2016 Thornton Invitational: Wyoming Hauls Hardware Back Over the Border

Aubrey Frentheway has been causing headaches for Colorado girls all season. This time it was via a first-place finish at the Thornton Invitational. Photo by Ben Hershelman.

Thornton Cross Country Invitational

Over the last few years the Thornton Invitational has steadily grown in to a certified mega-meet. The course is fairly traditional by Colorado standards, mixing in grass, crushed gravel and concrete. On the size of his meet, Thornton alumni, head coach and meet director Jason O'Shea commented "I'd like to think it is the course. It is a challenging course. A lot of PRs over the years. This year it is a regional course as well, so a lot of teams were smart to get it on their schedule."

O'Shea might also have mentioned the unusual appeal this meet has for Wyoming schools. Wyoming cross country teams have been coming across the border like coal trains like fall, and going back home with more than their usual share of meet hardware.

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