The Fastest Coach In The State Race Is Calling Your Name

James Vance was pretty happy about staking out a lead on Terry Witkowski last December.

Ladies and Gentlemen... It is time. The Fastest Coach in the State Race is back for 2017. The annual festival of peer pressure, camaraderie and trying to fit into a medium sized jersey shall commence at 9:30 AM at Lyons High School on December 9th. The race will be ran, fun will be had, and Foot Locker Nationals will be watched during the awards ceremony in the weight room.

The 2016 version of the race was run on a blanket of snow, otherwise in the annals of the history of "the race" as many refer to it, weather has been nice, and the course behind Lyons High School has shined.

Coaches, you may be starting to bristle about coming, but it is November. If your team's season is not over, it will be soon. Your team started training in early June, and so did you. You're as ready as you have ever been. Sure, you may not be in the same shape you were in when you were competitive, but that does not matter. None of us are. What's that? A part of your body hurts when you run? You sound like a sophomore. Get it together and get yourself to Lyons.

Athletes, remember all of those Saturday mornings you woke up after a meet to go to practice? Remember all those little things that your coach asked you to do the right way? Well, it is time to cash in all the political capital you have available to you to get your coaches to sign up and run this event.

Parents, remember all those spaghetti dinners you cooked for? Remember all those long drives to meets? You probably even helped plan the banquet. You know how your coach can repay you? Showing up for this meet.

To keep things interesting, this race will absolutely be team scored. The first contest will be classification vs. classification. Which classification can band together the five fastest coaches? We will see. The second way the race will be team scored will be Natives vs. The World. Coaches who graduated from a high school in Colorado versus everyone seems fairly compelling, right?

Important Info

Date: December 9, 2017

Place: Lyons High School

Time: Gun at 9:30

Cost: $5

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Awards given to:

-Fastest Overall Male

-Fastest Overall Female

-Fastest Masters Male (40+)

-Fastest Masters Female (40+)