That Event At Jeffco Stadium This Past Weekend...

From first flight to last heat, it was a grand state meet!

The days were long. The night was short.

I knew going in this would be difficult. The two-day schedule made for a couple of very long days. Adding coaching responsibilities on top of the pile.

I was falling asleep at my computer on Saturday night and so, finally, I just kicked off a couple processes and went to bed. Last night was worse.

Fatigue is a little less my master this morning, but it's still hanging around.

Still, there's a lot that needs to be done. Sundays photos need to be culled, then posted. That should happen sometime this morning. Articles about the state meet will be going up today and tomorrow. I know that's not very timely, but it's what I can do. 

All-State teams will be published starting later in the week. 

All athlete performances except for a few wind-aided marks that could mess up seed times for next season have been posted to rankings and athlete pages. 

I deeply appreciate it that you keep coming back. I will miss this year's senior class; it's been a fun class to watch move through.

And, now, a few thoughts about the state meet itself:

  • I spoke with many, many coaches who told me how much they liked the schedule (less the necessity of finals against time or four attempts and done in the horizontal jumps and throws). And I wholeheartedly concur. I'm really not sure what parking was like because I got there pretty early and left pretty late both days, but I hope this weekend helped make a case for more overlapping of 1A/2A/3A and 4A/5A on Thursdays of coming years. Athlete recovery time is greatly enhanced when you're rolling through five classifications per event. I do realize there are a few complicating factors with parking and traffic on Thursday and Friday that aren't necessarily present on Saturday and Sunday, so I temper my hopes and dreams just a little...
  • I suspect all the crashes on Saturday likely had some connection to the fact that Thursday and Friday were strange days. On top of the stress of it all, I doubt many athletes were able to do much polishing work on either Thursday or Friday.
  • A shout out to the folks from CHSAA and Jeffco Stadium on a very well organized meet, and especially so under the circumstances. I know a lot of people ended up putting in some extra time and effort. All that didn't go unnoticed.
  • I was stunned by how many eventual placers emerged out of the first heats of events in classes 2A through 5A. And, while a good deal of that could be expected with relays (where teams might not run loaded squads due to the necessities of event selection for athletes), it also happened with regularity in individual events as well. 

And, now, another photo and then off to that long list of things to get done here on this site...

Anthony Bellot closes out the meet with the icing on Vista Ridge's cake, a dominating win in the 4x400.