10 Questions for State, 2016, to Answer

Your top ten may not match my top ten point for point, much less in my ordering of things, but I'm guessing these questions are on a lot of folks' minds as we approach tomorrow's state meet.

10. The forecast is kinda warm for Saturday. Will the heat have as much impact on the 2016 state race as the 2014 state race? At least the big hill is out of play as we ponder that question...

9. Will the staggered 3A/4A and 2A/5A schedule relieve some issues of congestion--both at the venue itself and in traffic after the event? Will we see unintended consequences to the new arrangement?

8. How much difference will the new field sizes of 20 teams make in the early flow of the 4A and 5A races?  Does this eliminate the logjam at the turnaround east of the Athlete Village? At the very least, we will hope so going in.

7. Vanguard, Lyons, or Mancos? Until last week, the question here was mostly just Vanguard vs. Lyons, but Mancos invited themselves to the party with a nice regional effort. 

6. Ben Kelley, Jerald Taylor, or somebody else? 2A has had more than their share of the state's top boys talent the last few years. I can't tell you why that is, but it is no less the case for lack of an explanation. The hot hand would seem to belong to Jerald Taylor, but this is State and you don't win State with just a hot hand.

5. Does Silver Creek have enough to run down Palmer Ridge? Arguably, Palmer Ridge is the strongest boys team in the state right now. Funny thing, though, they haven't quite yet locked down the 4A Boys championship. It's a tall, tall order for Silver Creek to knock off the Bears, but my guess is the Raptors won't be running for second.

4. Air Academy or Battle Mountain? The consensus all season has been Air Academy, but momentum may have shifted into the Huskies' corner.

3. Who shows up on the starting line for the Mountain Vista boys? And, whoever it is, can Vista Nation hold off Monarch and Rock Canyon?

2. Can Lauren Gregory get #4? Paul Roberts became a four-time winner (and Colorado's first-ever boy to do it) last season. Can lightning strike again? Brie Oakley is the obvious obstacle to overcome here.

1. Broomfield or Mountain Vista? Although this won't be the last time these girls see each other this season, you just know this is enormously important to both teams.