Every Time I Think about Track, the Snow Starts Falling Harder (Large Schools)

Rio Rancho (New Mexico) is coming to Lyons in September, and Devin Paredes could be contending for an individual title. Photo by Alan Versaw.

One apparent solution to the dilemma presented in the headline of this article is to think about cross country. If track = snow, the perhaps cross country = relief.

To borrow a line from a Dan Fogelberg song, "And the snow turned into rain."

Since Mark Roberts has already been good enough to send out a list of teams for this fall's St. Vrain Cross Country Invitational, I thought it might be fun to do a virtual meet on the returning runners for all the teams scheduled to converge on Lyons come September 10 (I'll be doing small schools in just a bit here). 

The large school races should be good--no, excellent. Here's what the virtual meets reveal (and you know all the usual caveats about virtual meets by now):


Championship Meet - 20 Teams

1Isaac Green11Monarch High School14:55.001
2Devin Paredes11Rio Rancho High School15:14.802
3Tanner Norman11Classical Academy, The15:15.003
4Parker Mackay10Mountain Vista High School15:18.004
5Maximilliano Martinez11Widefield High School15:30.005
6Joshua Romine11Mountain Vista High School15:39.006
7Zachary Allen11Rio Rancho High School15:43.907
8Jeremy Meadows11Palmer Ridge High School15:45.008
9Shayan Zarrin10Mountain Vista High School15:47.009
10Andrew Lester11Palmer Ridge High School15:48.0010
11Andrew Rudnicki11Palmer Ridge High School15:49.0011
12Connor McCabe10Rampart High School15:55.0012
13Harrison Scudamore10Denver East High School15:56.0013
14Gage Hornung11Boulder High School16:00.0014
15Carter Dillon10Mountain Vista High School16:03.0015
16David Ogden11Rio Rancho High School16:06.3016
17Cole Munoz10Widefield High School16:07.0017
18Landon Rast10Legend High School16:15.0018
19Sam Primozich11Boulder High School16:20.0019
20Sean Riedel11Boulder High School16:22.0020
21Weston Hart11Mountain Vista High School16:22.0021
22Luke Zacharias11Boulder High School16:26.0022
23James Espinoza11Palmer Ridge High School16:26.0023
24Scott Johnson11Legend High School16:26.4024
25Matthew Arbegast11Widefield High School16:28.0025
26Ryan Moen10Classical Academy, The16:29.0026
27Joshua Baker11Rio Rancho High School16:33.9027
28Zach Litoff11Monarch High School16:34.0028
29Isaac Russo10Monarch High School16:35.0029
30Charlie Perry10Monarch High School16:35.0030
31Greg Hibl11Monarch High School16:36.0031
32Bryce Pietenpol10Poudre High School16:38.0032
33Sadio Fenner10Rampart High School16:39.0033
34Nathan Gipprich10Pine Creek High School16:45.0034
35Canaan Lamberth10Classical Academy, The16:46.0035
36Cale Englert11Windsor High School16:51.0036
37Christopher Lovejoy11Mountain Vista High School16:52.0037
38Stephen Agenbroad11Widefield High School16:52.0038
39Brandon Hippe9Palmer Ridge High School16:52.0039
40Ryan Matson10Palmer Ridge High School16:53.0040
41Jack Herrmann11Monarch High School16:54.0041
42Will Daknis11Poudre High School16:56.0042
43Ethan Rouse9Mountain Vista High School16:57.0043
44Cameron Beal10Mountain Vista High School16:58.00--
45Noah Dodd11Rio Rancho High School16:58.3544
46Josh Torres10Northridge High School17:00.6045
47Aidan Clouse10Palmer Ridge High School17:04.0046
48Andrew Bluemel9Palmer Ridge High School17:05.00--
49Sean Kilcullen11Longmont High School17:05.0047
50Justin Lund10Mountain Vista High School17:07.00--
51Brian Shockley10Mountain Vista High School17:09.00--
52Michael Lauck11Fort Morgan High School17:15.0048
53John Carberry11Rampart High School17:15.0049
54Kieran Nay10Palmer Ridge High School17:16.00--
55Jacob Dewey10Rampart High School17:16.0050
56Cody Smith9Rio Rancho High School17:16.3051
57Kenny Lang10Niwot High School17:17.8052
58Austin Podhajsky10Legend High School17:18.0053
59Johnathan Dunn11Rio Rancho High School17:20.6054
60Drew Vidano10Palmer Ridge High School17:21.00--
61David Fraser10Boulder High School17:21.0055
62Ben Santos10Boulder High School17:22.0056
63Bryan Martino10Poudre High School17:23.5057
64Ethan Steiner10Niwot High School17:24.0058
65Ben Geisler10Mountain Vista High School17:29.00--
66Quentin Olive-Larson11Poudre High School17:29.0059
67Sheldon Hafner10Mountain Vista High School17:29.00--
68Korrin Williams10Rio Rancho High School17:29.60--
69Jeremy Harms10Poudre High School17:34.0060
70Peter Vigil11Rio Rancho High School17:34.00--
71Alex Giglio9Poudre High School17:35.0061
72Brandon Wallace11Monarch High School17:35.0062
73Declan Stone-Murphy11Monarch High School17:36.00--
74Caleb Hardy9Boulder High School17:36.0063
75William Dixon10Monarch High School17:36.00--
76Kendall Ruggles-Delgado9Palmer Ridge High School17:36.00--
77Micah Kelly9Palmer Ridge High School17:38.50--
78Chris Lyders10Monarch High School17:39.00--
79Hunter Elliott9Mountain Vista High School17:39.00--
80Tyler Waters10Monarch High School17:41.00--
81Luke Wilson10Palmer Ridge High School17:42.00--
82Axel Nay10Palmer Ridge High School17:43.00--
83Nils Johnson11Boulder High School17:44.00--
84Jensen Baade9Mountain Vista High School17:47.00--
85Okoya Gachupin10Rio Rancho High School17:48.40--
86Hayden DeBuse10Mead High School17:49.0064
87Josh Hawkins10Pine Creek High School17:49.0065
88George Arciniega11Widefield High School17:50.0066
