Lake City Community School

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64 N Silver Street, Lake City, CO 812352

Phone: 970-944-2314 Web Site

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Track/All Classifications
2016-18 1A Trk
x2014-16 CO 1A Outdoor
x2014-16 CO 2A CC
State XC Teams - Girls 2A
Under 1000 (XC)
2016-18 2A XC
2A Region 3
Southern Peaks


Blayden Fletcher is one of a small handful of returning state champions in the 1A ranks.
Last month's 2A Region 3 Boys race gets off to a competitive start. Photo by Alan Versaw.
Of course, Jacklynn Snyder will be aiming to help Rocky Ford qualify for state, but the Meloneers might have more in mind for their regional. Photo by Alan Versaw.
On a per capita basis, probably no school in the state gets as much cross country production out of its student body as Lake City Community School, here exemplified by...
Izaac Borchers is the #2 1A returner at 800 meters and one very good reason Lake City is a team of much interest come next spring. Photo by Alan Versaw.


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