durango High School16:50.90 41
42Jonathan Cabrera2020Widefield High School16:51.00 42.5
42Noah Watanabe2019Discovery Canyon High School16:51.00 42.5
44Michael Dudzic2021Mullen High School16:54.60 44
45Caleb Bishop2020Niwot High School16:55.00 45
46Grahm Tuohy-Gaydos2021Green Mountain High School16:55.90 46
47Ethan Kravig2020Thompson Valley High School16:57.00 47.5
47Gavin Harden2019Glenwood Springs High School16:57.00 47.5
49Carter Baker2019Eagle Valley High School17:02.45 49
50Antonio Marquez2020Fort Lupton High School17:05.00 50
51Max Bonenberger2020Summit High School17:05.20 51
52David Reilly2019Battle Mountain High School17:06.74 52
53Ethan Abbs2020Air Academy High School17:07.00 53
54Peter Quiros2019Cheyenne Mountain High School17:09.00 54
55Ben Swanson2019Coronado High School17:09.90 55
56Andrew Bluemel2019Palmer Ridge High School17:11.00 56
57Ryan Schumacher2019Windsor High School17:12.00 57
58Emerson Betz2020Eagle Valley High School17:12.29 58
59Bailey Beckum2019Eagle Valley High School17:13.34 59
60Pablo Smagacz2019Durango High School17:13.40 --
61Noah Hendrix2019Standley Lake High School17:15.00 60
62Dylan Oliver2019Silver Creek High School17:15.50 61
63Aleksandr Solano2020Palmer Ridge High School17:17.30 62
64Finn Kilcullen2019Longmont High School17:22.00 63
65Jason Macaluso2019Battle Mountain High School17:23.70 64
66Jake Allen2020Battle Mountain High School17:23.93 65
67Daniel O'Brien2019Roosevelt High School17:24.00 66.5
67Lucas DeBiase2019Cheyenne Mountain High School17:24.00 66.5
69Logan Cooper2019Air Academy High School17:24.80 68.5
69Sumner Cotton2021Steamboat Springs High School17:24.80 68.5
71Josh Pierce2019Lewis-Palmer High School17:25.00 70
72Landon Sauvage2019Palisade High School17:25.80 71.5
72Miles Mena2019Widefield High School17:25.80 71.5
74Erik Mendez2019Greeley Central High School17:26.00 73.5
74Jacob Regalado2019Thompson Valley High School17:26.00 73.5
76Jacob Brouwer2019Thompson Valley High School17:27.00 75
77Will Toppin2019Conifer High School17:29.00 76
78John Papadopoulos2019Eagle Valley High School17:29.10 77
79Casey Tripi2020Mountain View High School17:30.00 79.5
79Luke Morrissey2019Eagle Valley High School17:30.00 79.5
79Luke Robinson2020Niwot High School17:30.00 79.5
79Tyler Imhof2020Northfield High School17:30.00 79.5
83Dalton Yost2020Roosevelt High School17:31.00 82
84Leon Engle2020Longmont High School17:31.40 83
85Deagen Fahrney2020Battle Mountain High School17:31.51 84
86Tristan Barnes2019Cheyenne Mountain High School17:32.30 85
87Jeremiah Vaille2020Summit High School17:32.60 86
88Zack Oldroyd2021Montrose High School17:33.33 87
89Sean Sands2019Conifer High School17:33.80 88
90Ben Hayes-Lemmon2020Coronado High School17:34.96 89
91Anthony Breglio2021Discovery Canyon High School17:36.00 90
92Nick Baumann2019Wheat Ridge High School17:37.00 91.5
92Noah Rojo2019Fort Morgan High School17:37.00 91.5
94Ethan Hensley2020Golden High School17:38.00 93
95Colby Larsen2020Palmer Ridge High School17:38.47 94
96Hunter Prather2020Central (Grand Junction) High School17:38.56 95
97Nico Piliero2020Battle Mountain High School17:39.51 96
98Paul Slayback2019Mountain View High School17:40.00 97
99Charlie Schroeder2020Coronado High School17:40.81 98
100Mason Hayes2019Longmont High School17:41.00 99
101Ben Klingbeil2020Niwot High School17:42.00 100