89Orion Pipersky9Boulder High School17:52.00--
90Luke Simeon11Erie High School17:53.0067
91Luke Socolofsky11Palmer Ridge High School17:53.00--
92Brendan Johnston9Classical Academy, The17:57.0068
93Ryan Schumacher9Windsor High School17:57.5069
94Treden Bosch9Poudre High School17:58.6070
95Jesse Falk11Niwot High School17:59.7071
96Aaryn Callahan11Widefield High School18:03.0072
97Heriberto Munoz10Fort Morgan High School18:03.0073
98Ryan Johnson9Legend High School18:05.0074
99Jacob Hansen11Mountain Vista High School18:05.80--
100Nathan Bone9Classical Academy, The18:06.0075
101Justin Cochrane11Mountain Vista High School18:07.00--
102Irvin Marroquin11Niwot High School18:07.0076
103Luke Durden10Legend High School18:07.0077
104Derek Ashby10Pine Creek High School18:08.0078
105Justin McDaniel10Mead High School18:08.8079
106Mason Pendergast10Boulder High School18:11.00--
107Quinn Jamieson11Boulder High School18:11.00--
108Alec Eyl9Boulder High School18:13.00--
109Davis Kang10Boulder High School18:14.00--
110Mitchell Waters10Monarch High School18:14.00--
111Zane Cire10Erie High School18:15.2080
112Miles Mena9Widefield High School18:15.3081
113Chase Cordova10Pine Creek High School18:16.0082
114Brody Dempsey9Mountain Vista High School18:16.00--
115Isak Redman9Poudre High School18:17.00--
116Victor Spalloni10Palmer Ridge High School18:17.00--
117Preston Weaver11Mountain Vista High School18:22.00--
118Ethan Glenn9Monarch High School18:22.60--
119Aaron Dewey9Rampart High School18:23.0083
120Drew Kroeker9Pine Creek High School18:24.0084
121John Sexton11Erie High School18:27.0085
122Mason Hayes9Longmont High School18:27.0086
123Finn Kilcullen9Longmont High School18:28.0087
124Noah Rojo9Fort Morgan High School18:29.0088
125Jose Jimenez9Fort Morgan High School18:30.0089
126Tommy Stager11Niwot High School18:32.0090
127Tyler Larson10Erie High School18:33.0091
128Spencer LaValley11Classical Academy, The18:35.1092
129Nolan Getchell9Legend High School18:36.0093
130Quinn Wilson11Widefield High School18:36.00--
131Paxton Hansburg9Monarch High School18:36.50--
132Christian Marcelli10Rio Rancho High School18:37.10--
133Christopher Schauer11Mountain Vista High School18:38.00--
134Caden Foster10Mountain Vista High School18:38.00--
135Garrett Nelson9Poudre High School18:38.00--
136Michael Harms11Rampart High School18:40.0094
137Jadon Bennick9Legend High School18:41.0095
138Caleb Vehige11Rampart High School18:46.0096
139Matthew Funk11Niwot High School18:46.1097
140Matt Terry10Harrison High School18:47.0098
141Jake Shaul10Boulder High School18:48.60--
142James Houdeshell11Poudre High School18:50.20--
143Garrett Robins11Poudre High School18:51.00--
144Luke Rohlwing9Legend High School18:51.50--
145Reed Henderson9Monarch High School18:52.10--
146Brendan Anderson10Legend High School18:52.90--
147Rafael Marmalejo-Daher11Denver East High School18:53.0099
148Jonathon Santillian11Harrison High School18:54.00100
149Scott Draper11Rampart High School18:54.03--
150Sam Federspiel10Legend High School18:55.00--
151Isaiah Rodriguez11Poudre High School18:55.00--
152Alexander Weber10Denver East High School18:58.00101
153Bobby Danahey9Denver East High School18:58.00102
154Denzel Jones10Pine Creek High School18:58.00103
155Trevor Price10Mountain Vista High School19:00.90--
156Dillon Burke9Northridge High School19:03.00104
157Andrew Leyba9Rio Rancho High School19:03.00--
158Tanner Conklin11Monarch High School19:04.00--
159Andrew Williams10Mead High School19:04.00105
160Tj Barker11Rampart High School19:04.24--
161Chance Foster9Palmer Ridge High School19:05.30--
162Cody Sparrow11Mountain Vista High School19:07.00--
163Santiago Montano9Mountain Vista High School19:07.00--
164Jonathan Woolf10Palmer Ridge High School19:08.00--
165David Reveles10Northridge High School19:08.60106
166Sean Gazarik10Monarch High School19:11.00--
167David Boyles11Pine Creek High School19:16.00107
168Isaiah Wier-March11Niwot High School19:16.00108
169Simeon Sturm11Rampart High School19:17.17--
170David Bolt10Rampart High School19:19.00--
171Daniel Weatherby11Palmer Ridge High School19:19.10--
172Ryan Peng11Erie High School19:19.20109
173Justin Bartsch9Boulder High School19:20.00--
174Peter Jonas10Denver East High School19:21.00110
175Peter LeCavalier10Niwot High School19:21.00--
176Daniel Trevino10Erie High School19:21.50111
177Jeremy Roberts11Harrison High School19:22.00112
178Brian Ma9Mountain Vista High School19:22.80--
179Kooper Smith10Northridge High School19:23.60113
180Alex Clairborne9Poudre High School19:24.00--
181Ralph Ramsey11Palmer Ridge High School19:24.30--
182Isaac Bahr10Classical Academy, The19:25.00114
183Aidan Johnston9Classical Academy, The19:25.00--
184Jason Thornton10Windsor High School19:25.20115
185Matthew Wiest9Mountain Vista High School19:26.00--
186Nathan Wilson11Mountain Vista High School19:26.00--
187Jalen Johnson10Widefield High School19:26.00--
188Parker Scarbrough10Harrison High School19:28.00116
189Micah Glesmann10Windsor High School19:29.00117
190Benjamin Salek9Palmer Ridge High School19:29.80--
191Kolter Quick11Fort Morgan High School19:33.00118
192Trevor Overton10Windsor High School19:33.30119
193Julian Pacheco9Northridge High School19:35.80120
194Sam Carner10Monarch High School19:36.00--
