There's A New Polar Bear In Town (Updated)

Maria Mettler is one of several top-tier athletes who've been part of the February Polar Bear tradition in Colorado Springs.

Unwilling to see the old TCA Polar Bear die and the opportunities provided disappear, Lisa Rainsberger has brought the idea back.

The new Polar Bear Track Meet borrows some concepts from the old, but also adds a few new twists of its own. That's what happens when a new person takes over.

The new Polar Bear will be held at Discovery Canyon High School on February 24. The site is close to the old site, the new date avoids some family travel on President's Day Weekend and the Simplot Games, though it does more closely approach to beginning of official practice for the outdoor season.

Throws have been dropped, but a new track event has been added: the 300.

So, this year's Polar Bear will have only track events, to include the 300, 600, 1000, and 2000, plus the DMR. UPDATE: There will also be a high jump this year.

Registration is open, to all school-age athletes who want to come. More information about registration is on the meet page, linked below.

Proceeds from this year's Polar Bear will go toward offsetting expenses for the McConnell family, in view of the tragedy they have recently endured.

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