Ellie Colpitts: Mountain Lions Are No Longer the Enemy

Ellie Colpitts will be moving a couple hours down I-25 this fall to run for UCCS. Photo by Alan Versaw.


Ellie Colpitts' best marks:

1600 meters - 5:31.72

3200 meters - 11:45.96

5K cross country - 19:25.0


UCCS is known as something of an engineering-emphasis kind of school. Is that what you're headed to UCCS for, or is it some other program you have your eye on?

Much against the wishes of my engineering-enthused family, I will be majoring in Communications at UCCS. I've always been the weird kid who likes writing and public speaking so I hope to pursue a career in journalism (if you ever need assistance writing articles)!

What was the clincher for signing to run with UCCS?

For some reason UCCS always caught my eye, even before I visited. The Springs is absolutely gorgeous and the perfect distance from home, so when I met Coach Kubatzky and the girls on the team it really was just icing on the cake. I felt right at home and the essence of the team reminded me of what I am used to at Thompson Valley; passionate and driven. Also I just felt welcomed and wanted, which is important to me.

If you had to choose between track and cross country, which one would win?

I hope I never have to choose between track and cross country, but if I did I would have to go with cross country. The team is normally smaller and so much more like a family. I'm better at longer distances too, so that definitely plays into my bias.

What track events do you figure you're headed for in college?

Knowing that I run relatively better in longer distances, I imagine that I'll be heading into that area (maybe a 5k or 10k?) of collegiate track, even if it means countless, exasperating circles. I actually want to try steeplechase because I used to hurdle and it seems like an event that requires so much determination and heart, which I always want to test my limits in.

Pick a favorite moment from your high school career to tell us a little about.

Without a doubt, my favorite moment from my high school running career was cross country state my junior year. If you know Matt Norton, you know that he is a collected guy that rarely loses his cool. But that day he stood at the 4K mark and I had to do a double take while racing because I couldn't believe that was really my coach. Only, he wasn't actually standing, the image of him jumping ecstatically and screaming his head off like a crazy man is stuck with me. I've never finished a race with that much energy. That was the moment I knew we had somehow managed to pull it together and come out on top. It was really a great day.

Will there be any racing for you this summer, or will it be strictly base building and such for the fall?

I just received my summer training schedule and it's loaded with base training and specific core exercises. Seeing as I need to make a good first impression, I will definitely be sticking to that. Although I do plan to race the Loveland Liberty 5K per tradition and run in a triathlon relay team with my mother and sister. Hopefully that'll fit in with Coach K's plan!