Rachel Franklin: Another One Packs up with the Coyotes

Rachel Franklin hopes to continue her 800 meter success in the college ranks at Kansas Wesleyan University. Photo by Alan Versaw.


Rachel Franklin's Best Marks

800 Meters - 2:24.72

1600 Meters - 5:43.21 (at altitude)

3200 Meters - 12:17.5 (at altitude)

5K Cross Country - 19:08 (at altitude)


Tell us what made the decision for Kansas Wesleyan...

When I went on my visit to Kansas Wesleyan it just felt like home, the girls on the team were very welcoming, and the campus just felt right!

What will you be studying at KWU?

I will be pursuing my bachelors degree in nursing

Do you have a clear idea of what events you'd like to emphasize in college?

I am hoping to emphasize in the open 800 and possibly the steeplechase

All through high school, you've been part of a very competitive team, certainly one of the top programs in the state. What's one way that's shaped you into a different person than you might otherwise have become?

Being in a highly competitive program not only helps you hold yourself to a higher standard, but it brings you and your teammates closer together while achieving higher goals. It shaped me into an all-around stronger and more confident person, not just in running but in everyday life as well!

What have you been doing for training this summer in preparation for running at KWU this fall?

I have been running my miles and enjoying Colorado before I have to head to Kansas!

If I asked you to pick a single highlight moment from your high school career, what would that be?

I would have to say my highlight would be winning state 4x8 my sophomore year! It was such an amazing feeling to accomplish something that you've worked long and hard for.