4A/5A Colorado Springs Metro League Meet 2017

  • Alan Versaw
    Site Admin

    This may not format very well here, I'll add it to the meet page as well:

    CSML Track & Field Championships Meet Schedule
    May 11 & 13

    This will be a rolling schedule. Events may begin before the posted times.


    Start Event
    5:00 5A Sprint Medley Finals
    5:05 4A/5A 4X800 Girls Finals
    5:25 4A/5A 4x800 Boys Finals
    5:50 Girls 100m Hurdles Prelims
    6:00 Boys 100m Hurdles Prelims
    6:10 Girls 100m Dash Prelims
    6:20 Boys 100m Dash Prelims
    6:35 4A 4x200 Girls Finals
    6:40 4A 4x200 Boys Finals
    6:45 5A 3200m Run Girls Finals
    7:00 5A 3200m Run Boys Finals
    7:15 5A/4A 400m Dash Girls Finals
    7:25 5A/4A 400m Dash Boys Finals
    7:35 4A 1600m Run Girls Finals
    7:45 4A 1600m Run Boys Finals
    7:55 5A/4A 200m Dash Girls Prelims
    8:05 5A/4A 200m Dash Boys Prelims

    4A Boys Long Jump 5A Girls High Jump
    5A Boys Discus 4A Girls Shot Put
    4A/5A Boys Pole Vault 4A Girls Triple Jump

    After completion of 4:00 Events After completion of 4:00 events.
    4A Boys – Discus 5A Girls Shot Put
    5A Boys – Long Jump 5A Girls Triple Jump
    4A Girls High Jump


    Start Event
    9:00 4A Girls 3200m Run Finals
    9:20 4A Boys 3200m Run Finals
    9:30 4A Sprint Medley Finals
    9:40 100m Hurdles Girls Finals
    9:50 110m Hurdles Boys Finals
    10:00 100m Dash Girls Finals
    10:10 100m Dash Boys Finals
    10:15 5A 4x200 Relay Girls Finals
    10:20 5A 4x200 Relay Boys Finals
    10:25 5A 1600m Run Girls Finals
    10:35 5A 1600m Run Boy Finals
    10:50 Lunch Break
    11:30 4x100m Girls Finals
    11:45 4x100m Boys Finals
    12:00 300IM Hurdles Girls Finals
    12:15 300IM Hurdles Boys Finals
    12:30 200m Dash Girls Finals
    12:40 200m Dash Boys Finals
    12:50 4A/5A 800m Run Girls Finals
    1:00 4A/5A 800m run Boys Finals
    1:20 4X400 Girls Finals
    1:30 4x400 Boys Finals

    9:00 9:00
    5A Boys Triple Jump 4A Girls Long Jump
    5A Boys Shot Put 4A Girls Discus
    4A Boys High Jump 4A/5A Girls Pole Vault

    11:30 11:30
    4A Boys Triple Jump 5A Girls Long Jump
    4A Boys Shot Put 5A Girls Discus
    5A Boys High Jump