Highlights Abound At Nite Moves Kickoff

Zion Gordon Doubles up at 60 Meters

Take your pick. You can take Zion Gordon on in a straight-up 60 meter dash. Or, you can take him on in a 60 meter dash over 39" barriers. Either way, you're probably going to lose. Lots of people did today.

Even Zion Gordon's PRs lost to Zion Gordon. Gordon set a new PR of 8.13 in the hurdles and another new PR of 7.04 in the 60 meter dash. Technically, he set two new PRs in the 60 meter dash--a 7.08 in prelims and the 7.04 in finals. 

That should give folks competing against Regis Jesuit this spring plenty to start thinking about.

But Gordon wasn't the only one on fire today.

Jalen Lyon spun a 22.21 around the indoor turn for the win at 200 meters. Continuing the Fountain-Fort Carson theme, Jequan Hogan won the high jump at 2.00m (okay, so there wasn't much high school competition to be found there), the long jump at 6.65m, and the triple jump at 14.75m.

Personally, I'd love to see us go to recording everything in metric units, but we're not there yet. So, the conversions go about 6-6.75, 21-9.75, and 48-4.75. For good measure, Hogan was second in the 60 hurdles at 8.23. The triple jump mark, by the way, has Hogan currently ranked at #2 in the nation.

Luc Andrada was fast, but had to settle for seconds at both 60 and 200 meters.

The distance events are definitely not a peak form in January--and never are at the Cadet Field House, regardless of the month--but it's worth noting that Landon Rast took the 800 and Sadio Fenner the 1500. 

And, we're sure to see more from the boys at next week's meet.