Of Track Meets And Government Shutdowns

Just trying to keep you on top of the news here...

Many of you have heard that all US Air Force Academy athletic events have been cancelled in view of the current government shutdown.

Doutbless, some of you have wondered about what that implies for the USATF meet at the Cadet Field House on Sunday. 

As of this moment, the meet is on. Here's a quick screen grab from the USATF web site:

I assume this means that the North Gate entrance will be staffed. But, evidently no non-essential government personnel will be required to ensure the meet on Sunday happens as scheduled.

What this means (or at least may mean) for the Air Force High School Indoor Open on February 2 and 3 remains to be seen. I'll try to keep you posted on that one. Obviously, MileSplit has a vested interest there.

Meanwhile, keep a wary eye on the forecast. If the government shutdown doesn't doom the meet on Sunday, snow and high winds might take their turn at having a say as well. On the other hand, the way things have been going this winter, maybe we get a dusting and everything is honky dory until you see your watering rates in the spring.