102William Berkheimer2021Glenwood Springs High School17:45.60 101
103Jeremiah Sheets2021Thompson Valley High School17:46.00 102
104Max Straub2019Evergreen High School17:47.10 103
105Gabe Prata2020Cheyenne Mountain High School17:49.00 104
106Ethan Jiang2020Niwot High School17:50.00 --
107Humberto Guerrero2019Fort Lupton High School17:54.00 105
108Wyatt Nelson2019Battle Mountain High School17:54.96 106
109Chris Ferrell2021Mountain View High School17:55.00 108
109Isaiah Castillon2019Northridge High School17:55.00 108
109Jack Cover2021Niwot High School17:55.00 --
109Noah Brown2019Golden High School17:55.00 108
113Cobra Ky2020Niwot High School17:55.50 --
114Alexander Walker2020Erie High School17:56.00 111
114Henry Shugart2020George Washington High School17:56.00 111
114Timothy Fritsche2020Erie High School17:56.00 111
117Alex Grosshans2019Standley Lake High School17:57.00 113.5
117Mateo Brown2020Skyview High School17:57.00 113.5
119Julian Shelffo2020Denver North High School17:57.90 115
120Brandon Williams2021Widefield High School17:58.00 116.5
120Carson Hill2021Centaurus High School17:58.00 116.5
122Joshua Simpson2021Montrose High School17:58.21 118
123Diego Burciaga2019Denver North High School17:58.90 119
124Chaos Hernandez2021Cheyenne Mountain High School17:59.00 121
124Jake Antonia2021Cheyenne Mountain High School17:59.00 121
124Riley Warren2020Falcon High School17:59.00 121
127Aidan Peairs2019Niwot High School17:59.60 --
128Ben Bates2019Durango High School18:01.00 --
128Ben King2020Cheyenne Mountain High School18:01.00 --
128Daemon Kuo2020Palmer Ridge High School18:01.00 123
128Samuel Bloomfield2020Palmer Ridge High School18:01.00 --
132Charlie Welch2021George Washington High School18:02.00 124.5
132Cooper Brown2021Littleton High School18:02.00 124.5
134Ezri Perdue2020Battle Mountain High School18:02.60 126
135Korben Long2021Summit High School18:02.80 127
136Braxton Parks2020Fort Morgan High School18:03.00 128
137Zach Jesaitis2019Green Mountain High School18:03.20 129
138Connor Free2020Erie High School18:05.00 130.5
138Riley McNeill2020Frederick High School18:05.00 130.5
140Alec Porterfield2019Centaurus High School18:06.00 134
140Carson Locke2020Discovery Canyon High School18:06.00 134
140Christian Olsen2019Littleton High School18:06.00 134
140Jarrett Ramsay2019Falcon High School18:06.00 134
140Patrick Jirele2020Lewis-Palmer High School18:06.00 134
145Rayan Elahi2020Niwot High School18:06.80 --
146Quinn Hughes2021Montrose High School18:06.86 137
147Nohl Johnson2020Arvada High School18:07.99 138
148Daniel Nega2019Greeley Central High School18:09.00 139.5
148Nels Motley2021Montrose High School18:09.00 139.5
150Collin Silva2020Palmer Ridge High School18:09.66 --
151Ben Lumaye2021Air Academy High School18:09.80 141
152Oliver Bromwell2021Evergreen High School18:10.00 142
153Will Maher2020Mead High School18:11.00 143
154Casey Cope2019Battle Mountain High School18:11.86 --
155Bryce Risner2019Glenwood Springs High School18:12.00 144
155Cailin Tredoux2021Palmer Ridge High School18:12.00 --
155Jack Kenkel2020Niwot High School18:12.00 --
158Shiloh Trowbridge2021Palisade High School18:12.21 145
159Jared McClain2019Central (Grand Junction) High School18:12.77 146
160Adam Reish2019Palmer Ridge High School18:13.00 --
160James Hermance2019Northridge High School18:13.00 147