195Josh Phillips11Boulder High School19:37.70--
196Benjamin Bi9Niwot High School19:38.00--
197Rhett Stockebrand11Monarch High School19:40.00--
198Jack Volf9Niwot High School19:42.00--
199Parker Hogan9Erie High School19:43.00121
200Weston Matherly10Niwot High School19:45.50--
201David Qiu9Niwot High School19:45.90--
202Jacob Cormack9Windsor High School19:46.80122
203Jacob Peterson9Monarch High School19:46.80--
204Adam Reish9Palmer Ridge High School19:47.60--
205James Hermance9Northridge High School19:48.80123
206Dallin Myatt10Windsor High School19:49.00124
207Josh Bordick10Rampart High School19:50.00--
208John Pacheco11Legend High School19:50.00--
209Lee Brockway10Rampart High School19:50.29--
210Zane Stewart10Rampart High School19:50.91--
211Owen Lockwood10Poudre High School19:52.30--
212Jadden McDonald11Widefield High School19:55.00--
213Dean McDaniel9Mead High School19:55.00125
214Ben Ponder11Monarch High School19:55.00--
215Calvin Heiman10Boulder High School19:55.60--
216Cooper Johnson10Legend High School19:57.00--
217John Parker10Palmer Ridge High School19:58.00--
218Austin Harris11Mountain Vista High School19:58.00--
219Jack Thompson10Denver East High School19:59.00126
220Blake Harris10Mountain Vista High School19:59.00--
221Aaron Bacon10Denver East High School20:00.00127
222Daedalus Muse11Pine Creek High School20:02.00--
223Thomas Bauer10Mead High School20:02.50128
224Asepha Shaeffer11Northridge High School20:02.60129
225Nathanael McCoy9Palmer Ridge High School20:03.00--
226Elahi Kaman11Niwot High School20:06.50--
227Elijah Shepherd10Palmer Ridge High School20:09.00--
228Joey Prendergast9Longmont High School20:09.00130
229Ryan Kauffman10Denver East High School20:11.00--
230Ross Massey10Rampart High School20:11.00--
231Logan Johnson10Widefield High School20:12.00--
232Cayce Reese11Monarch High School20:14.80--
233John Reimann9Palmer Ridge High School20:14.90--
234Keston Downing10Poudre High School20:15.00--
235Adam Cabrera11Monarch High School20:15.90--
236Jonathan Sanchez11Rio Rancho High School20:16.00--
237Eric Galaz10Pine Creek High School20:16.00--
238Ian Fowles11Monarch High School20:16.00--
239Elyja Steinhauser9Poudre High School20:18.50--
240Cameron Arras9Boulder High School20:21.50--
241Mitchell Joram11Denver East High School20:22.00--
242Gabriel Munoz11Widefield High School20:23.00--
243Jacob Vogel9Denver East High School20:23.00--
244Jonah Rondash9Monarch High School20:23.10--
245Shawn Mcnerney10Rampart High School20:24.00--
246Kamran Elahi10Niwot High School20:25.00--
247Dane Ackley10Palmer Ridge High School20:25.90--
248Edwin Garcia9Fort Morgan High School20:27.00131
249Bailey Everett9Rio Rancho High School20:27.72--
250Jaden Lopez9Mead High School20:29.00132
251Alondis Ortiz11Fort Morgan High School20:30.00133
252Alex Zonca9Denver East High School20:33.00--
253Cameron Tredoux9Pine Creek High School20:33.00--
254Jack Rocchio9Denver East High School20:34.00--
255Gabriel Mendoza9Widefield High School20:34.00--
256Travis McCale11Palmer Ridge High School20:34.86--
257Weston Dall9Palmer Ridge High School20:35.60--
258Connor Doolan9Denver East High School20:38.00--
259Isaac Middlebrook9Pine Creek High School20:38.24--
260Connor Murphy10Mountain Vista High School20:39.00--
261Daniel Delaney11Longmont High School20:39.00134
262Jordan Akins11Mountain Vista High School20:41.00--
263Sergio Estrada11Northridge High School20:43.00--
264Cj Stone10Classical Academy, The20:45.48--
265Franklin Caldwell9Pine Creek High School20:45.50--
266Steven Kumar11Monarch High School20:46.00--
267Kyler Baxter11Legend High School20:47.00--
268Joseph Douglass11Pine Creek High School20:51.41--
269Elijah Ball9Windsor High School20:52.00--
270Isaac Greenwood10Fort Morgan High School20:53.00--
271Max Blanco10Monarch High School20:54.00--
272David Spritzer10Denver East High School20:54.00--
273Julian Schima9Boulder High School20:54.20--
274Brooks Knight9Boulder High School20:54.40--
275Ian Wilkinson9Rampart High School20:54.54--
276Brendan Leonard9Rampart High School20:55.00--
277Bradley Selvage9Poudre High School20:57.80--
278Gunnar Ranum10Denver East High School21:00.00--
279Perrin Ruth11Monarch High School21:02.90--
280Nathan Wood11Legend High School21:05.00--
281Marcus Quevedo9Erie High School21:06.90--
282Aiden Rattray9Denver East High School21:07.00--
283Joseph Dyer9Palmer Ridge High School21:08.38--
284Jonathan Serio11Pine Creek High School21:09.90--
285Josh Bond10Mountain Vista High School21:14.00--
286Nicholas Panagos10Denver East High School21:16.00--
287Henry Daniels9Legend High School21:18.00--
288Brian Gainer10Harrison High School21:18.00135
289Drew Brott9Rampart High School21:18.28--
290Darius Simon11Northridge High School21:20.20--
291Mitchell Carden10Palmer Ridge High School21:20.70--
292Sam Packard10Monarch High School21:21.70--
293Cameron Clarke10Mountain Vista High School21:22.00--
294Grant Saunders11Monarch High School21:22.10--
295Finn Mccarthy9Boulder High School21:25.00--
296Samuel Anderson9Palmer Ridge High School21:26.40--
297Bradley Bishop9Mountain Vista High School21:27.00--
298Tony Sanpradit11Rio Rancho High School21:27.59--
299Tyler Wilcox10Rampart High School21:28.00--
300Dane Rieber9Legend High School21:30.00--
301Jack Emerson10Monarch High School21:30.90--
