The Week Ahead In Colorado High School Track And Field

The Cadet Field House track has been getting a workout this winter. That continues Sunday with the USATF-Colorado Indoor Championships.

It's championship week. At least by the USATF-Colorado calendar it is.

This Sunday is the USATF-Colorado association indoor championship meet, once again at the Cadet Field House. 

Expect a larger crowd than assembled on this past Sunday for the All Comer meet. Quite a bit larger, in fact. 

It's a very busy week ahead for me personally. I'm not sure if I'll be able to put in an appearance at the association meet, but if I do it will be only short in nature.

Competing for the athletes' attention this week are two meets. The Mines High School Indoor #4 rolls off the Mondo surface at Steinhauer Field House on Thursday. Bobby Reyes will be there once again for coverage. And, as noted in Bobby Reyes's article yesterday, this one won't have 200s, and there will be no walk-up registration for track events.

The price of success is the necessity of keeping these events under three hours.

At this point, I am not seeing any Colorado entries, but there is once again a meet at the Albuquerque Convention Center on Saturday night. If any Colorado entries show up there, we'll definitely be posting reports and doing a summary report on same.

If you're paying attention to your calendar, you know that this weekend is pretty much it for January so far as the indoor season is concerned. But, you also know there's a lot coming up in February--things like two more Mines Indoor meets, the Air Force High School Open, the Western State High School Open, the Great Southwest Indoor, and, of course, Simplot. More to come on each of those meets.

In the category of same-season-but-not-really-indoor, there's the Polar Bear meet on February 24 at Discovery Canyon High School. Look for a feature article on that one sometime later this week.

So, whether you're ready for outdoor or not, there's still a great deal of indoor conversation to be had.