A Colorado Gallery of Great Southwest

Jackson Spalding spun his way to fifth place in the shot put. 

Forget about basketball dream teams. The Colorado Girls A 4x100 relay was the dream team of all dream teams. Here Zainab Sanni reaches to catch a speeding Jerayah Davis with the baton.

The background of this photo is too cluttered to be as effective as it could be, but I've tried for years to get a photo of Addy Neibauer vaulting with Dad looking on (he's always nearby) and finally succeeded with this one.

Deyja Enriquez and Louise Vandenberghe learn a lot about how fatiguing the steeplechase can be.

I'm envious of people with Colt Sessions kind of flexibility. I'm even more envious of people of guys who can high jump 6-8 on something less that their best day.

Although I used a different shot of Haley Showalter for a cover photo on an article for the meet, this is unquestionably the better shot. This shot shows both the artistry and the tension of the hammer throw in a much more effective way, but the image just doesn't work in a horizontal format.

Riley Cooney has won a few 800s this spring, but maybe none with as much drama as this one.

Aaron Ragin showed a ton of promise for the future in the 200 and 400.

Like the other pole vault photo, the background on this one of Gabby Casey is too busy, but I like the geometry of the poles nevertheless.

Christa Boettiger seems suspended in air, not relishing what's about to come.

If I'm not mistaken, Payton Miller broke my niece's 400 meter record at Golden High School this spring. I've been trying for a while to get a decent photo of Miller--this one works.

Chuck Bisbee and the last trip out of the water pit.

There are lots of reasons why Chyna Ries is an outstanding long jumper, and the discipline of keeping her eyes up as she approaches the landing is one of those reasons.

It's difficult to get pictures of triple jumpers where they actually look comfortable and balanced, like Connor Turnage does here. That and the fact that the display board in the background is refreshing gives the image the feel of having been photoshopped.

I've never wondered if Daniel Belk was laying it on the line. Somehow, that question never arises.

I know Durango will miss Joe Maloney. I think the rest of us will, too.