302Henry Kaufman10Mountain Vista High School21:31.00--
303Carlos Carbajal10Denver East High School21:31.00--
304Nolan Younoszai9Denver East High School21:31.00--
305Jacob Lyon10Longmont High School21:31.30136
306David Diaz9Fort Morgan High School21:34.00--
307Jacob Nienhose9Boulder High School21:34.20--
308Anders Tempel9Erie High School21:34.30--
309Richie Canedo10Rampart High School21:38.00--
310Hank Burnett9Poudre High School21:38.10--
311Elliot Leach9Widefield High School21:40.60--
312Jacob Wendlandt11Pine Creek High School21:41.40--
313Sean Doyle9Pine Creek High School21:42.20--
314Conner Davis11Mountain Vista High School21:44.00--
315Eli Ware11Rampart High School21:44.00--
316Eric Lopushansky9Mountain Vista High School21:45.00--
317Keegan Mullins11Mountain Vista High School21:46.70--
318Alex Millan10Fort Morgan High School21:49.00--
319Jordan Wright11Pine Creek High School21:49.00--
320Josh McCurdy10Mountain Vista High School21:50.40--
321Ethan Levine11Erie High School21:51.10--
322Aidan Payne9Monarch High School21:51.20--
323Ethan Koger10Rio Rancho High School21:54.92--
324Will Crist10Monarch High School21:56.70--
325Aidan Swank9Denver East High School21:57.00--
326John Rieth9Poudre High School21:58.50--
327Hunter Schreiner10Poudre High School21:59.50--
328Brett Jasmin11Longmont High School22:01.70137
329Kian Manmano9Legend High School22:02.00--
330Andrew Heller9Legend High School22:02.00--
331Niko Jimenez10Pine Creek High School22:03.00--
332Jeffrey Arbaugh11Rampart High School22:05.00--
333August Toevs9Denver East High School22:08.00--
334Aiden Halpin10Denver East High School22:08.00--
335Carter Campbell11Windsor High School22:08.00--
336Levi Pennison9Palmer Ridge High School22:08.70--
337David Geldzahler9Denver East High School22:09.00--
338Terry Vis9Boulder High School22:15.70--
339Sebastian Klamerus10Pine Creek High School22:18.00--
340Aidan Crowley11Legend High School22:20.30--
341Grant Becker9Fort Morgan High School22:24.00--
342Cole Perez9Pine Creek High School22:24.00--
343Jackson Taylor10Classical Academy, The22:25.60--
344Collin Evans-force10Rampart High School22:28.58--
345Jakob Hobert9Erie High School22:29.00--
346Logan Bocovich9Palmer Ridge High School22:33.00--
347Nathan Moore9Palmer Ridge High School22:34.54--
348John Cullins9Windsor High School22:36.70--
349Austin Traganos-Rosa9Widefield High School22:39.40--
350Elan Eisner11Denver East High School22:40.00--
351Dean Fotiades9Legend High School22:41.00--
352Gareth Eckert9Poudre High School22:42.30--
353Daniel Robinson9Widefield High School22:44.20--
354Donald Holloway11Mountain Vista High School22:47.00--
355Luke DeKlerk9Pine Creek High School22:47.80--
356Evan MacCaffrey10Pine Creek High School22:49.20--
357Cameron Kelley10Poudre High School22:50.00--
358Chase Bennett9Fort Morgan High School22:53.00--
359Keith Masterson9Mountain Vista High School22:59.00--
360Patrick Rego10Pine Creek High School23:00.00--
361Ian Wong9Mountain Vista High School23:02.00--
362David Reyes10Niwot High School23:04.60--
363William Undy9Poudre High School23:08.60--
364Corbin Hoppe10Monarch High School23:10.20--
365Ryan Anderson11Legend High School23:14.70--
366Jason Fetters11Niwot High School23:17.40--
367Brian Phan11Monarch High School23:19.00--
368Justin Shiner11Widefield High School23:24.90--
369Dylan Mack9Widefield High School23:26.00--
370Chris Altenborg11Niwot High School23:28.82--
371Quinn Mcdowell9Legend High School23:29.00--
372Mac Meeter10Denver East High School23:30.00--
373William Oster9Mead High School23:33.40138
374Carlos Marquez11Northridge High School23:35.00--
375Adam Berg10Rampart High School23:35.00--
376Aidan Sall10Windsor High School23:39.80--
377Brennan Davis11Mead High School23:42.00--
378Elijah Reese11Legend High School23:44.00--
379Jackson Brown10Longmont High School23:46.00--
380Kevin Den Hartog11Harrison High School23:54.90139
381Will Priess9Niwot High School24:01.80--
382Ben Gorgemans11Boulder High School24:03.00--
383Jackson Taylor10Classical Academy, The24:09.50--
384Jett Crowson9Mountain Vista High School24:10.20--
385Nathan Barker9Rampart High School24:11.00--
386William Purcelley11Windsor High School24:12.00--
387Theodore Kienast9Denver East High School24:28.00--
388Miguel Beltran10Denver East High School24:37.00--
389Carter Babbitt9Mountain Vista High School24:37.50--
390Vaughn Anglin9Boulder High School24:38.00--
391Jack Edmond11Niwot High School24:41.70--
392Dane Jorgensen9Legend High School25:06.70--
393Nick Pfouts9Boulder High School25:22.20--
394Brian Miramontes9Harrison High School25:23.00140
395Isaac Shyrock10Rampart High School25:25.24--
396Brennan Coslett10Poudre High School25:49.70--
397Nathan Leusink10Classical Academy, The26:02.00--
398Tiernan Blake10Rio Rancho High School26:07.72--
399Peyton Sharp9Erie High School26:39.40--
400Olin Meakins11Niwot High School26:46.44--
401Patrick Hamilton9Legend High School26:53.00--
402Theo Culhane10Denver East High School27:07.00--
403John Lorden9Boulder High School27:23.00--
404Mark Keplinger9Mountain Vista High School27:44.00--
405Mattias Bank10Boulder High School28:08.00--
406Jeremiah Saiter10Fort Morgan High School28:53.70--
407Marques Simon9Northridge High School29:43.70--
408Garet Benge9Erie High School30:57.00--
409Jake Masterson11Mountain Vista High School31:13.90--

