Track And Field Notes: January 5

Keeping you up-to-date on what's happening in the world of Colorado high school track and field...

The latest edition of the track and field officials association newsletter is posted and available for your perusal. A lot of this newsletter is more applicable to cross country than track and field, but there's something of interest to be found there for both groups.

For those wishing to attend this year's track and field committee meeting, CHSAA has made things a bit more convenient starting this year. The meeting will be held Friday, January 26, at 9 AM at the Radisson Hotel at Parker Road and I-225. If you're not already putting two and two together, that's the same hotel and the same weekend as the CHSCA track and field coaches clinic. Now you don't have to make two trips!

There will be no TCA Polar Bear this year. It's a decent fundraiser as those things go, so if you're looking for something along those lines an opportunity awaits. I'd be happy to field a question or two if the idea interests you and would definitely put something up on the Colorado Track XC calendar for you if you get as far as the commitment stage.

I'm not saying I made a perfect search, but I found no Colorado athletes in a quick scan of the entries of this weekend's Texas A&M High School Indoor Classic. So, it would appear that all the action involving Colorado athletes will be at the Nite Moves meet at the Cadet Field House on Sunday.

I will be there some on Sunday afternoon for some coverage, though I am unable to spend the entire afternoon there. It will be good to get a little bit of the feel of track and field back into my system.

Also, and finally, I'm posting this from page 5 of last year's track and field bulletion (right before the table of contents). I had several questions about this issue last year. And, though I won't be around to be answering those questions this year, I thought I'd put the out-of-state travel policy out there and front-and-center:

If your track and field athlete(s) are representing their school in any competition where high school uniforms are worn or registration, funds, transportation etc. are supported by the high school, the CHSAA bylaws require a registered coach be present at the competition. The bylaw also states that the competition would count towards one of their 11 allowable meets. You are also required to complete the Out of State Travel form (13) as well.

If your track and field athlete(s) are attending a meet where they are NOT representing their school, and it is not a high school ONLY meet, the Outside Competition Form (#24) must be signed by your Principal in order to allow participation. In this case, a CHSAA registered coach is not required to be present, and the meet would not count as one of their 11 meets because the bylaws reflect outside competition. If you have any questions, please contact Jenn (