162Max Burleson2020Thompson Valley High School18:14.00 148
163Bradley Campbell2021Mountain View High School18:17.00 149.5
163John Morrison2020Lewis-Palmer High School18:17.00 149.5
165Aidan Cummings2019Centaurus High School18:18.00 --
165Charley Sagrillo2019Centaurus High School18:18.00 --
165Elias Coppock2020Silver Creek High School18:18.00 151.5
165Ross Combs2020George Washington High School18:18.00 151.5
169Eduardo Monge2020Skyview High School18:21.00 153.5
169Rory Seidel2019Wheat Ridge High School18:21.00 153.5
171Cooper Jones2020Steamboat Springs High School18:21.80 155
172Jacob Allen2020Cheyenne Mountain High School18:22.00 --
173Julian Pacheco2019Northridge High School18:23.00 156.5
173Marcos Hernandez2021Greeley Central High School18:23.00 156.5
175Edwin Garcia2019Fort Morgan High School18:24.00 158
176Adam Austin2020Coronado High School18:24.05 159
177Matthew Storer2020Air Academy High School18:25.08 160
178Andrez Martinez2019Central (Grand Junction) High School18:25.43 161
179Ian Kleinschmidt2021Northfield High School18:26.00 162.5
179Matthew Grewe2019Eagle Valley High School18:26.00 162.5
181Samuel Ndahayo2019Palmer Ridge High School18:26.72 --
182Joshua Pierce2019Lewis-Palmer High School18:27.00 164
183Jack Andriola2021Evergreen High School18:27.50 165
184Asher Finch2021Widefield High School18:28.00 166
185Adam Westfall2019Conifer High School18:28.20 167
186Alex Maline2021Air Academy High School18:30.00 --
186Bode Shiver2021Thompson Valley High School18:30.00 168
186Damien Cooper2021Thompson Valley High School18:30.00 --
189Alex Walker2021Green Mountain High School18:30.40 169
190Ben Kastrul2019George Washington High School18:31.00 171
190Elias Hinojosa2021Erie High School18:31.00 171
190Micai Shoots2020Northfield High School18:31.00 171
193Nathan Mauser2019Palisade High School18:31.07 173
194Mason Mitchell2019Battle Mountain High School18:31.61 --
195Isaac Cade2020Lewis-Palmer High School18:31.85 174
196Cole Toothaker2020Niwot High School18:32.00 --
196Parker Lewis2019Longmont High School18:32.00 175
198Manny Diaz2019Mountain View High School18:33.00 176
199Cooper Shuman2019Lewis-Palmer High School18:34.47 177
200Davis Krueger2020Battle Mountain High School18:34.94 --
201Chris Crosby2019Standley Lake High School18:35.00 178.5
201Matthew Sapakoff2021Littleton High School18:35.00 178.5
203Danny Ridley2019Golden High School18:36.00 180.5
203Jeyden Lewis2019Roosevelt High School18:36.00 180.5
205Anthony Flores2019Pueblo East High School18:37.00 182
206Jack Whistler2019Durango High School18:37.10 --
207Fernando Ortiz2019Fort Morgan High School18:38.00 183
208Henry Jackson2019Littleton High School18:39.00 184
208Noah Llerandi2018Centaurus High School18:39.00 --
210Sam Wescott2020Summit High School18:39.20 185
211Quintin Brunner2021Air Academy High School18:39.79 --
212Caleb Neel2019Green Mountain High School18:40.00 186
212Nate McCoy2019Palmer Ridge High School18:40.00 --
214Aiden Quayle2021Durango High School18:40.80 --
215Memphis Thomas2020Longmont High School18:41.70 187
216Gage Nielsen2021Eagle Valley High School18:41.93 188
217Jack Holtorf2019Standley Lake High School18:42.00 190
217Jeffrey Fiantaca2020Central (Grand Junction) High School18:42.00 190
217Trevor Stutzman2019Littleton High School18:42.00 190
220Hunter Twitty2019Golden High School18:43.00 192.5