Championship Meet - 20 Teams Team Scores

1Mountain Vista High School554691521--
2Palmer Ridge High School91810112339--
3Rio Rancho High School9627162744--
4Monarch High School119128293031--
5Boulder High School1301419202255--
6Widefield High School151517253866--
7Classical Academy, The207326356875--
8Rampart High School2271233495083--
9Legend High School2461824537477--
10Poudre High School2503242575960--
11Pine Creek High School3433465788284--
12Niwot High School3475258717690--
13Fort Morgan High School41648738889118--
14Denver East High School4251399101102110--
15Erie High School43267808591109--
16Windsor High School4563669115117119--
17Longmont High School484478687130134--
18Northridge High School48845104106113120--
19Mead High School5016479105125128--
20Harrison High School56198100112116135--

and, now, the 


Championship Meet - 20 Teams

1Allie Chipman10Mountain Vista High School17:50.001
2Holly Bent11Monarch High School17:59.002
3Luna Slater10Poudre High School18:11.103
4Chantae Steele9Classical Academy, The18:15.004
5Andi Almodovar10Rio Rancho High School18:17.305
6Caroline Eck9Mountain Vista High School18:32.006
7Madison Easton11Mountain Vista High School18:34.007
8Claudia Burgess10Boulder High School18:34.008
9Audrey Lookner11Monarch High School18:36.009
10Sierra Delaware10Rio Rancho High School18:36.8010
11Isabella Heart9Boulder High School18:44.0011
12Reina Paredes9Rio Rancho High School18:45.6012
13Molly Klein11Rio Rancho High School18:50.9013
14Athena Kuehn11Pine Creek High School18:56.0014
15Mauren Fitzsimmons11Mountain Vista High School18:57.0015
16Devon Kroeker11Pine Creek High School19:00.0016
17Jenna McCaffrey11Niwot High School19:03.0017
18Jessica Nats11Mountain Vista High School19:06.0018
19Lauren Neugeboren10Boulder High School19:11.0019
20Julia Chambers9Mountain Vista High School19:12.0020
21McKenzie Elliott10Classical Academy, The19:13.0021
22Mathilde Bernard11Rampart High School19:16.0022
23Zoe Simmons9Mountain Vista High School19:22.0023
24Claire Gillett11Niwot High School19:23.0024
25Lauren Soares11Mountain Vista High School19:23.00--
26Hannah Brown10Mountain Vista High School19:25.00--
27Makenna Anderson9Mountain Vista High School19:25.00--
28Alyssa Johnson10Rio Rancho High School19:26.8025
29Sarah Bassett10Pine Creek High School19:30.0026
30Cecilia Quesada9Rio Rancho High School19:30.2027
31Hailey Leader10Monarch High School19:31.0028
32Rebecca Walton10Mountain Vista High School19:33.00--
33Carly Nicholson9Classical Academy, The19:34.0029
34Katie Flaherty9Classical Academy, The19:35.0030
35Madeleine Bonneau10Palmer Ridge High School19:37.0031
36Alliana Atencio11Rio Rancho High School19:37.0032
37Annemarie Nats9Mountain Vista High School19:41.00--
38Sophia Maeda10Mead High School19:42.5033
39Karyn Schwartzkopf11Mountain Vista High School19:43.00--
40Brooke Forsythe9Monarch High School19:46.0034
41Liz Hogan10Monarch High School19:50.0035
42Samantha Wexler11Monarch High School19:52.0036
43Taylor Butler11Rio Rancho High School19:58.50--
44Erin Tirpak11Palmer Ridge High School20:06.0037
45Klara Aspelin10Pine Creek High School20:07.0038
46Kate Zacharias9Boulder High School20:09.0039
47Kinsey Brashears11Fort Morgan High School20:09.0040
48Ashley Gabaldon10Rio Rancho High School20:09.70--
49Gabrielle Espinosa9Rio Rancho High School20:09.80--
50Maggie Smith9Niwot High School20:14.0041
51Hannah Gaona11Classical Academy, The20:18.0042
52Hannah Nelson9Legend High School20:19.0043
53Courtney Smoljan11Niwot High School20:20.0044
54Kyla Ramsey10Rampart High School20:22.0045
55Abby Hein10Monarch High School20:23.0046
56Caitlin O'Grady10Palmer Ridge High School20:25.0047
57Makenna Hobson9Boulder High School20:25.0048
58Vanessa Addison9Rampart High School20:27.0049
59Lynzie Kutsner9Rampart High School20:27.0050
60Aleah Edwards11Boulder High School20:28.0051
61Katy Kilcoyne9Monarch High School20:30.00--
62Elizabeth Moore10Monarch High School20:35.00--
63Kate Peterson11Classical Academy, The20:42.0052
64Brittany Everett10Rio Rancho High School20:42.00--
65Erin Percy10Classical Academy, The20:45.0053
66Hannah Burkett10Pine Creek High School20:46.6054
67Baillie Fetzer11Windsor High School20:48.4055
68Emily Cook11Palmer Ridge High School20:51.0056
69Makinna Miller11Fort Morgan High School20:52.0057
70Abigail Wickoren10Mountain Vista High School20:53.50--
71Rachel Cunneff10Palmer Ridge High School20:54.0058
72Breanna Jane10Poudre High School20:54.1059
73Maddie Johnson9Monarch High School20:55.00--
74Megan Agena11Rio Rancho High School20:58.97--
75Caitlyn Anderson9Widefield High School21:02.1060
76Kaitlynn Salazar9Mead High School21:03.0061
77Emily Turner9Denver East High School21:06.0062
78Kaelin Hawkins9Erie High School21:06.3063
79Abby Oldemeyer10Poudre High School21:06.6064
80Morgan Hykes9Windsor High School21:07.0065
81Eve Waters10Rampart High School21:08.0066
82Diana Moya10Fort Morgan High School21:11.0067
83Layla Almasri11Pine Creek High School21:11.0068
84Jordan Peak9Rampart High School21:12.0069
85Laura Jarpe10Rio Rancho High School21:13.90--
86Emily Gentry9Palmer Ridge High School21:21.0070
87Rebecca Kirby10Poudre High School21:24.0071
88Rylin Brett11Erie High School21:26.3072
89Alysa Rogers10Boulder High School21:28.0073
90Jayci Johnson10Longmont High School21:30.0074
91Nell Salzman10Denver East High School21:30.0075
92Tabitha Frandsen10Widefield High School21:30.2076
93Claire Nagel11Poudre High School21:31.5077
94Mckenna Harrington9Erie High School21:32.5078
95Lucy Cramer10Boulder High School21:34.00--
