Luke Arkell: Lutheran to Air Force Academy

Luke Arkell reckons the 200 meters as his favorite event.


Luke Arkell's Best Marks

100 Meters - 10.90

200 Meters - 22.01

400 Meters - 52.33


Has the Air Force Academy been your first choice all along? What puts the place at the top of your list?

The Air Force Academy has been my dream school for a couple of years. I became interested in the Air Force Academy Sophomore year. It seemed like the perfect fit for me. I will be surrounded by people who work their butts off everyday and we are all working towards a mission in serving the United States after four years of school. I think it will be a great experience surrounding myself with some of the best students in the United States working with them in the class room and running with them on the track.

What do you plan to study at the Academy?

My plan right now is to get a management degree and as long as I am medically qualified I would like to go into flying

You've run a lot of 100s, 200s, and 400s in high school, but at least last year, the 200 seemed to take center stage. Is it your favorite track event and, if so, why?

The 200 is my favorite race. The past two years my coaches have made me focus on it because it would help out my 100 and 400. I like the 200 more and more every time I run it. There is no better feeling than coming off the curve in the 200 in my opinion. This season I will be running the 100, 200, and will be running the 400 a lot more consistently. I am not exactly sure if I what events I will run at the Academy so my coach is preparing me for everything.

How did you end up making the decision to attend Lutheran in the first place?

I went to Denver Christian from first grade until eighth grade. My original plan was to attend Denver Christian High School but the school decided to move their campus to Lakewood. My parents and I saw this as a sign and we decided to look at other schools. I wanted to stay at a Christian school and Lutheran seemed like the perfect fit. I could not imagine where I would be if I did not attend Lutheran. The teachers, students, and coaches have all had an amazing impact on me and I will miss them next year.

Do you have a preference with regard to running relays or individual events?

I have no preference on which I like better. Both are so much fun to me. My relay team are also some of my best friends, so it is always a blast running and succeeding with them. Then running individual races are always fun, trying to PR every race and having the whole crowd watch and cheer you on is amazing.

What would you pick out as your personal highlight of your high school experience to date?

At Lutheran we have been blessed to win four straight state championships but winning those have not been the highlight of my career. The highlight to me is seeing who I am now compared to who I was as a freshman. My first year running track was freshman year and I never would have thought I would be in this position. I would not trade my last three seasons for anything in the world. The relationships I have made, coaching I have received, and how much I have grown in my faith has been outstanding.