220Javier Mijares2019Skyview High School18:43.00 192.5
222Reese Jacobs2019Battle Mountain High School18:44.31 --
223Abe Hoffman2019George Washington High School18:45.00 195
223Collin Gammon2019Standley Lake High School18:45.00 195
223Michael Donehower2019Discovery Canyon High School18:45.00 195
226Max Burrell2020Glenwood Springs High School18:45.50 197
227Bradley Miller2020Fort Morgan High School18:46.00 198
228Nic Alba2020Mesa Ridge High School18:46.09 199
229Conor Hallagan2021Mountain View High School18:47.00 200.5
229Wyatt Michener2019Evergreen High School18:47.00 200.5
231Gray Wasson2021Summit High School18:47.30 202
232Adrian Blouser2020Pueblo East High School18:48.00 203
233Timothy Perez2020Pueblo Centennial High School18:49.00 204
234Donovan Marshall2020Littleton High School18:50.00 206
234Jamis Schriner2021Erie High School18:50.00 206
234Luke Pierce2019Cheyenne Mountain High School18:50.00 --
234Matthew Grant2021Centaurus High School18:50.00 --
234Niels Kooij2019Thomas Jefferson High School18:50.00 206
239Max Lantz2020Lewis-Palmer High School18:50.29 208
240Eric White2020Coronado High School18:50.57 209
241Colin McCormick2019Littleton High School18:51.00 --
241Lucas Moore2020Roosevelt High School18:51.00 210
243Alan Gallegos Ramos2020Northfield High School18:52.00 212
243Augustin Rosario2020Greeley Central High School18:52.00 212
243Noah Johnson2020Thompson Valley High School18:52.00 --
243Pablo Quezada2019Denver North High School18:52.00 212
247Matthew Muser2019Falcon High School18:52.44 214
248Sam Burke2021Summit High School18:52.70 215
249Chris Rohlf2019Summit High School18:52.80 216
250Connor Robinson2021Centaurus High School18:53.00 --
250Dom Danos2019Green Mountain High School18:53.00 217
252Jayden Davidson2020Roosevelt High School18:54.00 219
252Peter Ash2019Silver Creek High School18:54.00 219
252Tyler Bizzell2020Mesa Ridge High School18:54.00 219
255David Diaz2019Fort Morgan High School18:55.00 221
256Adrian Vasquez2020Skyview High School18:56.00 222.5
256Ben Handwerker2021Centaurus High School18:56.00 --
256Kieran Hahn2019Steamboat Springs High School18:56.00 222.5
259Aubrey Morrison2019Steamboat Springs High School18:56.29 224
260Jayden Peterson2019Mesa Ridge High School18:57.00 225
261Allen Alford2020Wheat Ridge High School18:58.00 227.5
261Cooper Hinman2019Erie High School18:58.00 227.5
261Gabe Schulz2021Longmont High School18:58.00 227.5
261Jack Swanson2019Golden High School18:58.00 227.5
261Jakob Hobert2019Erie High School18:58.00 --
261Nathan Allen2021Lewis-Palmer High School18:58.00 --
267Ari Dennis2021Battle Mountain High School18:58.40 --
268Austin Sexton2019Mountain View High School18:59.00 231
268Suhaib Giornasi2020George Washington High School18:59.00 231
268Vincent Pomponio2020Wheat Ridge High School18:59.00 231
271Drew Warner2019Golden High School19:00.00 233
272Mark Bloomfield2020Coronado High School19:00.07 234
273Christopher Haley2020Frederick High School19:01.00 236.5
273Hector Lopez2019Fort Lupton High School19:01.00 236.5
273Kellen Sisco2021Golden High School19:01.00 236.5
273Robert Orozco2021Roosevelt High School19:01.00 236.5
277Logan Trujillo2019Silver Creek High School19:01.20 239
278Logan Tarman2019Palisade High School19:01.80 240
279Shane Meese2020Mountain View High School19:02.00 --
280Dylan O'Neill2021Golden High School19:03.00 --