96Sierra Bell11Mead High School21:36.0079
97Faith Tafoya10Rio Rancho High School21:38.40--
98Shannon Miller10Rio Rancho High School21:41.90--
99Caroline Bearce11Monarch High School21:43.00--
100Aubrey Wood10Palmer Ridge High School21:50.9080
101Kaitlin Wells10Fort Morgan High School21:53.0081
102Cassidy True10Erie High School21:56.5082
103Riley Chadwick10Poudre High School21:56.5083
104Emily Condon9Erie High School21:58.9084
105Caitlin Hyers10Niwot High School22:03.6085
106Teagan Haberkorn9Mountain Vista High School22:06.00--
107Sydney Postle10Mead High School22:06.0086
108Claire Cerniglia9Classical Academy, The22:07.60--
109Maddison Schink10Poudre High School22:09.0087
110Cora Isaacson9Monarch High School22:11.00--
111Victoria Zyla11Rampart High School22:12.0088
112Addy Ouweneel11Longmont High School22:13.0089
113Maria Crippen10Denver East High School22:14.0090
114Cassandra Carpanozzi10Rio Rancho High School22:15.00--
115Maria Feldotto11Classical Academy, The22:15.00--
116Hannah Olsen10Poudre High School22:15.00--
117Annabelle Richards10Monarch High School22:15.00--
118Brianna Bauer10Mountain Vista High School22:15.90--
119Adi Sadeh10Poudre High School22:18.70--
120Alexandra May11Palmer Ridge High School22:18.99--
121Annie Chambless10Mountain Vista High School22:20.00--
122Audrey McGlothlen10Denver East High School22:21.0091
123Audrey Joseph9Erie High School22:21.0092
124Claire Jepson9Niwot High School22:25.0093
125Kylie Hartkopp11Erie High School22:28.9094
126Lilly Cory9Denver East High School22:29.0095
127Alia Brand10Erie High School22:30.00--
128Caroline Ritchie10Denver East High School22:30.0096
129Sarah Burroughs9Classical Academy, The22:32.60--
130Mikaela Hansis10Mead High School22:32.8097
131Avivah Malin10Boulder High School22:33.00--
132Madison Armijo10Windsor High School22:36.0098
133Scarlett Bastin11Palmer Ridge High School22:37.50--
134Sarah Maruyama9Boulder High School22:39.00--
135Sophie Peters9Legend High School22:39.5099
136Makenna Kemp10Mountain Vista High School22:44.00--
137Bianca Gonzales10Palmer Ridge High School22:44.10--
138Jeri Wilcox10Niwot High School22:44.20100
139Dina Moya10Fort Morgan High School22:45.00101
140Myah Jennrich11Widefield High School22:46.00102
141Helena Lauchli11Longmont High School22:47.00103
142Jamilex Lopez9Northridge High School22:48.00104
143Cydney Hemeyer10Windsor High School22:48.60105
144Abigail Shook10Boulder High School22:50.00--
145Mallory Finley9Niwot High School22:50.20--
146Samantha Howell11Widefield High School22:51.00106
147Madeline Solomon10Denver East High School22:52.00107
148Mary Mccullough10Mountain Vista High School22:52.60--
149Keturah Jones11Longmont High School22:56.00108
150Krista Grossmann10Poudre High School22:57.80--
151Claire Stecker11Legend High School22:59.00109
152Morgan Smith10Poudre High School23:00.10--
153Rachel Desmond10Longmont High School23:01.00110
154Sara Merman9Denver East High School23:01.00--
155Drew Bussanmas11Monarch High School23:01.40--
156Cailin Sullivan10Niwot High School23:02.70--
157Jalonna Ohr11Fort Morgan High School23:03.00111
158Shelby Oke10Monarch High School23:03.00--
159Taylor Garner10Palmer Ridge High School23:04.00--
160Jordyn Milbrath11Longmont High School23:05.00112
161Val Jonas10Monarch High School23:05.70--
162Madalyn Younger10Windsor High School23:06.00113
163Lilly Geer11Boulder High School23:07.00--
164Alina Gazdik9Niwot High School23:08.90--
165Anna Marie Bugosh10Palmer Ridge High School23:10.00--
166Isabel Beeley9Mountain Vista High School23:15.40--
167Elizabeth Rymut9Palmer Ridge High School23:16.00--
168Maddie Scholtz11Denver East High School23:19.00--
169Lucy Carlson-Krakoff10Boulder High School23:20.00--
170Madison Brim11Classical Academy, The23:22.00--
171Izabel Antle10Monarch High School23:23.00--
172Rachel Sisk9Erie High School23:26.00--
173Grace Martinson10Niwot High School23:26.00--
174Ellie Swanson11Pine Creek High School23:27.40114
175Karee Porth10Windsor High School23:28.00115
176Emma Sudbeck10Longmont High School23:29.00116
177Zoe Johnson11Poudre High School23:29.00--
178Caroline Fraser9Pine Creek High School23:30.00--
179Madison Mims9Niwot High School23:30.80--
180Caitlin Swoape10Fort Morgan High School23:31.00117
181Cassie Bouma10Rampart High School23:33.00--
182Rachael Maughan9Classical Academy, The23:34.00--
183Faith Clear10Palmer Ridge High School23:36.00--
184Sophie Schuler9Monarch High School23:36.90--
185Ali Hollis11Erie High School23:38.00--
186Ryleigh Stephen9Mead High School23:38.30118
187Clara Roberts10Mead High School23:38.40119
188Lois Sheaffer9Northridge High School23:39.00120
189Brianna King9Widefield High School23:39.60121
190Sienna Bosch11Poudre High School23:42.50--
191Cassidy Eiss11Boulder High School23:44.00--
192Kate Fieseler10Poudre High School23:44.20--
193Sydney Headley9Windsor High School23:45.00122
194Laurel Kruger9Denver East High School23:46.00--
195Shea Sarmiento10Poudre High School23:46.10--
196Samantha White11Windsor High School23:47.00--
197Ashley Smith11Legend High School23:47.10123
198Kayler Miles9Widefield High School23:49.00124
199Cadie Ammerman10Poudre High School23:50.20--
200Mackenzie Whitehead-Bust10Denver East High School23:52.00--
201Zoe Drigot9Poudre High School23:52.70--
202Yesenia Rangel10Fort Morgan High School23:55.00--
203Isabella Smith9Denver East High School23:56.00--
204Kiersten Frey9Rampart High School23:57.00--
205Cynthia Guy9Palmer Ridge High School23:57.30--
206Sophia Jung9Pine Creek High School23:57.60--
207Bentley House10Palmer Ridge High School23:58.00--
