Favorite images of Great Southwest: the multis (updated)

A follow-up collection of the best shots from the regular events is coming soon, but for now please enjoy these images...

The hunter and the hunted


Kelly Barrows was the smallest individual in the competition but had no problems getting height on her long jump.


Nobody could wind up and sling it like Zack Bornstein


A little-seen, but neverthless effective, high jump technique these days


I think this means she likes the throw


When most of the rest of the competitors had bowed out or were scraping the bar, Anyah Nutter still had room to spare


Jerrick Powell opened the competition taking a bow in the 100


Ashtin Zamzow - hurdle menace


It's hard to catch Tiana Bonds on terra firma in a multis competition, but here she settles back to earth for a moment


Rachel Sharpe was new to the javelin but was in no mood to take any guff from the implement


Most photo bombs don't work out nearly this well--the repetition is form is very intriguing here


Hayden Ashley turns it on in the 400


Jaida Lemmons powers her way through the long jump


When you're more experienced with pole vault, or so I'm told, you don't watch the bar, but, for being new to the event, Cordell Davis made exceptional progress with the PV on Friday


Sometimes it's fun just to take a different perspective on an event.


Train Strosser had easily the best throwing expressions of the entire event


Even in an event as primal as the javelin, the pinky can still play an important role


Kaylee Hinton at the shot put ballet


This one is from general practice while the multis were going on and not a regular multi competition, but I love the image nevertheless


That's a happier face than most shot putters show on their follow through


Balance is an iffy thing and even the best long jumpers have mid-course corrections to negotiate


Bracing for impact


Nice use of the wrist in Cordell Davis's throw


This photo setup has become a bit of a cliche in the world of track and field, but the red arms of the New Mexico hurdles gives this image a slightly snazzier feel than many


Jordan Fields turns for home and steps on the gas


Morgan Griffiths showed this kind of intensity all weekend long


True to Los Alamos tradition, Simon Bailey had plenty left for the 1500


Keeping it on the legal side of the toe board




It's a nice nose, be careful with that thing


Unless you've tried, you have no idea how difficult it is to get a shot of a thrower watching his/her implement in flight


Morgan Hartsell was at her best in the high jump


Smooth as silk