280Logan Schubert2019Northfield High School19:03.00 241.5
280Stephen Astor2020Discovery Canyon High School19:03.00 241.5
283Elijah Ball2019Windsor High School19:04.00 243.5
283Joe Santistevan2020Pueblo South High School19:04.00 243.5
285Giovanni Marquez2021Summit High School19:04.90 --
286Ethan Gile2019Eagle Valley High School19:05.09 --
287Josh Burg2019Falcon High School19:05.24 245
288Cole Hernandez2019Pueblo Centennial High School19:06.00 246.5
288Tanner Stahnke2020Conifer High School19:06.00 246.5
288Zachary Mason2020Palmer Ridge High School19:06.00 --
291Quinn Wellman2019Steamboat Springs High School19:06.50 248
292Nick Espinola2021Mullen High School19:07.00 249
293Huriel Rodriguez2021Montrose High School19:07.82 250
294Cord Anderson2020Windsor High School19:08.00 251
295Ben Andriola2021Evergreen High School19:09.80 252
296Andrew Hill2019Coronado High School19:09.87 253
297Cole Givens2020Fort Morgan High School19:10.00 254
298Colton Magnuson2021Northridge High School19:11.00 255
299Drew Getty2020Cheyenne Mountain High School19:11.99 --
300Nicholas Alba2020Mesa Ridge High School19:12.00 256
301Clay Humphries2021Eagle Valley High School19:12.98 --
302Benji Schatz2021Centaurus High School19:13.00 --
303Tj Guercio2020Battle Mountain High School19:13.60 --
304Brock Lang2020Falcon High School19:14.00 257
305Frankie Pompanio2019Wheat Ridge High School19:15.00 258.5
305Kyle Hofmann2020Standley Lake High School19:15.00 258.5
307Micheal Mendoza2020Palmer Ridge High School19:15.06 --
308Jacob Gilday2019John F. Kennedy High School19:16.00 --
309Mario Perez2021Northridge High School19:16.80 260
310Patrick Ash2021Silver Creek High School19:17.00 261
311Owen Mangeot2021Glenwood Springs High School19:17.20 262
312Seth Romo2020Conifer High School19:18.00 263
313Trey Ramsay2021Falcon High School19:18.14 264
314Dalton Deter2021Glenwood Springs High School19:19.00 265
315Alexis Ruiz2019Skyview High School19:19.70 266
316Andrew Linscome2020Green Mountain High School19:20.00 268
316Dillon Hendrix2021Standley Lake High School19:20.00 268
316Nick Scohy2020Mead High School19:20.00 268
319Ethan Pyke2020Battle Mountain High School19:20.50 --
320Vincenzo Perri2020Golden High School19:21.00 --
321RJ Bristol2021Summit High School19:21.40 --
322Julian Pratt-Kreft2021Centaurus High School19:22.00 --
322Steven Chacon2020Mountain View High School19:22.00 --
324Zachary Yoder2021Eagle Valley High School19:22.19 --
325Lbona Haile2020Erie High School19:24.00 --
326Sage Frontella2019Palisade High School19:24.20 270
327Anthony Soto2019Pueblo Centennial High School19:25.00 271
328Caleb White2020Summit High School19:26.30 --
329Michael Capps2019Central (Grand Junction) High School19:26.58 272
330Blake Granquist2020Green Mountain High School19:27.00 273
331Jackson Creagan2020Steamboat Springs High School19:28.00 274
332Luke Berger2021Battle Mountain High School19:28.20 --
333Liam Hanagan2019Battle Mountain High School19:28.80 --
334Eric Kropkowski2019Discovery Canyon High School19:29.00 275
335Evan McShane2021Palmer Ridge High School19:29.43 --
336Eric Simony2019Pueblo South High School19:30.00 276
337John Paul Roach2020Discovery Canyon High School19:32.00 277
338Tony Hernandez2019Eagle Valley High School19:33.00 --
339Jonathan Vogel2020Northfield High School19:33.60 278
