Football & Track

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  • Chris Smith
    As the new head track coach at Mountain Range, any ideas out there for how to establish a strong/positive relationship with the football program? Only the head football coach is in building, and I'd love to see more football guys coming out for track (not just throws) rather than just doing "spring football." Thanks in advance-track season is just around the corner!!
  • Max Oliver
    Good luck.
    First, try to hire the head football coach as an assistant track coach. You might be able to train him.
    Second, point out to the head coach how track and football compliment each other. Many, if not most schools that have good football teams, have good track teams, and the other way around.
    Third, point out on film the very poor form the football teams defensive backs and running backs have, and vow to help them run faster.
    Fourth, and the hardest for me, acknowledge that football is the priority for many of the kids. Let them do things like do their strength training with the football team.
    Lastly, work hard at getting just one or two of the most talented football players out for track. Start with just a couple, and work from there. As you have success, more will follow.