208Ansley Kary9Windsor High School23:59.00--
209Anna Waters9Rampart High School23:59.00--
210Dylaney Normile9Fort Morgan High School24:00.00--
211Cameron Kamigaki11Mead High School24:00.00--
212Sam Kalis10Monarch High School24:01.00--
213Maeve DeBuse9Mead High School24:02.00--
214Maria Maddocks10Windsor High School24:04.20--
215Lauren Bogue9Pine Creek High School24:05.00--
216Abigail Palmgren10Mountain Vista High School24:06.00--
217Daria Peck11Windsor High School24:08.00--
218Elizabeth White9Classical Academy, The24:09.00--
219Angelina Mcnulty11Rampart High School24:10.00--
220Grace Kieft11Denver East High School24:14.00--
221Lucy Johnson10Rampart High School24:14.00--
222Isabella Hock10Poudre High School24:16.00--
223Rebekah Acosta10Rampart High School24:18.00--
224Jordan Miller11Rio Rancho High School24:18.55--
225Emma Richardson11Boulder High School24:18.80--
226Lauren Hennessey9Mountain Vista High School24:19.00--
227Abbey Hough10Fort Morgan High School24:24.00--
228Carissa Bahr9Classical Academy, The24:27.00--
229Emily Smith11Legend High School24:32.40125
230Adlee Schenbeck10Erie High School24:33.00--
231Anna Campbell9Poudre High School24:33.80--
232Tara Johnston10Palmer Ridge High School24:38.20--
233Mackenzie Falls9Windsor High School24:38.50--
234Malin Zornow10Erie High School24:39.30--
235Cassidy Woolley9Mountain Vista High School24:40.00--
236Rachel Roberts10Legend High School24:40.00126
237Ave Lewis10Palmer Ridge High School24:44.10--
238Avry Richter9Poudre High School24:45.10--
239Angela Grayson9Palmer Ridge High School24:48.00--
240Cecilia Blum9Denver East High School24:50.00--
241Amber Taylor10Widefield High School24:52.00127
242Kristina Laws10Fort Morgan High School24:53.00--
243Brooke Hennessey11Mountain Vista High School24:54.00--
244India Haber10Denver East High School24:55.00--
245Angelique Vigil10Northridge High School24:57.80128
246Clarissa Cunneff9Palmer Ridge High School24:57.80--
247Catrina Vininski9Windsor High School24:58.00--
248Libby Strong11Denver East High School24:58.00--
249Santana Dominguez10Rio Rancho High School25:02.92--
250Leia Harding9Denver East High School25:03.00--
251Courtney Stevens11Rampart High School25:06.00--
252Candice Hokenson9Widefield High School25:07.00--
253Nicole Phaneuf10Palmer Ridge High School25:07.50--
254Christian Roch10Monarch High School25:09.00--
255Taylor Merz9Longmont High School25:10.00--
256Alixzandra Vigil9Northridge High School25:10.80129
257Shyanne Hawken11Rampart High School25:12.00--
258Audrey Ryan11Niwot High School25:12.50--
259Trinity Gadway9Rampart High School25:14.00--
260Sophia Thaut11Poudre High School25:15.00--
261Klara Kindmark11Poudre High School25:15.50--
262Sophie Terranova9Longmont High School25:16.00--
263Ella Price10Denver East High School25:16.00--
264Elizabeth Glazener10Rampart High School25:17.00--
265Sophia Le9Monarch High School25:17.00--
266Rhea Varkhedi10Rampart High School25:18.00--
267Eswari Duggirala9Mountain Vista High School25:18.30--
268Taylor Smart10Windsor High School25:20.10--
269Caitlyn Wolf9Palmer Ridge High School25:24.10--
270Breck Berglund10Poudre High School25:24.40--
271Leah Endler9Boulder High School25:25.00--
272Natalie Gonzales11Rio Rancho High School25:25.00--
273Karesha Sickmon11Mead High School25:26.10--
274Cassandra Peirson11Legend High School25:28.00130
275Caitlin Browne10Monarch High School25:29.00--
276Ella Miller11Niwot High School25:29.90--
277Hannah Brink11Northridge High School25:31.80131
278Marianne Drollinger11Rampart High School25:32.00--
279Zeanna Ortiz9Denver East High School25:36.00--
280Tannis Downing9Poudre High School25:36.00--
281Riane Sisk11Erie High School25:38.30--
282Amanda Marley11Rampart High School25:38.40--
283Alexandra Gallegos9Denver East High School25:40.00--
284Katie Johnson11Monarch High School25:40.00--
285Brooke Richter11Poudre High School25:42.10--
286Estefanie Rocha-Galvez9Widefield High School25:43.00--
287Ky Ecton10Poudre High School25:44.50--
288Maggie Marshall11Boulder High School25:45.00--
289Lia Volpa10Poudre High School25:47.50--
290Xiaoyu Hu9Niwot High School25:48.40--
291Rachel Wise11Rampart High School25:48.40--
292Alison Fraser9Windsor High School25:51.50--
293Katherine Ziegler9Pine Creek High School25:52.00--
294Ainslee Stone11Widefield High School25:58.00--
295Victoria Barker9Rampart High School25:58.00--
296Selina Krieg11Widefield High School25:58.10--
297Celia Lai10Rampart High School25:59.10--
298Maddi Denninger9Monarch High School26:02.70--
299Caitlyn Bradley11Pine Creek High School26:04.00--
300Kyrie Craft9Rampart High School26:07.00--
301Cate Lee10Poudre High School26:07.50--
302Saffron Kolodziej10Longmont High School26:11.85--
303Brooke Lind9Windsor High School26:12.00--
304Ailine Bonilla10Fort Morgan High School26:13.00--
305Lily Yagge9Mead High School26:18.10--
306Castanza Culle11Poudre High School26:18.70--
307Anna Raettvall11Poudre High School26:19.30--
308Lizzie Bannister9Denver East High School26:21.00--
309Samantha Frazer9Widefield High School26:21.60--
310Anna Bonde11Poudre High School26:28.00--
311Ashley Trump10Windsor High School26:29.00--
312Lauren Vigil9Rio Rancho High School26:32.84--
313Allyana Bradley10Denver East High School26:34.00--
314Frances Fedele10Denver East High School26:36.00--
315Hailey Hathaway11Erie High School26:37.40--
316Addileigh Bowman9Windsor High School26:40.00--
317Natasha Ragland9Niwot High School26:41.20--
318Autumn Eaves10Harrison High School26:43.00132
319Christina Selinger10Rampart High School26:44.00--