340Tyler Halliday2020Falcon High School19:33.70 279
341Dante Micheli2020Silver Creek High School19:34.00 --
341Parker Hogan2019Erie High School19:34.00 --
341Weston Sidoroff2019Evergreen High School19:34.00 280
344Luke Rhode2020Fort Morgan High School19:35.00 --
345Gabe Gueretta2019Palisade High School19:36.00 281
345Kyle Blake2021Discovery Canyon High School19:36.00 --
345Ryan Sederholm2021Thompson Valley High School19:36.00 --
348Marcin Latek2020Palisade High School19:36.65 --
349Alex Miller2021Erie High School19:37.00 --
349Isaias Estrada2021Thomas Jefferson High School19:37.00 282
351Ethan Davis2019Evergreen High School19:38.00 --
352Matthew Louie2021Silver Creek High School19:38.30 --
353Hunter Driscoll2019Falcon High School19:39.00 --
353Skyler Patterson2021Silver Creek High School19:39.00 --
355Alex Schink2019Falcon High School19:40.00 --
355Wyatt Mathews2020Widefield High School19:40.00 283
357Luke Piquard2021Ponderosa High School19:40.35 284
358Christopher Simmonds2020Niwot High School19:41.00 --
358Hans Romine2020Littleton High School19:41.00 --
358Lincoln Hutchings2021Longmont High School19:41.00 285
361Evan Arnold2021Conifer High School19:41.50 286
362Harrison Bartlett2020Niwot High School19:41.90 --
363Steven Merrill2020Wheat Ridge High School19:42.00 287
364Ryan Graef2020Thomas Jefferson High School19:44.00 288
365Alex Barela2019Summit High School19:44.50 --
366Josh Marion2020Battle Mountain High School19:44.90 --
367Daniel Roberts2020Centaurus High School19:47.00 --
368Ian Walsh2021Greeley Central High School19:47.20 289
369Charles Leech2019Steamboat Springs High School19:47.60 290
370Elijah Montano2020Palmer Ridge High School19:49.00 --
370Will Greig2020Longmont High School19:49.00 --
372Lance Berg2020Pueblo County High School19:50.00 291
373Blake Harris2019Silver Creek High School19:51.00 --
374Seth Butler2019Air Academy High School19:51.57 --
375Chance Foster2019Palmer Ridge High School19:51.90 --
376Luke Banich2021Cheyenne Mountain High School19:52.00 --
376Mason Schmid2019Evergreen High School19:52.00 --
376Micah VanderLugt2020Mountain View High School19:52.00 --
379David Gonzalez2019Eagle Valley High School19:52.13 --
380Alex Diaz2021Discovery Canyon High School19:53.00 --
380Mathew Ordaz-Bustos2021Wheat Ridge High School19:53.00 292
382Logan Ralph2020Littleton High School19:54.00 --
382Patrick Benfield2019Golden High School19:54.00 --
382Zachary Jones2019Cheyenne Mountain High School19:54.00 --
382Zak Paige2021Cheyenne Mountain High School19:54.00 --
386Aiden Von grabow2020Green Mountain High School19:55.00 --
386Sam Budoff2021Wheat Ridge High School19:55.00 --
388Joe Sanisteven2021Pueblo South High School19:56.00 293
388Reilly Crisler2021Lewis-Palmer High School19:56.00 --
390Ben Norby2020Ponderosa High School19:56.31 294
391Miles Dodge2021Air Academy High School19:56.90 --
392Brace Norton2020Pueblo County High School19:57.00 295.5
392D'Angelo Maddrey2021Harrison High School19:57.00 295.5
394Alexander Sauer2021Roosevelt High School19:57.90 297
395Josiah Petak2021Lewis-Palmer High School19:58.00 --
395Kenneth Huynh2019Littleton High School19:58.00 --
397Alexander Workman2020Frederick High School19:59.00 299
397Cole Merchant2021Mullen High School19:59.00 299
397Easton Schriner2019Erie High School19:59.00 --
397Edwin Catmull2019Sand Creek High School19:59.00 299