320Maranda Murphy9Poudre High School26:44.20--
321Matea Ramey10Poudre High School26:44.50--
322Rebecca Pritchard11Erie High School26:48.70--
323Abby Ellstrom11Denver East High School26:51.00--
324Nicole Schlander-rice10Monarch High School26:53.00--
325Heidi Hartley9Windsor High School26:54.00--
326April Orozco10Harrison High School26:56.00133
327Sarah Froelich10Widefield High School26:57.50--
328Cate Billings9Mountain Vista High School26:59.10--
329Laura Gottesfeld9Denver East High School27:01.00--
330Maricela Morales9Northridge High School27:03.50134
331Ava Holle10Denver East High School27:08.00--
332Eliza Ann Walsh10Poudre High School27:08.00--
333Megan Carroll9Legend High School27:16.00--
334Abby Harman11Fort Morgan High School27:17.00--
335Zeah Edmonds10Denver East High School27:21.00--
336Caroline Hagelin9Monarch High School27:25.90--
337Briana Witcher10Widefield High School27:29.00--
338Willow Alber-Martin10Denver East High School27:30.00--
339Emma Fielder9Denver East High School27:31.00--
340Soohyun Kim9Mountain Vista High School27:38.00--
341Taeri Im11Harrison High School27:41.00135
342Grace Chesher11Boulder High School27:44.00--
343Alexis Sams10Denver East High School27:50.00--
344Nadine Ragnes9Mead High School27:54.20--
345Emma Steen11Monarch High School28:00.60--
346Jennifer Rutledge9Denver East High School28:01.00--
347Madisyn Gullo11Legend High School28:04.00--
348Fionna Kopp10Boulder High School28:10.00--
349Meredith Reimann11Palmer Ridge High School28:15.90--
350Zelda Rogers10Denver East High School28:28.00--
351Carolina Benitez10Fort Morgan High School28:34.00--
352Lily Tooman9Denver East High School28:34.00--
353Makena Troxel11Mountain Vista High School28:35.30--
354Madison Decker11Mountain Vista High School28:35.30--
355Laura Martinez11Rio Rancho High School28:35.82--
356Alex Bland9Denver East High School28:39.00--
357Julia Schiller9Denver East High School28:41.00--
358Grace Glen11Palmer Ridge High School28:41.00--
359Emily Trautwein11Denver East High School28:49.00--
360Risa Pollock9Rampart High School28:54.50--
361Darli Ramirez10Fort Morgan High School29:17.00--
362Addyson Dorny9Classical Academy, The29:23.00--
363Riley Bliesmer11Windsor High School29:28.00--
364Isabella Goodman10Widefield High School29:30.20--
365Avery Dell9Denver East High School29:34.00--
366Evelyn Meyer11Poudre High School29:35.50--
367Trinity McDonald9Widefield High School29:36.00--
368Cassie Howell10Denver East High School29:38.00--
369Anna Glass9Monarch High School29:38.00--
370Reyna Kroschel9Widefield High School29:51.10--
371Lyv Quillen10Mead High School29:57.00--
372Isabelle Lebel9Denver East High School29:59.00--
373Samantha Rutherford9Pine Creek High School30:01.80--
374Ellie Abraham11Mountain Vista High School30:03.00--
375Emily Eckert10Rampart High School30:03.00--
376Lexi Smith11Mountain Vista High School30:06.00--
377Caroline Giusti10Palmer Ridge High School30:07.10--
378Suzanne Riegert9Palmer Ridge High School30:10.90--
379Grace Wankelman10Poudre High School30:36.00--
380Hope Carmody9Denver East High School30:46.00--
381Talia Sanchez-Hernandez11Harrison High School30:55.00136
382Allison Espinosa10Harrison High School31:02.00137
383Morgan Martinez9Harrison High School31:03.00138
384Etta Carpender10Denver East High School31:04.00--
385Kyle Whitbeck9Denver East High School31:12.00--
386Amber Reneaud10Windsor High School31:22.00--
387Anna Longsdorf9Denver East High School31:26.00--
388Maddie Davis11Monarch High School31:26.20--
389Phoebe Hed11Poudre High School31:28.70--
390Mallory Angstadt11Denver East High School31:30.00--
391Valls Mariona11Northridge High School31:32.00139
392Alisa Johnson10Niwot High School31:37.20--
393Zoe Simms9Niwot High School31:44.00--
394Peyton Nagel9Denver East High School32:01.00--
395Kiara Leydens9Poudre High School32:02.60--
396Margaux Randolph11Niwot High School32:09.40--
397Grace Cowan9Niwot High School32:52.10--
398Victoria Suazo11Monarch High School33:11.50--
399Ella Holst9Boulder High School33:41.00--
400Maria Morales9Northridge High School33:43.60--
401Kate Moore11Windsor High School33:50.00--
402Talia Kurtz9Denver East High School33:57.00--
403Riley Ann Christianssen10Erie High School33:59.00--
404Aliyah Reese11Rampart High School35:03.00--
405Mckenna Courtney9Denver East High School35:03.00--
406Emelie Utterman10Monarch High School35:12.00--
407Macy Nitzel10Windsor High School35:20.00--
408Bailee Endries11Poudre High School36:04.00--
409Christy Rasmussen9Windsor High School36:50.00--

Championship Meet - 20 Teams Team Scores

1Mountain Vista High School471671518--
2Rio Rancho High School65510121325--
3Monarch High School10829283435--
4Boulder High School125811193948--
5Classical Academy, The126421293042--
6Pine Creek High School1481416263854--
7Niwot High School2111724414485--
8Palmer Ridge High School2293137475658--
9Rampart High School2322245495066--
10Poudre High School274359647177--
11Fort Morgan High School34640576781101--
12Mead High School3563361798697--
13Erie High School3796372788284--
14Denver East High School4136275909195--
15Windsor High School436556598105113--
16Widefield High School4656076102106121--
17Longmont High School4847489103108110--
18Legend High School4994399109123125--
19Northridge High School612104120128129131--
20Harrison High School673132133135136137--

I hope you enjoyed that teasing glimpse into warmer days ahead. If you're not a subscriber and think this whole virtual meet thing looks kind of cool and like something you might enjoy playing with on your own, click here.